Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 269

Fortunately, this situation did not last long.

The other party seemed to give up because he didn't call successfully.

Taki no Kuni.

A mansion in a hidden forest.

Kuroyoshi looked at the empty floor and pondered slightly, "It seems that the Outer Golem and the Reincarnation Eye of Nagato have established a contractual relationship, otherwise, I should be able to summon it."

Madara's reincarnation eyes are also very strong, but Nagato is not the original owner, unable to exert its full power.

If the contractual relationship is not established, he cannot stop Kuroyoshi's summoning.

However, even if the call fails, there is nothing to regret.

This is just a whim.

The awakening of the reincarnation eye has already given him a lot of surprises, and he doesn't care about the external golem.

Anyway, the outgoing golem is there.

Since it can't be summoned, then go and grab it.

As the body of the tail beast, the props it forged should also be able to be forged with the ring of the tail beast!

Chapter 184: Black Jue from Zero

However, at this time it was getting late, and the eyes of reincarnation had just awakened, there are still many things to experiment with.

Coupled with the enhancement of Chakra, you can use the celestial art of the clothing of heaven and earth

Kuroyoshi didn't bother to look for them now.

Anyway, when the Outer Golem was summoned, he had already sensed the position, and waited until he became familiar with the newly acquired ability before looking for them.


Kuroyoshi glanced at the birdcage at his feet. Heizue hadn't moved for a long time.

These days, he also understands a little bit about the prison of fate.

For example, only the owner of the cage or the person carrying the cage can hear the noise made by the creatures in the cage.

Another example is that the owner does not want the creatures in the cage to perceive things outside, and he can also actively shield it.

After understanding this function, Kuroyoshi has been shielding the perception of the outside world from the black absolute, so as not to pay any bad attention.

Hei Jue fell into a deep sleep after being shielded from perception, and there was no movement until now.

However, through the destiny cage, Kurayoshi could perceive that his vitality was very strong, and there was no problem, so he ignored him.

This guy is very cunning, so he must be doing some tricks again!

Actually, Kuroyoshi misunderstood.

Heijue didn't play any tricks.

It's just that Kuroyoshi blocked the perception of the outside world from the black absolute, and inadvertently triggered the function of "the creatures in the cage can only leave if they find the destiny that can escape the cage."

In a deep sleep, Heijue returned to the day when he was born and his mother was sealed.

This dream is very real, will hurt, will be hungry, can feel the joys and sorrows and other emotions.

Heijue thought he was reborn and returned to the past.

He re-traveled the way he had walked, and made some things better through vague memories.

I don't know how many years have passed.

Time came to Konoha for 48 years.

Bringing soil into Konoha, taking advantage of Uzumaki Kushina's birth, the day when the seal was loosened, Kyuubi was released.

However, after that, he did not stop the fourth generation of Hokage from sealing the nine tails, but went to find all the babies in Konoha Village who were born about a month ago, and let them all kill them.

Because, he saw a message on the prophetic stele of the six immortals left by Uchiha's ancestors.

"Kinoha Village, the destiny son who saved the world, was born on September 10, 48."

Because I don’t know the name or which one it is.

Taito decided to kill all the babies that Konoha was about a month old.

He thinks he is saving the world.

But also understand that most people do not agree with their plans.

In their eyes, their actions are destroying all mankind.

Although I don't know what the savior will think of his own thoughts, it is better to kill them in advance for insurance.

Of course, this is also the method that Hei Jue does.

He did it again, but he didn't want the threat of Kuroyoshi to grow up.

However, he had investigated Kuroyoshi.

Knowing his birth date, knowing that his parents were Konoha's Zhongren, he died early.

But because of this, he didn't care about his parents' names.

The result is that there is no precise target with the soil, and only large-scale killings can be carried out.

As a result, bringing the soil failed.

Without his hindrance, the four generations combined with the three generations easily sealed Nine Tails back into Uzumaki Kuna's body, and then returned to defeat him.

Not only did Kuroyoshi survive, but even the fourth generation and Kushina survived.

A series of chain reactions that occurred afterwards made the situation more difficult than before the rebirth.

Project Moon Eye went bankrupt again.

Just when Hei was desperate, he found himself back to the day of birth.

Hei Jue felt very heartbroken as he watched his mother's pitiful expression when he was sealed.

I vowed to save my mother this time.