Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 278

"Ahahaha" Pu Shishi laughed wildly again, "Seeing that, this is the power of the man in the sky, even this world can't defy me."

"is it?"

Kuroyoshi's faint voice rang from the side, followed by a long sword glowing with thunder.


The sharp blade pierced the heart, with blood coming out of the other end.

Pu Shi's eyes widened.

"Why are you still able to move freely after releasing such a powerful ninjutsu? Don't you need to keep typing chakras?"

"Because this is not ninjutsu at all!"

Cangji said lightly, drawing a knife and cutting out continuously, the blade entangled in the arc like a storm, drawing a sword shadow in the sky.

"Puff puff"

The blood surged like a fountain.

Suffering from this heavy damage, the Tianxu Wave Meteor Life Dragon Palace could not be maintained well, and the bright white Thunder Sea instantly smashed the purple Thunder Sea, like a Tianhe River poured down.

"Damn it!"

Pu Shi yelled angrily, "Even if I die, I will take you with me."

"You should die by yourself!"

Kuroyoshi smiled, and jumped away using the technique of the Thunder God.

In the next second, Pu Shi was flooded by the sea of ​​thunder and swallowed the sound.

The dense gathering of thunder, like a beam of light connecting heaven and earth, set off layers of air waves.

The bright light took away everything in the world.

Even a few kilometers away, there was only a bright white in front of Kurayoshi's eyes, and he could only feel the constant vibration of the earth and the spread of heat waves.

That powerful power made him have to erect ninjutsu defense.

"With such power, no matter how strong the body is, that guy will die!"

Being able to rely on the strength of the body to support the A-level ninjutsu restraints blessed by Xianju, Pu Shi's body strength at the moment is far stronger than him.

In fact, even those who fought with gods in the Fourth Ninja World War were not physically stronger than ordinary people.

It is more relying on the forbidden technique fairy technique blood follower or tail beast to use the inhuman speed and strength.

Kuroyoshi's physical vitality is strong, but the strength is only at the level of ordinary shadows, and it can be compared with Pu Shisi with the blessing of Xianshu.

Chapter One Hundred and Ninety

I don't know how long it took before the outside movement subsided.

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes, as if the light that filled the whole world had disappeared, and his vision suddenly opened up.

The ground ahead, as if hit by a meteorite, appeared a deep crater several kilometers in diameter. The scorched black soil exudes heat, and the scorching smell can be smelled far away.

"If I can survive this way, then I have nothing to say." Kuroyoshi muttered to himself and walked slowly to the center of the pit.

Whether Pu Shi is alive or dead, he has to confirm it.

If you die, it’s best to raise the body.

In the air, an electric arc flickered occasionally.

Cangji holding the knife, walked slowly on the wasteland, his eyes were waveless, and he had no thoughts about this ruined land.

The indifferent expression is like a misfortune that brings disaster.


Step by step, he came to the center of the pit, and Pu Shina lay down with his charred body.

He was not dead yet, but he was so weak that he couldn't even move his fingers, so he could only look at Kuraki with a weak and unwilling look.

"Unexpectedly, I would be defeated by the ants in my own eyes."

After that, Pu Shi completely lost his vitality.

Cangji silently looked at him, and then said indifferently for a long time: "If you have cancer, you must get treatment early. Don't come out in the late stage."

After that, he squatted down to prepare to take away the golden reincarnation eye of Pu style.

However, as soon as his hand touched Pu Shiji's body, he disappeared into ashes.

Kuroyoshi was startled, then took a deep breath and stood up.

"The body is chopped to ashes, and I can maintain consciousness for a while. It's amazing."

Kuroyoshi sincerely praised.

It is a pity that a guy with such a strong body is cerebral palsy.

If this guy is to change the gate or bring soil, Kuroyoshi will have to use all his hole cards to kill cleanly.

Find the debris of lightning rods and portable huts scattered around, and then collect them into the system space.

At this moment, the voice of Naruto and Jiraiya was remembered in the distance.


At this time, Jirai, who noticed that the movement had stopped, also ran back with Naruto.

Kuroyoshi looked back, and saw that Jiraiya and Naruto were running quickly towards this side, waving their hands as they ran.

Kuroyoshi carried the knife on his shoulders, and his face returned to the free and easy smile that he should have in his identity as "Night Fight".

When he came closer, Naruto had no time to catch his breath, so he asked concerned: "Brother pervert, are you all right!"

"Of course." Kuroyoshi touched his bangs and put on a handsome swing of the knife. "I am a night fight, how could I lose to that kind of guy."

"So handsome!"

Naruto's eyes shined, full of worship.

"That is, ahaha..."