Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 255

Stupid, stupid, so stupid.

A thin and sharp samurai sword, with a weight of hundreds of catties across the front, and after a sprint, jumping and accumulating power, it cuts heavily.

No matter how you think about it, the result is all death.

The full moon even thought he was determined to win, and roared.

However, things were not as they thought.

When the blade touched and received the force, Kuroyoshi's body tilted to the left, and the blade deflected against the flounder blade, rubbing from the front to the side.

With a stroke of the sharp blade, the tip of the blade pressed against the body of the flounder blade with sparks of metal friction, winding the arc towards the full moon.

All this happened between the sparks and fire.

The people around, except for Ringo Yu Yuri, had not yet reacted, and the arcing blade had already approached Full Moon's chest.


The sword cut across, with a little splash through his chest.

The full moon's body split into two and fell on the ground. There was no blood at the port of the body, but water. Even the separated lower body turned into a pool of water after a few seconds.

This is the secret technique "Hydration Technique" of the Ghost Lantern Family, which allows the body to freely switch between the entity and the water.

However, although the splash avoided death, it was also unable to move because of the arc.

Cangji's knife brought chakra with thunder.

And Lei Dun is the nemesis of hydration.

The full moon was cut off by this charged knife, and his body was numb, and he couldn't use any force.

Then, give no respite to the full moon.

Cangji increased the output of thunder attribute chakras, thunder light masterpiece on the knife, and a backhand knife nailed the full moon to the ground.

Thunder followed the knife into the full moon, making him immobile.

"This, how is this possible!?"

At this time, Ringo Yu Yuri and those dark parts reacted, each one with his eyes widened and shouting that it was impossible.

The first of the seven Ninja swords was killed by an unknown young man.

Cangji turned around, three Gouyu in a pair of scarlet eyes were slowly spinning.

"The Uchiha clan!"

Someone in the Anbu exclaimed.

Ringo Yu Yuri furrowed her brows even more and fell into bitter thoughts.

Seeing the shocked look of a group of people, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but smile slightly, "When victory is in sight, no matter how vigilant people are, they will relax their vigilance."

The strength of the full moon is very strong, it shouldn't be so simple to be killed in seconds.

However, he thought that victory was in his hands, not only relaxed his vigilance, but also contemptuous of Kuroyoshi.

After all, people with a little common sense would not use a thin katana to resist the heavy cut of a heavy weapon of more than 100 catties.

I don't want to, Kurayoshi has a writing wheel, can grasp the timing that ordinary people can't grasp, and cause the plot to flip.

The second generation of Hokage is the one who often uses this trick.

Even Uchiha Izuna, who was cautious by nature and said that he would never reveal his flaws, was killed by this trick.

Chapter 175 Qilin

One hit kill, write round eyes, change the nature of thunder attributes

Kuroyoshi's revealed strength and means brought a suffocating sense of oppression to these misty shadows.

But Ringo Yu Yuri, who was not affected by this, fell into hard thinking.

The writing wheel eye is the limit of the blood of Konoha Uchiha's clan.

The writing wheel eye appears here, does it mean that it is Konoha who is thinking of Liuwei Renzhuli?

However, Konoha has always advocated peace

Even if the newly appointed fifth-generation Hokage is a radical faction, after the village has just been attacked by Sha Yin Yin Shinobu, he should choose to recuperate, and he will not look for trouble for a short time.

this person

Ringo Yu Yuri raised her head abruptly, and stared at Kuroyoshi sharply, "You are Itachi Uchiha, Akatsuki's person!"

Because of the policies of the blood dance era, Wuyin Village has led to a lot of rebellion, and the country of water has become the country with the most rebels and criminals.

And Akatsuki is a mercenary organization that survives by receiving missions in chaos.

The environment of the country of water is no less than heaven to Akatsuki, so it is also very active, leaving many bad crimes.

Even the fourth generation of Shui Ying has traces of being controlled by Akatsuki.

For various reasons, Xiao became the object of Wuyin's wanted.

Not long ago, after the five generations of Shui Ying Zhao Meiming came to power, they even cleared out the members of the Akatsuki organization hidden in the water country.

It's hard to see Akatsuki in the current water country.

Hearing Yu Yuri's questioning by Ringo, Cangji was also stunned.


Is Yato alike Uchiha Itachi?

Not to mention him, even the surrounding Anbu was stunned, but then they all reacted and suddenly realized.

Compared with Konoha and Yunyin's strangeness to Akatsuki, the other three Ninja villages have a certain degree of understanding of Akatsuki.

Yanyin Shayin once hired Akatsuki to do things, and the two sides have a certain cooperative relationship.

On the other hand, Wuyin considered Akatsuki as a mortal enemy and conducted investigations. In addition, Akatsuki was very active in the Water Country, so there was a lot of information about Akatsuki.

The characteristics of some of the members' names are clear.

Konoha's S-class rebel Uchiha Itachi, assassinated the top, destroyed the roots, and became a member of the mysterious organization Akatsuki.