Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 284

Moreover, is it really good to violate the common sense of life and death?

Why would the six immortals obey the law and die naturally?

There may also be some things that I don't know yet.

There are too many problems, there are a lot of imaginable and unexpected.

After thinking about it, Kurayoshi couldn't make up his mind.

In the end, they decided to use the dirty earth to reincarnate and psychic the two, and asked their opinions.

If they want to be resurrected, then no matter how many, resurrect them.

If you don't want to, then follow their wishes and let them rest in peace.

However, before that, one has to practice for a while, digesting and accumulating the suddenly stronger power, and become as capable as an arm.

Otherwise, given his current situation, using the dirty soil to reincarnate, he might be able to channel out the Hades.

Moreover, he didn't have any leftovers from his parents, so he had to go back to Konoha to get it.

This matter is not urgent for the time being.

Kuroyoshi set his eyes on the last two items.

First, the fish basket.

"Vientiane fish basket: A fish basket with free space, which can be used to store items, and it can also convert chakras or items containing chakras into higher-utilization pill."


Chakra fruit seems to be eaten early.

Chapter 194 Six Dao Immortals

This fish basket

how to say!

Compared with the Pu-style fish basket that glows red and is unusual at first glance, this fish basket looks like an ordinary fish basket woven from bamboo.

But the function of this thing made up for Cang Yoshi's lack of alchemy, allowing him to use the resources in his hands more efficiently.


"How do I use it? As long as it is a chakra?"

In doubt, Cangji guided the Chakra of the Nine Lama Rings into the fish basket.

However, the fish basket only stored the chakra, and did not turn it into an elixir.

And, over time.

The chakra stored in it also disappeared a little bit.

"It seems that the substantive items of Chakra must be included!"

Kuroyoshi moved around his head, feeling a little bit lost.

He remembered that Pu Shi could make a simple chakra into a pill, so he thought he could turn a simple chakra into a pill.

Unexpectedly not

If he could refine a simple chakra into a pill, he now has five tail beast rings, and he can refine pill infinitely.


Hang the fish basket around his waist, and then put the destiny cage into it.

The system space cannot be loaded with things that are not produced by the system, but the Vientiane Fish Crate can.

After everything was done, Kuroyoshi set his eyes on the last item.

Although the name is "Starry Sky Fishing Pole", there are fishing lines and hooks on it, but it looks very ordinary.

"Starry Sky Fishing Rod: A fishing rod with magical power that can catch creatures associated with the bait. Note: This is a fishing rod and line with strong toughness and sturdiness, no matter what might be caught, it won’t Being broken by it, and possessing the infinite power that extends across time and space, even if there are thousands of worlds apart, as long as you have its associated items as bait, you can catch things"


Kuroyoshi opened his mouth, he stopped talking, and finally took a deep breath.

Fishing the heavens

This fishing rod is too strong, even as a single golden finger, it is one of the best.

At first, Kurayoshi only thought it was the image of Urashi who was forged from materials, but now it seems

It should be forged with the stalk of the Pu-style "fisherman".

Only these nonsensical stalks or special experiences can forge regular props that exceed the limits of the world.

An analogy

The king carp in the pool of Kurayoshi's house.

If you use it as bait for fishing, Kurayoshi may catch a tyrannosaurus.

Although it is more likely to catch other carp kings.

But the association is deeper.

King Carp is one of Pokémon and is also related to other Pokémon.

Using it as a bait, it is not impossible to catch other Pokémon.

And the crow at home.

Use it as a bait for fishing

It is possible to catch Uchiha Itachi.

Maybe even Uchiha Shisui, who hadn't died in the past, could catch it.

After all, the fishing line of a fishing rod can extend indefinitely and can cross the distance of time and space for fishing.

Although the process is certainly not as simple as imagined, the existence of this possibility is enough to prove its power.

There are many similar examples that Kuroyoshi can think of, and there are more unexpected, so I won't list them one by one.