Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 285

In short, everyone just needs to know that it is very popular.

After putting all the props away, Kuroyoshi fell asleep with a dream about the future.


He became an omnipotent god.

Become the existence that the world worships.

He enjoys all this very much and patiently guides humanity forward.

But over time.

The difference in strength made him bored with his behavior and everything he had, and he felt contempt for those humans who admired him.

Just like humans cannot be the leader of ants.

How can God become the leader of mankind?

Kuroyoshi is ashamed of the behavior that once guided humans.

It's like when children are playing with ants, they are treated as companions due to lack of knowledge.

When I grow up, I feel naive about my previous behavior.

Some people will laugh at it, some will treat it as black history, and some will completely forget the trivial past.

But Kuroyoshi felt ashamed into anger and destroyed all mankind.

Just like when people see ants moving, they use fire, water, etc. to destroy the ant nest.

Only when he is the only one left in the whole world.

Indescribable loneliness and emptiness struck.

It was then that Kuraki suddenly realized that he was not a god at all, but a person with power beyond ordinary people.

Humans are perceptual and cannot survive without the crowd.

In the end, I don’t know whether it’s tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of years.

Unable to stand loneliness, he finally chose to commit suicide.

It was at this moment that Kurayoshi woke up from his dream.

He looked around and saw the familiar hotel room, he couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thinking on the day and dreaming on the night, become stronger to this extent, are you thinking about these issues subconsciously?"

Kuroyoshi softened his temples, trying to relax his body.

But he found that his clothes had been wet with sweat and clung to his body, making him feel a little uncomfortable.

"Sweat wet the clothes"

Kuroyoshi seemed to have thought of something, his face gradually became serious.

With four pupil skills, he has very strong mental power, and it is impossible for him to startle so much cold sweat from dreaming.

After all, no matter how real a dream is, it is just a dream.

With his spiritual power, he felt that he could distinguish the difference between dreams and reality.

But just now, he didn't tell the difference.

Instead, they treat dreams as reality.

This is absolutely impossible to happen naturally

"Someone is making a ghost!"

Kuroyoshi became alert.

It stands to reason that if he is so strong, no one should be able to do things to him silently.

Even if someone has special abilities and can approach him without being discovered, not everyone can break through his spiritual power and let him have an extremely real dream.

Moreover, the content of that dream seemed to remind him of the general.

and so

"It's you who is behind the scenes"

Cangji slowly turned around, her black eyes turned purple, rippled circles, and nine gou jade reincarnation eyes hung.

And behind him, in the house where he should have been alone, there was an old man sitting cross-legged in suspension.

There are two horns on the head, red marks on the center of the eyebrows, white hair and white clothes, long slender beards, purple reincarnation eyes, no jade, and a black tin stick floating beside him.

Legends bring peace and order to this world, to create or destroy everything, establish Ninjutsu, and create all the gods of Ninjutsu in the world.

Six immortals.

Of course, the above are all exaggerated folk rumors, even myths.

His true identity is Otsuki Yui, the heir of Otsuki Kaguya, the founder of Ninzong.

Chapter 65 Conversation

"Old man, what do you mean?"

Cangji stared at the six immortals, a pair of purple reincarnation eyes exuding a chill that penetrated into the bone marrow, and the movement of pupil power and Chakra made the ripples rippling like ripples.

"Don't be so angry!"

Regarding Cangji's killing intent, the six immortals showed a kind smile, "You still can't control the power in your body very well. If you continue to release the murderous aura so unscrupulously, this hotel will collapse."

Kuroyoshi glanced at the slightly trembling house, took a deep breath, and slightly reduced his killing intent.

However, his eyes were as cold as before.

"Give me an explanation, otherwise, I won't let you off easily!"

People will grow into different appearances with different experiences, strength, will, character, good and evil

That dream like reality

If it is a little bit weaker and unable to tell the truth of the dream, it will be regarded as a real experience, thus changing one's personality and concepts.