Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 259

But one dozen four, there are other ninjutsu available on the opposite side.

Yugao is clearly downwind.

Kuroyoshi hid aside to watch the battle, and did not rush to do it.

Yu Gao's ninjutsu cannot be used. He only uses physical skills and is not an opponent. If he doesn't want to be caught, he can only become a half-tailed animal.

Although, 80% of Wuyin's chasing troops also made preparations in advance to deal with half-tail beastization, but according to the plot of the animation, it should have let Yu Gao run away.

Kuroyoshi was waiting, waiting for Yu Gao's half-tail to become a beast, and then directly grab a little chakra and leave.

If he is not half-tailed, he will have to invade the opponent's seal body.

Sure enough, the battle situation developed as expected.

When the battle was extremely unfavorable, Yu Gao used the chakra of the tail beast to become a half-tailed beast, and his body was wrapped in a dark red chakra.

He also lay on all fours and screamed like a beast.

The chakra of the tail beast can blend into his own emotions, which will affect the thinking of Renzhuli.

Only by getting the approval of the other party through thoroughness and tail heart, can you get the purest chakra.

Of course, the chakra used for the emotion of the tail beast, although it will affect the thinking, but it is more violent and more powerful.

However, the burden on the body afterwards is also extremely bad.

Kuroyoshi's tail beast ring is a dead thing, and the chakra with tail beast emotions cannot be used.

Although this is a good thing, it also lacks a means for being forced into a desperate situation and falling into a runaway situation.

But Kuroyoshi didn't care anymore.

He has many methods and doesn't care about it.

Just when Kurayoshi was thinking about it, the battle scene changed.

Several Wuyin chasing troops dispersed, encircling Yu Gao from east, west, south and north, and at the same time took out a scroll to open.

"Ninfa four-pole seal."

The complicated sealing technique unfolded under Yu Gao's feet, and then an enchantment rose up to encircle him in the middle, and it kept shrinking.

As long as it narrows down to a certain range, he can seal his tail beast Chakra.

Yu Gao also noticed that it was not good, his mouth opened, a tail beast cannon fired, and the fierce power made the enchantment shake.

However, it was not broken.

But obviously can't hold it a few times.

The tone of the several Wuyin hunting troops became a little anxious, "Speed ​​up the seal."

Yu Gao obviously wouldn't allow his opponent to successfully seal him, and several rounds of tail beasts fired out, successfully breaking the barrier.

The power of the explosion caused several people who were chasing the troops to fly out like kites with broken lines.

Yu Gao glanced at them, turned around and jumped into the forest and escaped.

Although it was a betrayal, the people who hunted him never killed him.

He would not take the initiative to do so.

This is a balance, if the balance is broken.

The next time I come, it is not just to hunt down his enemies, but to kill him.

Kuroyoshi also quietly followed behind him.

Yugao's speed is very fast in the animalized state, and it can rush tens of meters away in one step.

The two of them ran for a few minutes before they were far away from the place where they were fighting.

Yu Gao felt safe, and was about to lift the half-tailed animalization state.

Kuroyoshi rushed out, holding the Chakra vacuum cleaner in his hand, sucking at Yu Gao.

Chapter 178 The Rhino Dog Ring


The powerful suction force is like a hurricane, constantly pulling the tail beast coat on Yu Gao's body to peel it from Yu Gao's body.

Yu Gao resisted desperately, but still couldn't prevent Chakra's coat from being stripped a little bit.

I couldn't help feeling shocked inside.

What kind of endurance is that vacuum cleaner?I can forcibly snatch the rhinoceros chakra from my body!

"No, if this continues, Chakra will be taken away soon!"

Yu Gao felt bad and immediately opened his mouth.

A large number of dark purple chakras and a few blue chakras condense into a ball around the mouth.

This is Yin-Yang Chakra, fused into a ball according to the ratio of 8:2, forming an s-level ninjutsu capable of destroying the mountain.

"Tailed beast jade!"


The ball containing the vast chakras blasted out like a cannonball.

It tore the air and howled

The air that was driven lifted the earth, behind him with a ravine that seemed to be ploughed, and shot towards Cangji with unparalleled momentum.

The attacker did not wear the forehead of the misty ninja and did not know the other party's intentions

However, as a human pillar, Yu Gao knows his importance to those ninja villages, and he has also encountered many people from other villages who have wronged his intentions.

For such a person, he never softened.

However, the momentum was mighty, as if the tail beast jade that could ruin the world was about to blast on Kurayoshi's body, it started to slow down slowly, and then was swallowed in like jelly by a vacuum cleaner.

After swallowing, he burped as if he was full.