Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 263

"It turned out to be the remains of the sacred tree!"

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes slightly.

At that time, Haemura and Kaguya were in a battle, and the sacred tree felt that Kaguya was in danger, so he turned to help.

After a great battle, the sacred tree had many broken branches flying around the world, constantly absorbing the natural energy of the earth, causing the land to dry up and lose its vitality.

Plants cannot be planted on the earth, and people who are close to the area will be sucked in vitality and die early.

After the war, the six immortals have been wandering around the world of Ninja, looking for the remains of the sacred tree to solve them, and the Ninzong established afterwards also persisted in its activities.

Ashura Indra is taking the lead, sweeping away those hard-to-excavate debris.

Unexpectedly, after so many years of cleaning by Ninzong, there is still a piece of debris that survived and grew into such a big tree.


"Something is different."

Kuroyoshi carefully touched the texture of the tree's epidermis, and did not feel that life was being absorbed.

The people of Takigakura who live on this big tree and the surrounding natural resources are more abundant than other places

This big tree did not plunder the life and natural energy of surrounding creatures.

It just grows naturally like other plants, and at the same time it breeds the water of life to feed its surroundings.

After this wreck was separated from the main body of the sacred tree, it changed.

"It is good and harmless, no wonder it was not cleared by Ninzong, or" Kuroyoshi turned to look at the rows of wooden houses built on the shore, "Takigakura was actually built by the descendants of a member of the Ninzong! "

This kind of secret place, and the water of heroes that was born only once in a hundred years

The Ninja Village has not been established for more than 60 years

Before the establishment of Takigakura Village, people lived here and were familiar with everything here.

"I look down on this village."

Kuroyoshi smiled relieved and chose forging.

The root of the tree disappeared out of thin air, and Kuroyoshi had two more things in his hand.

The size of a thumb, like a green crystal gnawed by a dog.

A transparent gourd bottle filled with water.

Sacred Tree Crystal Remains: The power crystallization derived from the sacred tree remains, after being absorbed, the power of the sacred tree remains will be obtained

"Potential potion bottle: It contains the potion that can overdraw the cell potential in advance, which can increase the body strength, strength, speed, and chakra. Note: The overdrawn cell potential is equal to the overdrawn life. The multiple of the increase depends on the amount of the potion and the consumption If you don’t have the corresponding potential, you will be overdrawn and die.”

"It's overdraft in advance rather than enhancement, tusk tusk"

Kuroyoshi sneered twice.

He thought that the sacred tree had turned and began to benefit mankind and the world. He didn’t expect

It's just a scourge from being fair and honest to a scourge secretly.

If the guess is correct, the reason why the resources around here are so abundant is just the potential of overdrawing the land in advance.

When the earth's potential is almost overdrawn and the surrounding natural energy and biological vitality reach its peak, it is when the tree begins to harvest.


From a human to a farmer, he also concealed or deceived the people of Ninzong

It was really natural selection, and even a large tree wreck knew how to work around.

However, although I know the truth.

Kuroyoshi didn't bother too much.

Some people only focus on immediate benefits, but do not see the future.

This tree is the capital for the survival of Takigakura Village.

Even if you know the truth

If you help them eliminate the harm, they will not appreciate you, but will hate you.

"Think about it, the next goal is Fu."

Kurayoshi put the detector back on for detection.

In countless Chakra reactions, I found the signal slightly stronger than the rhino.

"it's here."

Kurayoshi found the target in the wooden house near the shore.

The location of Takigakura Village is hidden, so there is no guard.

Such a small Ninja Village, if the enemy finds its location, it is useless even if a guard is installed.

Plus at night, everyone is sleeping.

Therefore, Kurayoshi went to the room where the target was.

The door is locked.

but it does not matter.

The art of unlocking is a ninjutsu taught in a ninja school.

Kuroyoshi was very relaxed, and silently unlocked the door.

Gently push the door open.

There are only fifty or sixty square meters in the cabin, and the layout inside is also very simple, with only beds, tables and chairs, and wardrobes.

It seems to be just a bedroom.


When Kurayoshi entered the house, a handful of Kunai reached out from behind the door and pressed it against his neck.

Then, there was a crisp sound with a little warning.