Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 277

For these, Kurayoshi didn't even know.

Even if I knew it, I wouldn't care.

No amount of conspiracy calculations, under absolute strength, is a piece of thin paper, which can be shredded with a light tear.

That's why Penn and Tai Tu joined forces to assassinate him, but he didn't come to the door.

As long as the power is strong enough, everything can be done easily

The enemy's covet?



These do not have to be in a hurry.

Make yourself strong first is the fundamental.

Kurayoshi only cares about the enemy in front of him.

After Otsuki Mokurashi transformed himself, the look in his eyes was a little different.

Become aloof

It's like the look of humans when they look at monkeys or other animals with high intelligence.

At this moment, the Pu Shi who transformed into a big barrel wooden birdman truly believed that his life had been sublimated, and he was fundamentally different from humans in form and level.

It feels very uncomfortable to be treated as a low-level creature by a guy who is not as strong as him.

Kuroyoshi moved his neck, with a smile, holding the knife, and slowly walked towards Pu Shi.

"Last look at the world?"

"Are you leaving a last word?"

"Or, after becoming a bird, IQ becomes more birdlike?"

"Huh, it's just a mess, bug-like thing, watch me pinch you to death."

Pu Shi snorted and bowed, like an arrow from a string, drew a diagonal line in the sky and fell towards Cangji.

Kuroyoshi leaped slightly to the right and then avoided.


As the Pu-style smashed into the ground, there was a deafening sound, and the ground trembled, raising billowing smoke.

Before the smoke and dust disperse, seven long needles measuring about one meter in length dropped out of Kuroyoshi's hand and inserted them around the hole in the dust and smoke.

This is a lightning rod!


The seven lightning rods were entwined with electric lights, and the dark clouds in the sky were quickly attracted, and there was a thunder snake roaming inside, as if something was gestating.

Sasuke opened his mouth slightly in the face-to-face battle.

The blogger on the side shouted in surprise, "Mr. Sasuke, that is not your Qi"

"No." Sasuke stared at the thundercloud in the sky with a solemn expression: "Although it is similar, that one is not a unicorn."

The blogger opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he gave up and started watching the battle with a telescope.

In the center of the battlefield, the smoke cleared.

Pu Shiji stood up from the pothole in an undamaged posture.

He rolled his eyes to the seven lightning rods in the surrounding area, and squashed his mouth in disdain, "No matter what tricks you play, it's useless."

"You really have an advanced stage of cancer!"

The corner of Cangji's mouth twitched, and he patted his hands, "Xianfa Tuyu Dunhuang Buddha."

"Boom Rumble"

With the deafening sound, the earth trembled for a while, and two large rocks burst out with one hand, sandwiching the Pu-shi in the middle, in a close-up position.

"That's what you want to tie me up?" Pu Shiga glanced contemptuously, and then struggling hard, cracks appeared in the rock hand.

Then he increased his strength and burst it.

"Ahaha, this kind of thing is useless at all!" Pu Shi Yangtian laughed wildly.

The power after the transformation made him as confident as a god.


The sight in front of my eyes stopped the frantic laughter abruptly.

Like a punishment from heaven, the sea of ​​thunder fell from above the nine heavens.

"How can one do such a thing!?"

Pu Shiki's eyes widened in disbelief, and then he smiled arrogantly, "I have to admit that you are the strongest human being I have ever seen, and I would like to call you the strongest human being!"

After speaking, he opened his right hand to the sky, and released a purple chakra in the shape of a four-pointed star from the palm of his palm, and then transformed into a giant black and purple snake that traverses the sky.

The serpent stared at the thunder falling from the sky, and purple thunder was also condensed in his mouth, as if something was brewing.

When the thunder sea above the nine heavens was about to fall, the serpent opened its huge mouth and then, a purple beam of thunder and lightning spewed out.

Its scale and power are greater than the Thunder Sea that descended from the nine heavens.

"Tiansubo Meteor Life Dragon Palace!"

In the condensed snake mouth, it can release the same ninjutsu as the opponent, increase its power and then counterattack back.


The purple and bright white thunder beams collided in the air, bursting out waves of tens of kilometers.

Obviously it was a collision at an altitude of several thousand meters, but the air wave broke the tree and the boulder collapsed.

Some rocks and mountains collapsed.

However, after a preliminary confrontation, the purple lightning beam moved towards the sky a little bit against the bright white lightning beam.