Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 286

In other words, the dream of the six immortals is brainwashing him.

Although, judging from the content of that dream, he was trying to be kind to others and guard against arrogance and rashness.

Although Kurayoshi himself is also working hard to become such a person.


One's own personality will not be controlled by others.

The hand of Six Dao Immortals has already touched his bottom line.

If it’s not for him, he’s not familiar with the power he just gained

If it’s not clear what hole cards this old guy has for thousands of years

If it’s not that this guy is dead, but the soul form is alive

Kuroyoshi had long ago lost his face with ninjutsu.

But even so, if he can't come up with a good explanation, Kurayoshi will not give up.

As if feeling Kuroyoshi's thoughts, the expressions of the six immortals also became a little serious.

He looked at Kuroyoshi in silence for a long time, then raised his head and sighed, secretly saying: My self-righteous kindness has brought malice to the world.

"When a person suddenly gains strength, he will become arrogant and arrogant." The six immortals looked at Kuroyoshi quietly and said: "If it is a little bit of hard training, it would be okay, but you are in two days. Suddenly, the power has increased dozens of times, and it is difficult for even oneself to control"

"Is this all you have to say?"

Cangji interrupted the words of the six immortals, and his voice became colder, like the ice in the far north, which made people tremble.

The six immortals looked up at him, their expressions becoming more solemn.

He knew that if he didn't give a satisfactory explanation, a big battle between the two would be inevitable.

Although he is not afraid, the battle between the two will destroy the world.

This is not what he wanted.

After thinking for a long time, he said, "I want to protect this world!"

With just a word, Kuroyoshi completely put away the killing intent.

He cares more about the reason for the other party's action than those false kindnesses.

If the reason can be accepted by him, it's nothing.

If you can't, you can only fight as an enemy.

He accepted the reason of the Six Dao Immortals.

Regardless of his specific personality, what he did was indeed guarding the world and he did not lie.

Of course, accepting this reason is not because you have not lied.

But Kuroyoshi himself didn't want anyone to destroy the world.

He prefers the beautiful scenery along the way to the devastated land.

Except for those inherently evil, no one wants to live in a wasteland.


"I took note of this time, and there will be similar things happening next time, I will never let you go!"

Cangji still had no good expressions on the six immortals.

The Six Dao Immortals didn't care, and smiled kindly, "This is indeed the old man's fault. Since I chose to wait and see, I should trust the world's talents more."

Once a person suddenly gains strength, he will swell, blindly arrogant, and do all sorts of unthinkable things until his personality is distorted and a disaster occurs.

Although the Six Dao Immortals died long ago, they have been silently observing the world in the form of souls.

Similar to the above situation abounds.

His mother, his son Indra

Speaking of modern times, the most recent one belongs to Uchiha Itachi.

Suddenly awakened the kaleidoscope writing round eyes

This powerful force made him feel that he was omnipotent, and wanted to solve and take on everything alone.

If not for Kuroyoshi

There may be many more tragedies in this world.

It was the Six Ways of Immortals who had witnessed so many such things that they chose to obey the rules of death, drew out ten tails in old age, separated the tail beasts and died.

This is done on the one hand to comply with the rules of nature.

On the other hand, I worry that if I live too long, my mentality will change accordingly, and I will become like my mother.

Only at the moment of death can a person truly recognize himself.

The Six Dao Immortals don't want to live like they hate in the future.

"I have one thing that is very doubtful." Kuroyoshi looked at Liudao immortal strangely, "Since you are worried that I will become the destroyer of the world, why not stop me before I grow up?"

Judging from the words of the Six Dao Immortals, he has been watching the world in the dark.

But since you can't worry about yourself, why not stop him from growing?

If it is himself, he will definitely kill him before the other party grows up, or restrict his growth in other ways.

Not just myself, in anime

He also sat and watched the growth of Dirt and Madara, and let them release their sealed mother Kaguya Ji.

He knew everything and had the ability to stop it before it happened, but he didn't take any action.

Just after one thing happened, I distributed my power to the people of later generations and let them solve everything.

Hearing Kuroyoshi's question, the six immortals also sighed deeply.

"A person can grow up only through experience. No matter how much an adult is worried about his child, he can't help him with everything, at best he can give guidance."

"This world belongs to the contemporary world"