Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 272

After sleeping for a day, he didn't eat anything, and his stomach was a little hungry.

And Zilai also glanced at Naruto, conveying information through facial expressions.

"This big brother is not a monster, right?"

"It may also be a god."

"We will not be affected!"

"Don't worry, he looks like a good god or a good monster. It's also a good thing to get married."

"Is it really okay?"

"No problem, don't many weird things record the relationship between humans and gods or good monsters."


Jilai also winked with Yu Naruto, and Kurayoshi naturally saw it.

However, with this abstract expression, he really couldn't understand what the two were communicating.

Of course, I don't care.

The personalities of these two people kept him from worrying about anything.

The three of them entered a state of immersing themselves in annihilating food.

Suddenly, the three of them stopped their movements at the same time.

Look up and look outside.

There was a huge Chakra reaction, and it rushed here without any cover.

Chakra is amazing and fast.

Even people without perception can clearly feel the presence of each other.

Kuroyoshi and Zilai also looked at each other, both seeing the blankness in each other's eyes.

"I'll see the situation."

Kuroyoshi got up, took the knife and walked out.

"go together!"

Naturally, he greeted and followed with Naruto.

After a while, several people came to the courtyard gate.

On the horizon in the distance of the forest, a black spot led a long dust dragon rushing here.

After a few seconds, everyone was able to see each other's appearance clearly.

The outer color of the robe, the slender body, the pale skin, the white eyes, the forehead has a cuticle-like protective forehead.

A reddish fish basket is tied around his waist, a reddish fishing rod is held on his shoulders, and his face has a confident smile.

It is worth mentioning that he did not run on the ground, but flew all the way at low altitude.

Otsuki Mokura style struck.

Chapter 186 Immortal Law·Super Super Jade Spiral Pill

There was such a strange man in this world.

Throughout his life, his fighting stance has always been inattentive. He has habitually retained his strength. He always likes to mock and tease the enemy in battle, and he has been counterattacked by the enemy more than once.

When he is strong, he can play abusive albums, and even Sasuke of Super Shadow suffers many times. When he is weak, he will be hanged up and beaten by Shinobu.

Coupled with his cynical attitude, how strong his true strength is is still a mystery.

He is the Pu style called Schrödinger, the big barrel wood is sixty-four open.

Regarding the blog post, Kuroyoshi has only watched 65 episodes.

That is, the story about the peach-like gold-style attack of the Naruto theater version.

The understanding of Bo Ren Chuan is also limited to the video of the online grandma's complaint about the Bo Ren story.

Therefore, he still knows a little bit about this person from the Otsukimoto family who appeared in the blog.

Because Kaguya Ji cut off the chakra worship to her family, and even swallowed the chakra fruit, the Datongkimoto family sent someone to investigate.

These three people are Datong Mokpo Style, Peach Style, and Jin Style.

He prefers to act alone, so he did not follow the Tao and Jin styles.

He has red and blue reincarnation eyes.

It is not clear what kind of abilities they have, but it is said that they have pupil skills in terms of time.

It used space-time freezing to seal the Sheren on the moon for 10,000 years.

It is a typical character who sets the sky to blow up. The actual performance is not as good as the existence of a dog, similar to the three generations of Fengying Sanjiao Yu Hanzo.

However, this is the real world.

Unreasonable existence will be corrected, and the strength of Pu Shi is still unknown.

However, just the pupil technique that controls time is enough to make Kuroyoshi attach great importance to it.

"that is?"

Jilai's eyes widened in surprise.

He saw each other's eyes, and at first thought he was from the Hyuga clan.

But the opponent is coming aggressively, and at first sight the person who comes is not good.

Naturally, I felt strange.

He and Naruto are both Konoha's ninjas, and they are the legendary three ninjas.

If the opponent is from the Hyuga clan, it is impossible to come to him.

In other words

"Is it for you?" Jilai also looked at the boy beside him.