Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 268

The awakening of the reincarnation eye has caused a geometric surge of spiritual power.

Now, Kuraki dare to say that even if the first generation of Hokage is resurrected, his Chakra is no better than himself.

Only a guy at the level of Ten-tailed Renzhuli or Liudao Immortal can compete with Chakra.

And, because the eyes are awakened.

Kuroyoshi's reincarnation eyes are far stronger than Sasuke's.

Not to mention the power of the hand that can force the position to be replaced with the target, he can now use the spatial ability that Sasuke developed later.

Moreover, Sasuke can only open the space channel, the speed is still slow, and he can only use it when he is not fighting.

However, Kuroyoshi's spatial abilities are different, and the spatial passage can be opened in a flash, which can be used in battle like Huangquan Hirazaka or Shenwei.

Moreover, Sasuke's use of spatial channels will consume a lot of Chakra, but he can be used as ordinary pupils.

The most critical Kurayoshi Chakra is n times that of Sasuke, so there is no need to worry about insufficient chakras.


"It still can't be compared with Kaguya Ji's reincarnation writing round eyes."

Although it is also nine gou jade.

But Kaguya Ji's reincarnation writing round eye has the pupil power of both writing round eye and reincarnation eye.

But Kurayoshi's only had the pupil power of the reincarnation eye, and the eternal kaleidoscope was covered.

In addition to the pupil technique of the reincarnation eye, the insight ability of the reincarnation eye is far more than that of the kaleidoscope.

With the eyes of reincarnation, Kurayoshi seems to be able to see the essence of everything in the world.

The composition of an object, the reason why things happen

Although he could not name him because of lack of knowledge, he could see everything clearly.

This is the realm of all phenomena.

A realm that can only be reached by those who have a complete reincarnation eye and have learned the Six Ways of Immortality.

For those who reach this level, learning will become extremely simple.

Nagato followed Jiraiya to learn, and at the age of 10 he was able to control the six attribute changes and was proficient in all mainstream ninjutsu.

After Naruto Uzumaki learned the various attribute changes after Liudaoxian, he reached out and didn't need to learn.

Uchiha took the earth immortal into a person, and reached this state, he could learn it without a teacher, and directly used the jade of seeking Taoism with multiple attributes.

Uchiha Madara is a variety of ninjutsu magic tricks.

It's possible that Senju Zhuma could reach this state.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain that he can instantly absorb the natural energy of the entire sky and enter the fairy mode.

Kuroyoshi has now reached this state.

As long as he satisfies the basics of learning, everything will become very simple.

For example, the s-level forbidden technique and spiritualization technique that you couldn't learn how to learn before can now be easily used.

However, I don't know why.

The bloodstain boundary of the fusion of the two chakras cannot be easily revealed like Madara.

Maybe it has something to do with blood.

After all, neither Sasuke Nagato nor Naruto can escape the bleeding line.

Only the belt soil and the Madara who became the 10-tailed man can do it.

In other words

"Sacred tree?"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, his hands began to seal, "Try it, psychic golem."

With a press of his right hand on the ground, as the magic talisman spread out, a force of forced summoning penetrated through the air.

The country of rain.

The central tower.

Nagato, who was resting, suddenly opened his eyes, and the ripples continued to tremble as if they had come to life.

"Someone is summoning a Golem from the outside world, this is impossible!"

Land of Frost.

In the underground base.

Dai Tu watched sitting on the lotus trembling constantly, as if it was another outgoing golem that had been summoned out, and couldn't help showing surprised eyes.

"What's the matter?" Taito contacted Nagato via remote messaging, "Why is it necessary to summon a Golem from the outside world at this time?"

"No, it's not me." Nagato's voice was a little horrified. "Someone else is calling. In this world, the second pair of reincarnation eyes appeared."


Tai Tu was shocked, "How can there be a second pair of reincarnation eyes? No"

Speaking in general, Kurayoshi's face suddenly appeared in his mind.

The wooden escape between the original Senjue pillars, the eternal kaleidoscope of the Uchiha clan

Could it be that

Did the Asura and Indra reincarnate into the same person this time?

There was a cold sweat on his forehead.

"Nagato, control the golem, don't let him summon it."

"I've already done this kind of thing."

Nagato said with difficulty, the ruddy face that had only recovered because of Mitsuo turned pale.

He overdrawn his vitality again.