Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 279

Being adored by Naruto, Kuroyoshi still feels a little proud.

Jilai also coughed and said, "Although I thought you were great at the beginning, I didn't expect to be so great."

"Where and where, you are also very strong!"

"Old me!"

Jilaiya looked at the young face in front of him, and couldn't help but think of Nagato and Mizumon, as well as the Kuroyoshi and Naruto beside him.

For a time, I couldn't help feeling a little bit.

"In this world, one generation is better than one generation."

"You flatter me."

"Ahaha, really humble!"

"Where and where."

The two bluffed for a while and said goodbye to each other.

Although Jilaiya still wanted to have a drink with Ye Dou for a while, the place had already been ruined like this, and he could only regretfully agree to continue having a drink when we meet again next time.

When Jiraiya Naruto left, the sky was already dark.

Kuroyoshi glanced at the sun that normally sets in the west mountains, discerning the direction, and walked towards the country of frost.

The portable hut was destroyed by the aftermath of the battle. It will take a while to recover. Before that, go and do everything you need to do!

He remembered that a base of the Akatsuki organization was here in the Kingdom of Frost, where there were hidden Golems and Hundred Thousand Baijue.

There is also Otonin Village in Tanokuni.

The old lair of Oshemaru is there, and the relics of the first and second generations he has on hand are still worried by Kurajiko.

Regardless of whether it is the country of frost or the country of Tian, ​​it is adjacent to the country of Taki, and will pass by on the way to Yunyin, so let's solve it together!

However, before that, let's get out the Pu-style loot.

Although the corpse was turned into ashes, Kuroyoshi collected a lot of blood when he stabbed the knife. I believe he could make a lot of things.


Thousands of miles away.

The blogger looked at Sasuke and asked, "Mr. Sasuke, have we completed the task of protecting Dad?"

Sasuke nodded calmly, "Well, it's done."

"But, how do I feel that we didn't do anything!"

"Be confident and get rid of the feeling. We didn't do anything at all."

"Ahhhhh, I always feel so unfulfilled!" Bo Ren hugged his head and complained.

"Isn't it easy to relax?" Sasuke glanced at him and said: "Ninja missions are very dangerous. It is the dream of many people to complete the mission without doing anything."

"No!" Bo Ren raised his head and pointed at Sasuke: "Mr. Sasuke, you have changed."

"Am I changed?" Sasuke was a little surprised.

"I have seen Mr. Sasuke in this era. You in this era are not like you are now. Instead, you are more aggressive, hardworking, confident, and hate my idol, but now..."

Listening to the bloggers telling about the dark history, Sasuke looked gloomy and wanted to slap the kid.

But in the end, he just sighed deeply, "When I was young, I didn't understand things, and I will understand when I grow up, and so do you."

Having said that, without giving the blogger a chance to refute, he directly took out the time-space ninja of the Datongmu clan from his ninja bag.

"Chakra has finished filling, we can go back."


In the forest on the other side, a giant python crawled slowly with a bloated body.

Along the way, various animals were frightened and ran away.

Farther away.

The five great ninja villages and some small ninja villages sent teams to investigate.

The sea of ​​thunder falling above the nine heavens was too eye-catching.

So that the ninja villages cannot remain indifferent.

And the other side.

Kuroyoshi stayed in a small hotel on the border of Taki no Kuni and Tan no Kuni.

He had planned to go to the Kingdom of Frost first.

However, after looking at the map, I felt that Otonin Village was closer to here, so I changed my attention and decided to go to Oshamaru first.

Had dinner in the hotel.

Kuroyoshi returned to his room, took out the Pu-style blood and started forging.

[Ding!Special materials "Blood of Big Tube Wood Birdman" are detected, and special props "Big Tube Wood Crystal", "Vanxiang Fish Basket", "Starry Sky Fishing Rod", "Wanhua Mirror", "Wanhua Mirror" and "Wanhua Mirror" can be forged. ]


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and then he had six more items in his hand.

Three pairs of different contact lenses, a thumb-sized white crystal, a fish basket a little bigger than a fist, and a three-meter fishing rod.

Chapter 191: Stunted Chakra Fruit

Seven props can be described as a bumper harvest.

There are all kinds of things, and you can know the extraordinary items just by looking at them, which makes Kurayoshi dazzled.

However, among the many extraordinary things, he saw the fruit like a crooked melon and cracked jujube at a glance.

The eyes of reincarnation, the immortal life, the blood continues to be eliminated

Otsuki Kaguya ate the Chakra fruit from the sacred tree and gained these three powerful powers.

And this one is the fruit of the same nature as the one that Kaguya Ji ate.