Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 258

When seeing the introduction of this thing, Kuroyoshi immediately complained every day.

What did he complain about every day?

If she can focus her mind on a certain type of weapon, she will definitely be able to become a shadow master early.

Look, look...

People's Ghost Lantern Moon is the soul of possessing weapons and focusing on the use of knives. Now in the shadow level, they are also among the top group of people.

Of course, the Soul of Weapon had already been used, and Kuroyoshi, who did not intend to study more on the sword art, did not use it either.

He intends to use it for Liangping.

Liangping's current strength lies in the two swords.

However, due to his swordsmanship, he was only an elite, and he was the one with a relatively low level.

If it is blessed by the soul of this weapon, its strength will surely rise rapidly, reaching shadow level in a short time.

At that time, many things can be done by him.

Afterwards, Madara, the six immortals, Kaguyaji, and even the big tube Mokura-style who came to the earth long ago and secretly checked all needed the effects of those two swords.

If he is too weak, he will not be able to participate in this level of battle.

After watching the two souls of talent, Kuraki placed his gaze on the dark purple crystal ball, which was too eye-catching.

"Thunder Orb: With powerful natural thunder power, it can greatly increase the user's thunder ninjutsu and make it possess natural power. It can also be embedded in weapons or props to make it have the same effect. "

Chapter 177 Chakra Vacuum Cleaner

The Thunder Orb can be used directly in the hand.

However, holding a fist-sized bead in the battle affects the battle very much.

Therefore, it works best when embedded in weapons or props.

It just so happens that Kurayoshi has a metal producer that can produce special metals.

And during the two months of the Snow Kingdom mission, the surprise gourd also spit out a thunderstone coming from the elemental world, which contained the majestic power of thunder.

Go to the Craftsman Ninja Village to find someone to use these materials to build a thunder-attribute Ninja sword. It will be very powerful.

The last bottle of medicine was forged from Full Moon.

"Liquefied pill: After taking it, it can freely switch between liquid and substance. Note: A pill can only last for one hour."

Needless to say, this thing is naturally the secret technique "hydration technique" from the ghost lamp family.

Although it is not an item that maintains the effect permanently, Kuroyoshi is a little bit depressed.

But hydration is not a big deal, so I didn't have much trouble.

And the props made with two pieces of Shinobi

"Lightning rod: inserted into the surrounding ground and injected into the chakra, which can induce thunderclouds and sky thunders. The scale is related to the amount of chakra injected."

"Lightning rod: inserted into the surrounding ground, it can guide the approaching lightning and draw it in, and disperse it from the ground."

"Chakra vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner that can absorb chakras and store them. Note: Chakra storage has a time limit and upper limit. If the absorbed chakra exceeds the upper limit, it cannot be absorbed and stored. If the storage time exceeds the upper limit, it will be automatically released."

This thing seems a little out of touch, but the effect is surprisingly strong.

Kuroyoshi has tested the power.

As long as Chakra Ninjutsu does not possess attributes, it can be absorbed, and the suction is extremely strong, unable to resist.

The suction range is about ten meters.

The upper limit of Chakra absorption is equivalent to that of Shouhe.

The online storage time for Chakra is five minutes.

The released chakra will turn into a strong wind, and the power of the strong wind is related to the amount of chakra released.

If the chakra amount of Shouhe is released at one time, a large mountain can be leveled.

It is more powerful than the slashes of the tail beast jade and the complete body sana.

Cangji has the ring of the tail beast, and he can replenish chakras in turn, and he can use it as a weapon by replenishing chakras for this thing himself.

However, the shape of the vacuum cleaner

When I think of others fighting and opening up, I need to be Sano, the Great Buddha of Thousand Hands, and I carry a vacuum cleaner.

Too bad.

As for the large barrel wood crystals forged from the ashes of the Bamboo Clan, there is nothing to say.

The effect is the same, but the color is lighter, the effect should be much worse.

But this was originally used for fusion upgrades, and Kuroyoshi didn't care.

Because he was worried that Yudaka would leave the country of grass, Kurayoshi has been rushing with all his strength, and arrived in the country of grass in only three days.

In fact, Wuyin's intelligence only said that Yugao had been found in the country of grass. The exact location is not clear.

Therefore, Kurayoshi had to wear a detector to conduct a carpet search.

Yugao is a human pillar, and his chakra is very large, very prominent on the detector.

In addition, the territory of the country of grass is not large, so it only took three hours to find it.

It was in a forest at the foot of a mountain.

Yu Gao is at war with people.

The enemy is four ninjas chasing down the troop.

The leader is Ming Shang Ren, and the other three are also elite Zhong Ren.

In terms of hard power, Wuyin's pursuit of the troop is not Yu Gao's opponent at all.

But as a rebel who came out of his village, Wuyin knew Yugao very well, and the team sent to chase and kill Yugao was also very restrained.

The heavy rain mixed with special chakras made Yu Gao's explosive bubble burst as soon as he chased it out.

Ninjutsu was blocked, Yu Gao could only rely on physical skills to fight.