Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 287

"No matter how much I hope the world is beautiful, I am dead after all. I don't belong to this world and can only be guarded by people living in the present."

"No, no, no." Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly, "I mean, since you are worried that I will destroy the world when I grow up to this point, why not kill the threat in the cradle in advance?"

The Liudao immortal smiled softly and asked: "In order to teach young eagles to fly, the eagle will throw the young eagles that have grown to a certain age from the nest of the cliff. If they cannot learn to fly before falling to the ground, they will fall to death. Would the eagle not teach it to fly because he was worried that the young eagle would fall to death?"

"The same is true for human beings. When children grow up, they may take the evil road, but they may also become great people. Then parents will prevent their children from growing up because they may go on the wrong path when they grow up?"

Chapter 196: Six Ways of Immortality and Yin-Yang Escape

The words of the six immortals are very clear.

He hopes that the world can always be peaceful, and he has been working hard for this, waiting and watching.

But he didn't treat the world as his own private property, but guided and observed it as a child, watching it slowly grow.

Just like his attitude towards Kurayoshi.

He worries that Kurayoshi, whose strength has soared suddenly, will become arrogant and distorted in his personality, leading to the destruction of the world.

However, he did not stop Kuroyoshi from growing up.

But after he grew up, when he was too strong to control the power in his body, Tuomeng let him know that the road of destruction was at the end, and there was only endless loneliness and sorrow.

"So that's it" Kuroshitsuji suddenly realized, and then he laughed, "It turns out that you have always been in this state of mind, ahaha"

The six immortals were silent.

Kuroyoshi’s performance seems to be denying him and feels dismissive, but

Thirteen-year-old insight

Even the most talented person in history, even if he has experienced many unusual things since he was a child

Just take these

Come to deny the conclusion he has drawn through the life experience of countless generations in the past and present

"Is it still affected by having the power to match me at such a young age, does my heart begin to swell?"

The six immortals sighed deeply.

What he fears most is this happening.

When I was only 13 years old, I had a presence that rivals living in myth. The ecstasy in my heart can't help producing the superiority of contrast, so I look down on others and cannot hear the opinions of others.

This is arrogance and prejudice.

If it continues like this, it will drift away from other people, and finally break away from the ranks of human beings, thus causing it to be destroyed.

Sure enough, Kurayoshi smiled contemptuously or dismissively as he imagined.

However, the content of the words is contrary to his imagination.

"Old man, don't get me wrong." Cangji pointed to the six immortals and said confidently: "Whether it is you, Kaguyaji, or the family of Datongmu clan far away in the starry sky."

"I have an essential difference with you, that is, I will never think how strong I am, even if no one in this world is my opponent, the same is true."

"Therefore, what you are worried about will never happen to me."

Kuroyoshi's remarks were full of momentum and seemed to have absolute self-confidence.

The six immortals were dumbfounded.

"Why, why?"

"Because we are not on the same level."

People in this world think that Five Shadows is the most powerful ninja in this world.

But for Akatsuki's people, they don't think so.

They think they are the strongest.

In the era of Uchiha Madara and the first Naruto, people thought they were the strongest in the world.

But Uchiha Madara learned from the stone tablet the true existence and power of the Six Way Immortals.

And the Six Immortals, who were invincible in the eyes of these big men, did not feel that they were invincible.

Because his mother has a stronger power, and the family of the Datongmu clan far away in the stars.

In the same way, for the big pipe wood clan that the Six Dao Immortals believed to be invincible in this world, it was also extremely small in the eyes of Cangji.

Because the universe is so big that there is no end to exploration.

Who knows what kind of existence will exist in the universe?

Even if there is no existence in this universe more powerful than the Datongmu clan.

But what about other universes?

Kuroyoshi, who traveled from other worlds, never thought that the Naruto World was the only one.

Compared to the endless and vast world, the peak of the Naruto World is too small.

If you just climb to the invincibility of this world, you will feel that the world is truly invincible.

"Just like ordinary people can't understand your level, you can't understand my level. Our horizons are not one level."

Cangji's words are extremely arrogant, but it is rare that the six immortals did not refute, but bowed their heads into contemplation.

After a long time, he sighed, looked up at the ceiling and said, "Perhaps the old man is sitting on the well and watching the sky!"

"Although the old man has observed this world for thousands of years, there are still many puzzles."

"Sure enough, it is correct to choose to entrust the world to those who live in the present to guard it. If I choose to stay alive, I might become the old stubbornness that young people often say."

"It's good to know." Cangji said disgustedly: "If it's okay, go back to the pure land!"

Finally, he added: "Also, stop monitoring me. I don't want to be peeped by an old man who has lived for thousands of years."

Facing Kuroyoshi's rough tone, the Six Dao immortals didn't care, but laughed teasingly: "Can I understand it as a beautiful girl?"

"Billing!" Kurayoshi waved his hand without angrily.

"Hahaha" The six immortals laughed happily, "Don't worry, I don't have the ability to monitor every corner of this world. If it weren't for the Chakras with Asura and Indra in your body, I wouldn't have noticed. you."

Regarding this, Kurayoshi knew in his heart.