Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 257

After a while, after feeling that the movement outside became a little bit smaller, Kurayoshi opened his eyes.

The smoke and dust that has not yet dissipated obscures the apocalyptic scene.

In the center of the bare earth, there was a scorched, hot smoke-emitting crater, inside which was the figure of a girl.

She is not dead, and even her appearance is still intact, and her body is surrounded by flickering thunder.

Ninjutsu with the same coefficient can cancel each other.

Ringo Yu Yuri put on thunder-attribute Chakra armor on his body at a critical moment.

The unicorn fell on the body, part of it was offset, part was sucked away by the thunder knife, and then led away along the ground.

However, this is already the limit.

Although she was guaranteed to survive, she also exhausted all the Chakras, her muscles kept twitching and unable to move.

And around the pothole, those dark parts...

One by one, they lie or lie on the ground, their bodies scorched and exuding heat, and they have died too much.

"Where is this sacred fellow?"

Only half of his face remained a jelly-like full moon. After looking at the surrounding scenes, he asked with difficulty.

With this level of ninjutsu, even if he hadn't let his guard down before, it would be difficult to be his opponent.

"It's all said, it doesn't matter!" Kuroyoshi looked back at him, with a casual smile on his face, "I just want to know the whereabouts of Yu Gao."

As he said, in the scarlet eyes, the three Gouyu turned frantically.

"Illusory Skill · Writer Eye!"

The consciousness of the full moon gradually blurred...


A few minutes later, when he got a satisfactory answer, Kurayoshi carried the knife and left the birdcage.

Before leaving, he took one of the two Shinobi swords and did not forget to pull out a few hairs of the two.

As for the Shinobi sword because of this, it can't be used...

Hehe, what is my business?


Just an hour after he left, a group of misty ninjas felt it.

Headed by a middle-aged man wearing a blindfold.

If Kuroyoshi was here, he would definitely recognize this person's identity.

He will be the captain of the Ninja Alliance Sensing Force "Ao".

Next to him was a shy teenager, it was Chojuro.

When they came to the scene, they saw the destroyed dark ground and the dark parts turned into black corpses, and their mouths grew one by one.

"Is this range of damage, this state of death, was accidentally injured by Ringo Yu Yuri?" Chang Shiro couldn't help but question.

"No, Ringo Yu Yuri also fell, and so did the full moon! They are still alive, medical ninja, hurry up and save people"

Qing, who has already started to investigate the scene, has captured all the status quo and made instructions in time.

Ringo Yu Yuri is okay, but the amount of Chakra is over and she loses her strength.

But the full moon is more miserable. There is only a fist-sized piece left in the whole body, which is still in the state of hydration and turned into a jelly shape.

If no one is rescued in time, and the Chakra runs out and cannot maintain the operation, he will die.

After some rescue, both of them were rescued in time and regained consciousness.

"Who is the enemy?" Qing solemnly asked, "With you two leading the team and so many dark parts, I can't imagine that I would fail."

"The enemy has a writing wheel, and Lei Dun is very powerful. It is fast enough to catch the flaw and kill the full moon in seconds. Others don't know!" Yu Yuri said in an angry tone.

Speaking of it, the reason why the mission was so miserable this time was entirely because the full moon underestimated the enemy.

If he hadn't been killed by the enemy without injury as soon as he came, he wouldn't be so passive at all.

A group of people did not even find out decent information.

"Writing round eyes..." Qing's expression became very dignified, "This matter is a bit troublesome, you have to notify Shuiying in time to close the team!"


the other side.

Kuroyoshi has left the country of water.

If such a big movement is caused, Wuyin Village will definitely not wave his hand easily.

He doesn't want to be wanted by the whole country in someone else's territory.

Moreover, Yu Gao is not in the country of water, but in the country of grass, between the country of fire and the land.

It just so happened that the Seven-tailed Man Zhu Lifu was Kushin Murashita Shinobu, so he could take it together.

Yu Gao has been chasing down by the misty pursuit troops, so it is very possible to leave the country of grass.

In order to avoid the empty thing from happening, Kurayoshi flew all the way to the country of grass.

Of course, I did not forget to forge props on the way.

He first forged the props of Ringo Yu Yuri and Ghost Lantern Full Moon, and then forged the crystallization of the bamboo clan.

The hairs of the two men were forged into a fist-sized, dark purple crystal ball, two light balls exuding cold light, and a bottle filled with white pellets.

The fragments of thunder knife and flounder respectively forged two sets of thunder needles and a vacuum cleaner.

The two balls of light are to enhance the soul of thunder and the soul of weapons.

One can improve the talent of learning Thunder Dunge, and the other can improve the talent of mastering weapons.

Kuraki has the talent blessings of Kakashi and Watergate, and all the talents of ninjutsu are not bad, and Lei Dun has learned about it, so he didn't use it.

And after the weapon...