Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 282

Able to perform the same ninjutsu as the opponent and counterattack with enhanced power

This technique is really awesome, but it's far from the ability of the time system.

Pu Shih used so much water because his own Chakra and pupils were not strong enough.

If he has the pupil power and Chakra like Kaguya Ji, it is guaranteed to be strong.

In the future, Kuroyoshi can obtain Chakra and pupil power that are stronger than Kaguya Ji, and this ability will definitely shine.

Put the Wanhua Mirror of Reincarnation Eyes into the system space, and then merge the Wanhua Mirror with White Eyes and Ningji Hinata

It is a pity that even if it is the white eyes of the Datongmu clan, the fusion of the two has not been able to upgrade to reincarnated eyes.

There are two ways to upgrade to reincarnation.

One is to gather a large number of white eyes to fuse, creating reincarnated eyes like spherical weapons.

The other is the combination of the white eyes of the Hyuga clan and the Chakra of the Otsuki clan to lead the reincarnation eye.

It is a pity that Wanhua Lens is only a contact lens with pupil power, and the user needs to inject chakra to perform its function.

This item itself does not have a chakra.

Therefore, the two failed to upgrade to reincarnation.


Kurayoshi looked at the white crystal the size of a thumb.

"Large tube wood crystals: contain the blood vein crystals of the large tube wood family. After absorption, it can transform the blood cells of the absorber, and even the gene chain structure, so that it has the physical characteristics of the large tube wood family."

What are the physical characteristics of the Otsuki Clan?

White skin, white eyes, a corner of the stratum corneum.

Shigumai didn't know if Kaguyaji's original blood succession snare was used to kill the gray bone inherited degenerative blood succession, or the ability of the Datongmu clan itself, so it was not included for the time being.

Features like this alien

Under the premise of having other options, Kuroyoshi would not use it.


Ding!It is detected that the host possesses the "diluted large barrel wood crystal" and "large barrel wood crystal" of the same kind of item, which can be integrated and upgraded, whether to upgrade


The prompt of the system did not exceed Kuroyoshi's expectations.

These days, he has to forge a lot of diluted big barrel wood crystals every day, and every stage he creates a system will prompt it again.

However, the crystallization of the fusion of the owners of the Taketori clan and Neji Hinata is still the crystallization of dilution.

Maybe the big tube wood bloodline passed down by the Taketo family is too scarce!

After all, apart from Junmaro, the rest of the clan were not even awakened.

but now

This has a complete big barrel wood crystal.

What kind of crystallization can be forged by the fusion of the two?

Kuroyoshi was full of expectations.

As the thought fell, Kuroyoshi had a thumb-sized, milky white crystal on his hand.

"High-grade big tube wood crystal: it contains the power of the big tube wood clan and the power of the chakra fruit. After absorption, you will gain this power."

"it is as expected!"

An unexpected smile appeared on Kurayoshi's face.

Sheren, a descendant of a big tube tree, can awaken the reincarnation eye with the white eyes of the fireworks.

The unreasonable Pu-style blood crystals merged with the blood crystals that combined the Ningci Hinata and the entire Taketo clan, unable to obtain this power.

The introduction of the system also confirmed Kuroyoshi's conjecture.

The most important thing is that this crystallization is not to transform physical characteristics, but to gain strength.

In other words, even after absorbing this crystal, Kurayoshi will only awaken the reincarnation eye and its related abilities, and there will be no changes in the body.

"This is just a custom made by perceiving my troubles!"

Chapter 193 Invincible

Without any hesitation, Kurayoshi swallowed it in one bite.

As the crystal melts in the body, the vitality that can only be described by the vastness rushes in the body.

They follow the meridian in every organ, every cell and even gene structure in the body. Whenever they flow through a place, there will be some subtle changes in that place, and the majestic vitality will follow. Fewer.

As time passed, the vast vitality disappeared.

Cangji's purple, rippled circles, the reincarnation eyes with nine gou jade hanging on it have disappeared.

Instead, they rolled their eyes.

But with the movement of the mind, the white eyes automatically switched to reincarnation eyes, and then switched again to blue, fluorescent pupils.

Reincarnated eyes.

Contains the power to cut the moon open.

However, the change is far more than that.

Kurayoshi's belief moved again, and the reincarnated eye switched again, turning into a scarlet kaleidoscope writing wheel eye with a hexagonal crystal snowflake pattern.

Switching again, they became ordinary black eyes.

Generally speaking, the reincarnation eye is permanent.

Once awakened, he cannot return to his original eyes.

But there are always special cases in this world.

And this special case animation original and the original BUG that sets the collision is Otsuki Mokura style.