Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 280

Although, it looks a bit malnourished.

But it does not prevent it from having strong power.

"The stunted chakra fruit: a fruit that gathers a large amount of life essence and natural energy, eats it, and you will gain a long lifespan and powerful strength. Note: The sacred tree that bears the fruit is in a lack of environment A lot of life essence and natural energy, so the fruit produced is somewhat stunted and the effect will be greatly reduced."

"Sure enough!"

After reading the introduction of the system, Kuroyoshi smiled as expected.

Not counting the blood of the children born by Kaguya Ji, there are a total of four people in the Otsukimoto family.

Among them, the golden type did not eat the chakra fruit and did not have the reincarnation eye.

The other three have different abilities of reincarnation eyes, and their pupil powers are also different.

Among them, Kaguya Ji, who possesses both the writing wheel eye and the reincarnation eye pupil power, is the most powerful.

But if you talk about ability, isn't Pu Shina's ability to look back in time?

It's just that the pupil power is too weak.

But why is the pupil power so much worse for the same ability gained from eating Chakra fruit?


But Kaguya Ji was just an ordinary person with a few special abilities before eating the Chakra fruit.

But her reincarnation eye pupil power is the strongest.

and so

It's only related to the Chakra fruit they ate!

The sacred tree needs to absorb the natural energy of the planet and the vitality of living beings to grow, condense and bear fruit.

But in the cosmic starry sky, not every planet has natural energy and vitality. Sometimes a planet with natural energy and vitality is found, and the amount contained is different.

Obviously, the natural energy and vitality possessed by the earth are extremely exuberant in the entire universe, so Kaguya Ji has produced the reincarnation writing wheel eye that gives Kaguyaji extremely strong pupil power.

However, even though it is a stunted fruit, Kuroyoshi will greatly increase his strength after taking it.

Whether it is the elimination of blood, or awakening his own reincarnation eye, or gaining the Pu-style reincarnation eye ability, it greatly enhances the original reincarnation eye pupil power.

Without hesitation, Kuroyoshi ate the Chakra fruit in a couple of bites.

Before it had time to recall what it was like, an extremely powerful force burst out in the body.

This power is as powerful as he has never experienced, just like the Big Bang at the beginning of the world.

This is of course an illusion.

But Kurayoshi has such a feeling at this time.

Fortunately, that power not only didn't destroy Kurayoshi's body, but instead continued to strengthen his body. Both the body cells and the mental power grew rapidly like a flood bursting a bank.

The chain reaction brought about is the continuous growth of Chakra.

Moreover, there is a special force that connects the various attributes of Chakra. That feeling

It is the snare of blood!


Kuroyoshi bent over, trembling slightly with excitement, and couldn't help groaning.

Clearly feel the feeling of becoming stronger, that kind of experience is really indescribable.

About half an hour.

Strengthen his majestic power in the body before it was exhausted.

The kimono on my body felt a little tight.

Something seems to have changed in the body, destroying the transformation effect of the false mask.

Kuroyoshi took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled, a long turbid breath came out.

After feeling his heart calmed down completely, he took off the false mask and the Wanhua mirror of the writing wheel, and slowly came to the mirror.

In the mirror, his body has grown a bit taller, and he has become a bit stronger, especially his face, which has become a lot more mature.

It doesn't look like a thirteen-year-old boy, but a young man around 25.

The Chakra fruit allowed his body to grow to the peak age of human comprehensive quality.

"If I return to Konoha, will I be suspected of being a fake?"

Kuroyoshi touched the strange face and couldn't help smiling.

However, despite the big change, there are still some shadows of the past. If you look closely, you can still recognize it.

Letting go of worries about changes in the body, Kurayoshi began to feel other changes in the body.

It is the eye of reincarnation.

It is still purple, nine-gou jade, but the color is much darker.

Kuroyoshi relaxed his mind and felt it, and the pupil power of Samsara's eyes doubled compared to before.


Kurayoshi glanced at the mirror in front of him, and suddenly punched out.

The mirror shattered, split into countless small pieces and scattered.

But before they fell to the ground, Kurayoshi stretched out his hand and pointed at it. Suddenly, the broken mirror flew back and regrouped.

In just one second, the broken mirror was restored.

Back in time!

I don't know whether he inherited Pu's reincarnation eye and blended with his own reincarnation eye ability, changed, or he awakened a new reincarnation eye ability of his own.

In short, his reincarnation eye now has the ability to go back in time.

In addition, it can be subdivided into the use of a single external item; the use of an external collective item; the use of a single external organism; the collective use of external items and organisms; and the use of all external objects.

Depending on the target, the consumed pupil power is different from that of Chakra, and the use limit is also different.