Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 267

Hearing Deidara's quarrel with Scorpion, he couldn't help but smiled, "Jiaodu, do you want to make a bet?"

Jiao Du's eyes lit up and asked: "How much to bet!"

"Hey, can you not be so vulgar!" Feiduan said silently, "Can't you just enliven the atmosphere?"

"As long as I have money, I am happy."


Feiduan looked at him speechlessly for a while, and walked away with his sickle on his head.

Jiao hurried to catch up, "Would you like to gamble? You can read it smaller."

"Go away, you guy with the smell of copper will be disgusted by Lord Cthulhu. If you walk too close to you, even I will be disgusted."

The land of the earth.

Itachi sat on the edge of a cliff and stared at the bottom in a daze.

Starting from contacting Madara to kill Danzo, he was planning one thing in his heart, that is to kill Madara.

However, he still doesn't understand a lot about Madara.

There is not much confidence in assassinating him.

Especially the spatial ability that comes and goes without a trace makes him even more jealous.

Originally planned to spend three years to understand Madara's abilities, and wait until he has a certainty before acting.

But Nagato's notice disrupted the plan.

Although I don't know what Madara is planning, he must be killed before his plan succeeds.

Otherwise, the chance will be even slimmer.

It's just that the plan that hadn't been grasped at first, time became more urgent at this time, and the chance of success became slim.

He is hesitating whether to continue the plan.

If the plan fails, his agreement with Madara will be broken.

He will attack Konoha again.

Although the incident of the last attack on Kurayoshi was gone, Nagato did not say the result in the organization, nor did Kurayoshi tell Itachi that he had encountered them.

But if he wants to break the agreement, Akatsuki will take action against Konoha in a fair manner.

If everyone attacked Konoha together.

Can Konoha resist it?

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps behind him.

Itachi knew who was coming just by listening to the sound.

Sure enough, the next second, the sound of ghost shark sounded behind him.

"Did you hear Nagato's notice?"


"Any thoughts?"


Guiyu smiled lightly, "You are still as cold as ever!"

"is it?"

Land of Frost.

An underground base.

After receiving Nagato's message, Taito smiled slightly, "It seems that Nagato's body has recovered."

"Is that okay?" Bai Jue exposed half of his body to the side, "If Nagato recovers his physical condition, can you still control him?"

He smiled confidently, "Of course."

Chapter 183 The Eye of Reincarnation Awakens, Summoning Outer Golem

Taki no Kuni.

In a hidden forest, a mansion is located here.

In the bedroom.

Kuroyoshi looked into the mirror and looked at the people inside in disbelief, breaking through the mysterious eyes revealed by the disguise mask.

Purple, like ripples.

Reincarnation eye.

It is exactly the same as Sasuke’s future reincarnation eye.

But Sasuke has only one reincarnation eye, and he has two.

Whether it is writing round eyes or reincarnation eyes, only when both eyes are present can he exert his power.

Perhaps it is precisely this difference that Kuroyoshi has nine Gouyu instead of six.

After eating the crystalline remains of the sacred tree, I thought it was just vitality, Chakra and Mu Dun would increase explosively.

that's the truth.

His vitality, Chakra and Mu Dun's strength have exploded geometrically. Although he still can't use the Thousand-Handed Buddha, it is easy to create a forest within a few kilometers with a single shot of his hands.

Moreover, with such a chakra, you can completely control the powerful fairy mode brought by the clothing of heaven and earth.

However, the surprise does not stop there.

As the so-called body is strong, energy will be more vigorous.

The surge of vitality Chakra and Mu Dun's power produced a chain reaction, which kept the mental power in an active state, awakening the eyes of Samsara, which should have been awakened for a while.

And the Chakra in the body is soaring again.

After all, Chakra is refined by the fusion of spiritual power and physical power.