Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 275

Since you can't look back at your own time, what's the use of looking back after being hit?

In the next second, Kuroyoshi knew what it was for.

I saw Pu Shi took out a red glowing pill from the fish basket and swallowed it.

Suddenly, the injuries on his whole body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and he recovered to perfection in an instant.

"The Alchemy of the Datongmu Clan"

Kuroyoshi's expression was a bit solemn.

The Otsuki clan does not have the concept of ninjutsu, and there are few attacks that convert Chakra into flames.

Their research on Chakra is all about changing life forms, and the use of power is also inherent in changing life forms.

Such as the pupil technique of the reincarnation eye, etc.

Possessing the Pu style that captures the enemy's Chakra and trains it into a pill, with the ability to look back in time, he can have many chances to come back.

If you accidentally deal with it, there is a real possibility of overturning.


"Damn it, you bastard made me so gag, let you see my ultimate form."

The restoration of the original Datong Mokpo style was a little frustrated.

He swallowed all the pills in the fish basket, not feeling that it was enough, so he dug out his right eye and threw it into his mouth as a jelly bean.


Kuroyoshi fell silent.

Is this guy mentally retarded?

Going back in time with the rebirth of the pill, and the ability to have countless chances to come back, just eat Samsara?

You know, the eyes of reincarnation can only exert their power when they are paired.

It can only look back a few seconds by itself. Now that one is missing, the ability to look back in time can't be used!

While Kuraki thought about it, Urashiki did something that shocked his jaw again.

He even dug out his left eye and ate it.

"You, you are crazy!"

Kuroyoshi opened his mouth wide and couldn't understand.


Pu Shih grinned.

With blood in the hollow eye sockets, with the broken cuticle forehead and pale skin, it was a bit like a wicking evil spirit, which made people disgusting.

"An ant is an ant, and he doesn't understand anything."

Pu Shi smiled arrogantly, suddenly a golden reincarnation eye squeezed between his forehead.

At the same time, a golden light burst out in front of him.

The large Mokura body floated automatically, and gradually merged into the golden light.

"Let's take a good look around, this is your last chance to see the world."

Pu Shishi's body penetrated the golden light, golden eyes grew from the hollow eye sockets, black horizontal stripes on his face, horns like bird wings on his head, and his legs turned into jet black sharp bird claws.

However, I don't know if it was because of the breakage of the forehead guard of the horny layer before the transformation, the horns of the bird's wings were also broken in half.

Chapter 188: All parties are moving

However, although the shape is very vomiting, but the power has indeed changed.

A huge chakra is brewing in the body, and the black aura spreads in the center, setting off a hurricane of thousands of meters, sweeping the dust of the entire earth into the sky.

"Is this the so-called ultimate form?"

Kuroyoshi tilted his head slightly, with some doubts in his eyes.

If this is the final form, Pu Shi’s strongest hole card

That Datongmu Kaguya Ji is afraid of a hammer!

Even if you add the peach-style gold style that looks a little more reliable, it's not enough for you!

Or is it better than Kaguya Ji if I kill this birdman?

Just when the two faced each other.

Thousands of miles away, three people are observing the situation here.

On one side is Naruto Jiraiya who just ran away.

Although Kuroyoshi asked them to leave first, he and others were confident in the level of "Night Fight".

But if you don't worry, it's fake.

Especially just now, the huge evil chakra aura was so powerful that they couldn't help worrying.

"Laughter fairy, big brother pervert, right?"

Naruto Uzumaki asked uncertainly, hoping that nature could also comfort him.

"There must be no problem." Ji Lai also nodded firmly, "He is almost one of the best young people I have ever met. There must be no problem."


Naruto's blue eyes became convinced.

the other side.

Thousands of miles away from Naruto.

Two people from the future are squatting on a branch to observe the situation with binoculars.

They are big and small.

About 30, wearing black shawl clothes and trousers, black hair and black eyes, long bangs cover his left eye.