Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 274

The expression and tone of the opponent were all directed at Naruto, and Naruto was stunned by the opponent's provocation.

Staying here at this time will only cause trouble.

The hand that Kurayoshi revealed before gave Jilai also confidence in him. Even if he was not an opponent, he would still be able to run.

"Do you think I will let you run?"

Pu Shiji scorned, and the fishing rod flicked, and the hook and the line chased Naruto Jiraiya.

But before he could chase him far, Kurayoshi suddenly appeared behind him, holding a chakra ball that was taller than a human and was highly compressed and rotated.

"Xianfa super super large jade spiral pill."

Chapter 187: Back in Time

After reaching the realm of all phenomena, learning will become very simple.

After trying out the fairy mode brought by the clothes of heaven and earth last night, Cangji learned how to perceive and absorb natural energy, and refine the method of the fairy chakra and enter the fairy mode.

Although he couldn't absorb and refine while consuming it like wearing the clothes of heaven and earth, he Chakrado.

After entering the fairy mode, the total amount of Xianshu Chakra will be increased by one third, so it will not last as short as Watergate.

When Urashiki teased Naruto, Kuroyoshi had absorbed natural energy and completed the refinement of Xianshu Chakra.

At this moment, he is already in the state of fairy mode.

And use this spiral pill, which is bigger than an adult, to paste his face.

The air driven by the high-speed compressed and rotating chakra also formed a spiral airflow visible to the naked eye.

The surrounding trees "crushed" and shook, and the smaller stones cracked and flew away. If Uzumaki Naruto was still there, he would definitely be blown out by this air current.

However, in the face of such a strong blow, Pu Shiji did not change his face, still smiling.

"I really underestimated you, but"

Between the words, the space in front of him opened a dark passage like garbled characters.

Using the instantaneous technique, under the blessing of immortality and flash, his speed has long been unknown how many times the speed of sound is exceeded.

At this moment, a space channel suddenly appeared in front.

Kurayoshi didn't have time to react, so he plunged in with a huge spiral pill.

Pu Shi smiled triumphantly, and continued: "No matter what, mortals can't fight God's will."

When the voice fell, Pu Shizheng wanted to chase after Zi Laiya and Naruto.

A spatial vortex quietly opened up behind him.

Unlike the space vortex of Shenwei, this space vortex is black, the same as Huangquan Hirasaka.

But there is no grid with the same data code as Huangquan Biliangsaka.

Kuroyoshi squeezed the huge flame spiral pill and rushed out at a faster speed than before.

"Xianfa Super Jade Blasting Spiral Pill."

The huge flame chakra ball was pressed on Pu Shi, and the huge power made the world lose the sound.

Through the pupil power of the reincarnation eye and the writing wheel eye, Kurayoshi saw Urashiki's misery through the fiery red air current.

The frenzied air waves turned the clothes into fly ash, and the cuticle-like forehead protection broke at the moment of contact.



The blasting spiral pill that is taller than an adult man smashes into the ground under pressure

The ground was cracked and the slate was uplifted.

The bursting flame soared into the sky, and when the force of the spew reached its peak, it spread out in a ring shape.

Except that the direction of the portable cabin is blocked.

The rest of the places, whether dense trees or huge rocks, turned into fly ash at this moment.

In the green virgin forest, there is an extra piece of pit wasteland with a diameter of one thousand meters, which is constantly steaming. It seems that someone has shaved a piece of Mediterranean sea among the dense hair.

Cangji stared at him lying in the middle of the pit, braving his back, slowly walking towards him, "Obviously strength can fight with me for a long time, but he has the habit of looking down on people, you guys"

Suddenly, time went back.

Everything went backwards, and Kurayoshi regressed uncontrollably.

Time, back to a few seconds ago.

Kuraki rushed out of the dark space channel holding the super-large jade explosive flame spiral pill.

However, the long-planned blow failed.

The Otsuki Mokura style has long since disappeared in its original position.

Kuroyoshi looked around and found Urashiki who looked miserable on the ground.

The forehead guard of the stratum corneum was broken, the clothes were in tatters, there was blood all over the body, and the eyes turned into blue reincarnation eyes.

"Back in time?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned for a moment, and then thought of Urashiki's ability.

It is said that Pu-style reincarnation eyes can go back in time, and can observe enemy ninjutsu several times to find flaws and weaknesses in it.

It's just that the time that this pupil technique can go back is only a few seconds, and it can only go back to the time of the outside world, and his time is not affected.

Obviously he didn't hit the opponent, but the opponent looked like he was seriously injured

All Kurayoshi could think of was the possibility of looking back in time.

Otherwise, Pu Shi is stupid, right? Self-harm?


"Is time backtracking used like this?"

Kuroyoshi was puzzled.