Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 253

Cangji didn't realize it, carrying a knife in one hand and a birdcage in the other, with a free and easy smile on his face, he swaggered into the island.

The forest was quiet, and animals could be seen passing by him from time to time.

Nobody has come to this island for many years, and animals are not afraid of people at all.

Not long after, Cangji came to the old site of the Taketori clan, the bottom of a valley.

In the gorge overgrown with weeds, you can see the sparse and dilapidated building remains, as well as some broken bowls of furniture, splashed with dark red colors.

That is dry blood.

Kuroyoshi tried to forge with the system, but some of them gave out prompts, while some made no sound.

These blood, not only from the Taketori clan, but also from the misty ninja, are difficult to distinguish.

Cangji stopped and stopped all the way, searched the entire address, and in the end only forged 16 diluted large barrel wood crystals.

Judging from the color, it is far worse than Junmaro's.

This was also normal. At that time, only Junmaro had awakened the bones of the Taketori clan.

His Datongmu bloodline is stronger than that of other tribesmen, which is normal.

"There were definitely more than so few people from the Taketori clan back then. Look around to see if you can find the grave."

Even judges, they will be buried.

Usually buried after cremation.

There are two reasons for this.

One is to prevent the corpse from being obtained by the enemy country, so as to obtain intelligence through the corpse.

The second is to prevent the rancid corpse from disease.

Therefore, their ashes must be buried nearby.

After all, with so many people from the Taketori clan, no one would take so many ashes back home.

After looking around for a while, Kurayoshi found it.

It was a simple tomb bag, not even a tombstone.

Only a wooden board is inserted in the front, and the words Zhutoi Clan Cemetery are carved on it with a knife.


Kurayoshi folded his hands together to wrap the tomb three times a week, and then he exerted force, "The art of digging up the hall."

The cemetery in front of them protruded one by one, and the jars with ashes were exposed to the ground.

Kuroshitsuji gave a little bit and released the tool man, let him collect one by one, not too many, just one by one.

The tool people don’t look small, but their work efficiency is very strong. They turned into afterimages and wandered around on the rising soil packs. More than 1,000 jars were collected in just a few minutes.

Kuroyoshi took the tool man back into the system space, put the box containing the ashes into the storage reel, and then bury the ashes underground with earth escape.

Digging people's graves is already very innocent. If you don't let your family rest in peace after doing your own thing, then it would be too wicked.

Will be scolded by someone pointing his nose.

After all this was done, Kurayoshi was going to find a place to forge the big wood crystals.

Finding props on the system side consumes energy.

I can't feel anything when the number is small, but there are more than a thousand crystals, which will not be forged for a while, and it will take more time to integrate and upgrade.

Probably, it will take ten days!

Back along the original road, when leaving the canyon intersection, a boulder fell on it.

Kuroyoshi raised his brows, holding the bird cage in his left hand, and pulling out the sheath with the handle of the knife in his right.

As the blade flashed, the boulder suddenly turned into tiny pieces and scattered from around.

He glanced at the gravel on the ground, frowning involuntarily.

This is definitely not an event like a natural landslide, but an attack.

The amount of these rubble combined, just occupy the canyon exit.

If he does not react in time, he will definitely be smashed into meatloaf.

In my thoughts, Shuriken Kumamoto and other hidden weapons rained down above the canyon.

Kuroyoshi brandished a long knife, scattered a piece, and rushed out.

However, just after rushing out of the canyon, a huge chakra blade slashed head-on, accompanied by a sound full of breath.

"Liberation of flat flounder!"

The knife was very strong, and even the gust of wind blew Kurayoshi's cheeks.

Did not stop, even speeded up the sprint.

Before Chakra's blade came, Kuroyoshi knelt on his knees, leaned back, and slid down against the blade against the inertia of the dash.


Chakra Blade stood at the entrance and exit of the canyon, and countless boulders suddenly fell from the cliffs on both sides, blocking it.

Kuroyoshi didn't look at the situation behind him. After sliding for a certain distance, he immediately stood up.

Ten Wushen Hidden Department rushed out of the forest outside with knives.

He looked back and found that there were also ten hidden swordsmen.

And, they are leading the two of the seven Ninja swords

White-haired, slender, wearing a non-dressing shirt and trousers, he was pestering a big knife with a bulge in the middle and flat sides like fish.

From the looks of it, he should be a teenager.

The other is younger.

She has long brown-red hair, vertical braids, sharp teeth, fluffy bandages around her neck, and two swords with sharp edges.

They are the users of double-knife flat discs, Ghost Lantern Full Moon.