Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 266

The formula book is also used by Kishimoto to supplement some settings that are not explained in the manga.

Because it's a story, you can't always talk about settings, which will make the story very procrastinating, so there are several official formula books published.

And why is the theater version and game plot larger than the original and official animation?

Some people even said that the official painting was done by Kishimoto.

But the main thing is the plot.

Just as Kishimoto Hokage also has a large studio and many assistants to help draw, the main idea of ​​the plot is the main one.

Although there are also two cartoonists who collaborate in plot painting.

However, the Hokage drama was conceived by Kishimoto himself, so it is important for Kishimoto to conceive the plot.

Therefore, as a theater version and game plot planning and scripting, the skills of important characters are set by himself, and the priority will definitely be greater than the original plot and official animation company.

Of course, the original animation plot and the official plot will also be adopted, but where there is a conflict with the main drama, or even where the plot of the book is affected, the comics, formula books, theatrical version, and game supplementary plot settings are preferred.

For example, Kaguya Ji's setting and plot.

The original company’s animation changes completely contradicted the comics.

This must be the emperor of the motherland who set qt based on the Kishimoto manga drama

That's it.

The current code, there is no wrong word, just go!

Chapter 182 Xiao Organization Situation

"No, this is very urgent." Nagato said: "When I was regaining my vitality, I found the curse imprint buried in my heart. Once activated, it would seize control of the body of another person."


Xiao Nan stood up abruptly, his eyes widened in surprise, and he was speechless.

Suddenly, she found the speechless Nagato on the ground, and quickly squatted down and helped him up, "Sorry, I was a little surprised."

"It's okay!" Nagato looked at the ceiling blankly and said, "To be honest, I was more surprised than you when I discovered this."

"Why do you have such a thing in your heart?" Xiao Nan frowned, puzzled.

They met at a very young age, and then lived together, wandered together, learned from teachers, learned ninjutsu, and then experienced together

Except for Yahiko's accident, they have never separated and have never seen other accidents happen.

If you say that you plant a curse in Nagato silently, it’s only

Suddenly, Xiao Nan thought of something and looked at Nagato suddenly.

Nagato is also looking at her.

"Oh!" Nagato sighed deeply, and said, "It seems that we have all become pawns used by others."

Can quietly plant a curse in Nagato's body

It can only be done when he is young and ignorant.

And for a child, the only thing worthy of the enemy doing is that pair of reincarnation eyes.

After so much, the two thought of this at the first time.

"Is it Madara?"

Xiaonan said suspiciously.

"Probably it is him." Nagato said startledly: "From the time he found us, he could feel what he was planning. However, because of Yahiko's death at the time, I just wanted to take revenge, and everything else. Don't care, but"

A gleam flashed in Nagato's eyes, "If I had been calculated long ago, then Yahiko's death might have something to do with him."

"that guy"

Xiao Nan recalled the tragic situation of Yahiko's death, and couldn't help gritting his teeth.

"If that guy did a good thing, then you must not let him go."

"So I have to recover quickly." Nagato supported the ground and stood up slightly trembling. "Not only is Yahiko's revenge, but also Yahiko's dream is to be realized, regardless of those who block the road ahead. I will clear whoever it is."

"Is there a solution for the curse in your body?" Xiao Nan looked at Nagato worriedly.

Compared to Yahiko's hatred and dreams, she cares more about Nagato's ability.

Since I was a child, that's it.

She didn't understand the greatness of Yahiko's dream, nor Nagato's longing for Yahiko. She only knew that these two people were her own companions and family members.

As long as it is their dream, even if they cannot understand it, they will guard it later.

Therefore, although she hates the enemy who killed Yahiko, she is more concerned about the safety of the person in front of her.

"Of course there is a way." Nagato nodded, "However, there is an enemy that needs to be dealt with together. It's not the time to tear the skin off, so don't lift the seal for now."

"Kangyoshi?" Xiao Nan pondered slightly, "That guy's power is indeed unimaginable, and he is still very young. In three years, I don't know how strong it will be."

"It won't take three years," Nagato said: "My body has regained its vitality, and preparations don't need to be three years long. One year is enough."

"One year?" Xiao Nan pondered slightly, "If this is the case, then our chances of winning will be much greater. At that time, we will decide the outcome with Madara."


Nagato nodded, and then sent a message remotely, "The plan has changed, and the preparations can be completed in one year. You should prepare early. One year later is the time to act."

The country of Sichuan.

"One year?" Dedala smiled, "I really hope that this day will come soon. I can't help but show the art to everyone in the Ninja world, eh!"

Xie glanced at him and said lightly: "Only eternity is art."

"Brother Scorpion, you don't know any art at all." Deidara explained like a missionary: "Only the beauty that blooms in an instant is the real art. Eternal or something, isn't it just a smelly and hard stone? Ok!"

"A guy who doesn't understand eternal beauty is not qualified to talk about art with me!"

Deidara: ""


Fei Duan bored his sickle.