Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 262

If it is a person in a general industry, forget it.

But this person didn't look like an ordinary person in dress or manner, and he couldn't help but know what the legendary Sannin means.

But even if he knew that he was one of the legendary three forbearances, he was still calm and calm, and the conversation seemed neither humble nor overbearing.

It is fundamentally different from those ninja ronin who are respectful after seeing through their identity, as if they have seen some big people.

"This young man is amazing!"

Jilai also made peace in his heart, but on the face of a group of like-minded people and predecessors, he commented on the book.

And Kurayoshi also pretended to talk to him with a free and easy personality.

This world lacks entertainment activities, therefore, Intimacy Paradise is just a side-scrolling romance drama, and he has finished watching it.

Of course, the innocent boy is no exception.

The two discussed some of your beauties in the book and the corresponding scenes.

Kurayoshi even explained some of the ideas of writing on the Internet in his previous life.

After listening to it, Jilai suddenly stunned and was shocked.

From the beginning, the little brother in his mouth became Teacher Ye Dou, and he saw Naruto hanging a black line silently.

The pleasant chat time passed quickly.

After Kurayoshi finished his meal, Xiang Jilaiya said goodbye and left.

The area of ​​Yunokuni is small.

If there was a battle with Renzhuli in Takigakura, the two men might be attracted.

He didn't want to fight with Jilaiya, so he wanted to settle the matter before they entered the depths of Yunokuni.

At best, it can be resolved peacefully.

And the other side.

Jiraiya looked at the direction of Kurayoshi's departure and exclaimed: "This is a really interesting young man. It's been a long time since I met such a powerful guy."

"Awesome?" Naruto rolled his eyes, and said in a bad mood: "So young you have become a pervert like you, so how strong can it be!"


Jilai also glanced at Naruto and laughed, "Because he is so young and so lustful, that's why he is amazing. You are still too young to understand the power of lust."

"Bah, you lie here, I don't believe it, so I'll finish the meal and guide me to train."

"Hey, what a boring guy."


On the other side, Kuroyoshi speeded up and came to a huge waterfall when the full moon rose.

Perceived by the detector, there is a canyon deep in this waterfall with a lot of chakra reactions.

One of them is huge, even stronger than the rhino.

"It seems to be here."

Kuroyoshi smiled softly and plunged into the waterfall.

Takiin Village is a small hidden village that advocates peace. There are not many ninjas in the whole village, but they are rarely invaded by other villages.

The reason is that the location of this village is too hidden, hidden behind by a huge cliff waterfall.

Moreover, there is a very big tree in their village, and a bottle of juice is born every 100 years.

People in Longyin Village call these waters the water of heroes.

Just one sip can increase a person's chakra more than ten times.

However, the corresponding price is shortened life span or even death.

They also only drink the water of life in wars, when the village has a need, and protect the village with their lives.

Therefore, these waters are called hero waters.

Kuroyoshi's goal this time is not only Nanao Chakra, but also Hero Water and the big tree that gave birth to Hero Water.

After passing through the waterfall, Kuroyoshi entered a dark cave with many stalactites.

Go along.

Come to the end.

There are several pools of water.

Kuroyoshi did not hesitate and jumped directly into the pool.

There is a passage leading to the unknown under the water, and you swim forward along the passage until you see the moonlight cast over your head before it surfaced.

A huge tree that can only be hugged by a dozen people, nearly a hundred meters high, with a canopy covering almost the entire lake, grows in the middle of the lake.

On the shore around the lake, there are small wooden houses.

Remains of the 180th Sacred Tree

Moonlight fell through the gaps in the leaves, and a faint gleam of silver flowed down the calm lake, adding a layer of dreaminess to this paradise-like village.

Kuroyoshi exposed his head on the lake, looked up at the big tree, and couldn't help being slightly surprised.

The country of fire is full of forests and big trees everywhere.

But it was the first time he saw such a big tree.

According to the animation plot, this tree will produce some juice in the body that can strengthen the chakra every 100 years.

The people of Takiin Village relied on these tree sap and survived several Ninja wars, and there was still a large amount of gourd water left.

This tree has survived at least for hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years, maybe even thousands of years.

"Let me see what you come from!"

Kuroyoshi swam to the land in the middle of the lake, came to the big tree, and put his hand on it.

Ding!The special material "sacred tree remains" is detected, and the special props "sacred tree crystalline remains" and "potential potion bottle" can be forged. Whether to forge