Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 261

On the other side of the forest, the Chakra of the Six-Tailed Rhino was released, and then the Rhino Ring was forged.

This is a ring as white as jade.

In addition to containing more than the amount of chakra in the ring of Isofu, it also has the attribute of strong acid.

With this ring, Kurayoshi can develop ninjutsu with strong acid in the future.

However, Kuroyoshi found a problem.

That is, the ring of keeping the crane, the ring of Jifu, and the chakra contained in the ring of the rhino dog add up to less than one-third of the nine tails.

The Six Way Fairy

What is a chakra

Kuroyoshi was completely speechless.

Putting the ring on his pinky finger, Kurayoshi set off for Yunokuni next door.

However, Fu is the Shinobu of Takigakura, and can't run away.

Therefore, he is not in a hurry.

While forging the big barrel wood crystals, he hurried slowly.

Sometimes I stop to enjoy the scenery.

The country of grass is next to the country of fire. It is a hilly basin with many large forests.

Three days later, Kuroyoshi entered the territory of Yunokuni.

He originally planned to go directly to Takigakura Village, but he didn't want to, but he met unexpected people.

179th Encounter Jiraiya, Naruto

Yunokuni is also adjacent to the fire country, with a beautiful environment and rich material. It is famous for its natural hot springs.

Kuroyoshi rested and ate in a small hot spring tavern near the border of Kusano country in Yunokuni.

No, a man with a burly figure, long white hair, red clothes, and a word "oil" on his forehead, came in with a kid.

And that kid

The blond hair, the blue eyes, the six beards around the mouth, and the conspicuous feces yellow sportswear

Who else is not Naruto?

When the two men came in, the wine that Kuroyoshi had just drunk spouted out.

The world is so big, I didn't expect to meet Jiraiya who was investigating intelligence outside and brought Naruto into practice so soon.

Kuroyoshi's behavior attracted the attention of others in the tavern.

Naturally, Jiraiya and Naruto are no exception.

He looked at Kuroyoshi's side, then pinched his chin, pondered for a moment, and walked here with a smile.

"Go, go sit there."

"Eh, isn't there a lot of vacant seats?" Naruto asked.

But Jilai ignored him either.

Seeing this, Naruto murmured twice and walked over.

"Brother, can I have a drink together?" Jilaiya asked at the table of Kuroyoshi.

However, even though it was an inquiry, he looked familiar and sat down.


Kuroyoshi was speechless for a while.

Can I still get you up?

He wiped the wine from his collar, and then reached out to Jilai, "Please feel free."

"Thank you for pulling!"

Jilaiya thanked her as she was cooked, and then called the waiter to order two dishes.

Naruto then sat down on the opposite side carelessly.

Kuroyoshi wanted to ask how Naruto's training progress was.

But because it was the image of a night fight, neither side knew each other, so it was not easy to talk to each other, so they could only immerse themselves in the food and drink.

"That little brother" Jilai suddenly asked, "You just saw us come in, and you seemed surprised, do you know me?"

"Of course I do!"

Kuroyoshi put down the dishes, put his hands into his arms, pretending to be groping for things, but actually took out the innocent boy from the system space.

"Aren't you the author of the intimate paradise" Kuroyoshi handed the innocent boy over, "Because it was too long to wait for your new work, so I also tried to write a book by myself, and asked a publishing house to print it. how about it?"

"Oh, then I have to take a good look."

As a result, Jilaiya flipped through the book twice, and the content in it was indeed the same as the intimacy paradise. The key is

Can this person write so well by trying to write a book?

For a moment, Jiraji felt jealous of Kurayoshi.


Is this guy really just my book fan?

Jilai also looked at the contents of the book, not showing that men know how to smile and make comments.

One side looked at Kurayoshi without a trace.

Handsome face, slender figure, wearing a black kimono, a birdcage covered with black cloth on the table, and a long knife next to the chair.

The expression is somewhat random, and the hair that is not very long is casually tied behind his head, which looks a little casual and uncut.

But the whole person has a kind of calmness.

Generally speaking, if you know that he is the author of Intimacy Paradise, you should know his other identity of Sannin.