Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 270

He started to walk again for thousands of years, doing things more carefully than last time.

However, it failed against Kuroyoshi's existence.

Then he was born again.

Hei Jue had also wondered if he had been caught in illusion.

But this is too real.

He thought this was the hole card his mother left him, and if he failed, he would go back to the past.

"My mother is so kind to me, how can I give up my mother?"

Kurozutsu's belief in saving Kaguya became stronger.

Even if you try again and again and fail again and again, you will never be discouraged, but will only condense a stronger belief.

However, a strong belief does not mean a foolish brain.

Every time he comes back from rebirth, he will target Kuroyoshi and want him to kill him before he grows up.

But no matter what you do, you can't succeed.

It seems that even God is blessing him.

Since it is impossible to target Kuroyoshi, let's change my mind.

Anyway, my purpose is to save my mother, not to destroy Kuroyoshi.

Rebirth again, once again experienced long years.

On the day Senju Zhuma was born, Heijue stole a piece of flesh and blood from him, and used the flesh and blood to cultivate cells between the pillars.

After that, the situation continued to develop.

Konoha was established between Madara and pillars, and a gap was created by the position of Hokage.

Finally, because of the tombstone left by the Uchi clan, he broke with the pillar.

However, this time, Madara is more than just finding the tombstone left by the Uchiha clan.

He also obtained a piece of flesh and blood containing Ashura Chakra through the guidance of the tombstone.

And through the method recorded on the tombstone, it only took one month to awaken the eyes of reincarnation.

After that, Madara collects the tailed beasts and becomes the ten-tailed human column force, releasing unlimited monthly reading.

Everyone who came to stop him was defeated by him, including Senjujutsuma who had been unable to defeat him.

However, just when Uchiha Madara was about to display Infinite Months, a mysterious person appeared to stop him.

Heijue could see through.

That person is Kuroyoshi, and he also has reincarnation eyes, as well as a chakra with more than ten human pillars.

The breath of time and space spread even more on his body.

This guy comes from the future.

Uchiha Madara, who has become a ten-tailed man who is comparable to the second six-way immortal, was easily defeated.

Project Moon Eye went bankrupt again.

Heijue went back to the past again.

He still did not give up, tried and tried again and again, but only failed again and again in return.

No matter what he does, he will always be stopped at the last minute.

Especially Kurayoshi, that is almost like a god.

Even the Moon Eye project he planned in the generation of Asura Indra was blocked by Cangji who traveled through time and space.

And, the longer the time span, the stronger the strength of Kuroyoshi.

Even Heijue felt that even if he successfully rescued his mother, he would be sealed again by Cangji.

Heijue collapsed.

Kuroyoshi naturally didn't know what Heizue was going through. He was now familiar with the abilities brought by the reincarnation eye.

By the way, I experimented with the fairy mode brought by Xiatiandizhi.

As he thought.

This time I easily mastered the fairy mode, and only a faint eye shadow appeared on the eyes, and there was no change in the body.

This is the fairy model with the highest degree of mastery. With the natural energy blessing of the entire sky or the earth, using the Thousand-Handed Buddha has become a very simple matter.

Kuroyoshi felt that he was invincible.

Even if it was Ten-tailed person Zhuli or Kaguyaji, it couldn't help him.

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No words for a night.

On the second day, the setting sun went down.

Kuroyoshi was awakened by a knock on the door outside the courtyard.

Because I awakened the reincarnation eye, I was excited, and I adjusted to the new power all night.

I didn't start sleeping until the sky cleared.

"who is it!"

Opened his eyes in a daze, the tool man brought the washbasin and towels in time, hot water was already placed in it, and a toothpaste and toothbrush were placed on the side.

Kuroyoshi Moyo finished washing and was about to go out to see who was calling outside.

After two steps, I passed the mirror on the side.

I caught a glimpse of the person in the mirror, circles of purple reincarnation eyes that resembled ripples.

"I didn't expect that the false mask could not hide the existence of the reincarnation eye."

Kuroyoshi sighed, took out the eternal Wanhua mirror from the system space and put it on.