Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 265

"Help me unlock the seal."

"No!" Cangji shook his head and said: "People are destined to die if they lose the tail beast. I don't want to harm people for no reason."

"Sure enough, human words"

"However, if you really want to be free, I will release you before you are sealed next time."

Shigeaki stared at Kurayoshi silently.

Kuroyoshi looked at him if nothing had happened.

After a long time, Chongming said: "Well, I will trust you once. Anyway, for our tail beast, human beings are also very short. I will wait for the day when Fu gets old and wait for you to save me. Hope you haven’t died then!"

"Perhaps, it won't take that long." Kuroyoshi said meaningfully.

"What do you mean?"

"You will understand then, this day shouldn't be too long."

After speaking, Kuraki left the sealed space with Shigen Chakra.

In reality.

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes and regained consciousness.

He glanced at Fu in front of him, still immersed in illusion.

"This silly girl!"


Kuroyoshi turned around, pushed the door to leave, and then returned from the same way.

Just as he quietly came and went quietly, without causing any commotion.

Came to a hidden forest.

Kuroyoshi found an open space to release the portable cabin.

Then organize today's harvest in the portable cabin.

First, the Chakra of Chongming was forged into the Ring of Chongming.

It was a blue ring with a small weight sign on it.

Possess all the chakras and insect traits that have been clearly identified.

Using the power of the ring of heavy light, Kurayoshi can grow heavy wings behind his back to accelerate his flight.

If you develop it well, you can also use a series of ninjutsu with the characteristics of insects.

However, Kuroyoshi only values ​​the wings, and has no plans to develop the ninjutsu characteristic of insects.

Putting the ring on the right middle finger, Kuraki took out the crystalline remains of the sacred tree.

This crystal possesses a complete power of the sacred tree.

Although it was just a wreck, it was much stronger than the one forged from Heijue and Yamato.

After taking this, I don't know how strong it will become.

Kuroyoshi took the crystal with a little expectation.

Suddenly, the majestic vitality bloomed in the body!

Yuyin Village.

A dark basement.

The door was suddenly opened, and then the lights came on.

There is a glass cabin in the basement, which is filled with an unknown liquid. Also in the liquid is a red-haired boy with white skin.

Xiao Nan walked in from outside the door.

She came to the glass cabin and watched her body recover to health, even the look of Nagato who looked like a rejuvenation, her eyes were both joyful and worried.

Since Nagato became Sanwei's Pilgrim, his overdrawn cells have rejuvenated little by little.

However, because of the transition of cell activation, the body has also experienced many bad symptoms, so I can only recuperate in the medical cabin, and I don't know when to adapt.

Xiao Nan carefully observed the meeting in front of the glass cabin, and saw that there was no abnormality in Nagato's body, and turned around to leave.

Although Yuyin Village is not the Five Great Forbearance Villages, it is not small, and it takes a lot of effort to manage it every day.

Just walked two steps.

Suddenly, a "KaKa" sound came from behind.

Xiao Nan was shocked and turned around to look around.

A crack appeared on the glass cabin, and it continued to spread outward.

Just before Xiao Nan understood what was going on, the entire glass window suddenly broke and Nagato's body slipped out.


Xiao Nan screamed worriedly, ran over to help him up, and by the way took off the red cloud robe with black background on him and wrapped it in Nagato.

"I'm okay!" Nagato waved his hand. "The body has adapted, but the legs have been abolished for a long time. Now it has suddenly recovered, and the muscles are a little loose. It takes a period of rehabilitation training."

Xiao Nan didn't believe it, but observed it for a while. When he saw that Nagato's face was ruddy, and there was nothing unusual, he relaxed, "This is not in a hurry, just take it slow."

About the plot

As we all know, Naruto has comics, original animation, official, ultimate storm supplement plot, theater version, and formula book supplement settings.

Because of the plots of many different channels, many bugs have been caused.

Therefore, some plots will make priority choices and even discard or change the commonly known private goods.

The story priority of this book must be the story provided by Kishimoto.

That is to say, the official comic book theater version of the ultimate storm game plot animation original official.

Why are they arranged like this?

Because the manga drama is Kishimoto's own work, Kishimoto does everything from the plot to the painting, and at most he has assistants to help.