Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 254

The user of Thunder Blade, Ringo Yu Yuri.

One is a genius who can skillfully use 7 Shinobi swords, and the other is the strongest Lei Dun genius in Wuyin Village's history. Both are very powerful.

20 Anbe, Wuyin got two knives together

It shows that you have caught a key person.

They should know Yu Gao's whereabouts.


Somewhat unlucky!

Looking at Ringo Yu Yuri's thunder knife teeth, Cangji was a little emotional.

The last owner of Thunder Knife was Thunder Tooth Black Hoe.

Calculated from the time of the animation, he almost died during this time.

In other words, if it had been encountered earlier, Ringo Yu Yuri would not have a thunder knife in his hand.

Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four

In anime.

Both of them were extremely talented, but died early.

Therefore, it can only be shown in front of the audience in the form of reincarnating from the dirty soil, unable to exert all the strengths during his lifetime.

Especially the full moon...

As a man who can skillfully use seven ninja swords... logically speaking, he should be a more powerful ninja than the ghost shark.

But on the four Ninja battlefields, there was not even a knife.

The seven Ninja swords have been trained in the use of Ninja swords since they were young, and at least half of their strength is on the Ninja swords.

The full moon without a Shinobi didn't even have half the strength on that battlefield.

However, this is what he is, relying on the secret technique of the Ghost Lantern Family to wander around, making Kakashi and Metkay helpless to him, until, as the controller of the rebirth of the filthy rebirth, the pharmacist did not return by himself after the ninja Pure land.

His strength is evident.

When Kurayoshi was looking at the opponent, the opponent was also looking at him.

Slender height and handsome face, he holds the bird cage in his left hand and the knife in his right hand on his shoulders.

Even if they were surrounded by so many people, they didn't see the slightest panic on their faces, and the self-confidence and freedom revealed all over them made them dare not to despise.

However, as ninjas with both genius and strength, they are also confident.

Even if the other party saw that they weren't idlers, they didn't worry at all.

"Brother, are you handsome? Where are you from?"

Ringo Yu Yuli carried the knife in his right hand on his shoulder, and held the knife in his left hand and pointed to the ground, with a teasing smile on his face.

It is worth mentioning that, even though Ringo Yu Yuri has a flat chest and looks like a man in dress, she is actually a girl.

While her character inherits the cruel and bloodthirsty of the bloody mist, she also has the cute side of a girl deep in her heart.

When you encounter an enemy, you will kill it mercilessly. When you meet someone you can see or agree with, you will show that cute side.

For her, Kurayoshi is the enemy and the one who can be seen.

Therefore, while inquiring about intelligence and deciding whether to kill him based on the severity of the matter, he can also joke with Yan Yueshen.

However, compared with Ringo Yu Yuri's randomness, Ghost Lantern Manmoon is much more serious.

With a blank face, he glanced at the companion next to him, raised the weapon that looked like a hundred kilos with one hand, and pointed the tip of the sword directly at Kuroyoshi.

Sternly asked: "Whether you are in the misty area to inquire about Yu Gao, who is this fellow? Why do you know Yu Gao? How well do you know him?"

Ringo Yu Yuri helplessly spread his hands, saying that he can't help it.

Kuroyoshi smiled at her slightly and looked at the full moon, "Probably, apart from his whereabouts, you know almost everything else!"

"Why are you looking for him?"

"Ask for something."


Kuroyoshi answered calmly.

After hearing this question, the smile on his face even worsened, "No comment on this."

"Bang!" The full moon inserted the flounder into the ground and said calmly: "Are you answering me now, or let the professionals pry out of your mouth in the misty interrogation room?"

"Brother, it's better to persuade you to tell it by yourself. If the secrets of the village are not involved, we won't do anything to you." Ringo Yu Yuri kindly persuaded you.

Kuroyoshi said freely and easily: "You've said that the secrets that don't involve the village will never do to me anymore. If I say it, wouldn't it be stupid?"

As soon as these words came out, both Full Moon and Ringo Yu Yuri's expressions changed and their expressions became solemn.

"It seems we can't let you go." Ringo Yu Yuri said solemnly.

The full moon was even more direct. He grabbed the flounder and rushed over, and the rest of the dark part followed.


The distance was approaching, and the full moon was slashed, and the violent force set off a hurricane, blowing Kuroyoshi's kimono hunting.

With such a mighty power, this attack is probably powerful.

Heavy weapons are relatively cumbersome, and one blow will leave a larger flaw.

Therefore, people who use heavy weapons will use great power with every blow, even if they can't hit the enemy, they have to repel the enemy.

Don't let the enemy seize the flaw to fight back.

Even if Kurayoshi could dodge this knife, he would be forced back by the big wave hitting the ground with the big knife, thus gaining the first phone meeting again and again.

However, Kuroyoshi never thought of hiding.

In the face of this cumbersome sword, Kuraki raised his long sword to block it!

In this scene, the rest of the people stopped their actions to help.