Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 288

He is now at the same level as the Six Dao Immortals.

What he couldn't do, the Six Dao Immortals could do it without reason.

Not to mention that he is still a dead man.

And now

The Asura and the Chakra of Indra in the body have merged and awakened to the reincarnation eye, and no longer exists.

The Six Dao Immortals can no longer pay attention to him anytime and anywhere as before.

However, did such a thing in the end.

Even if Kurayoshi could understand, he was disgusted by him.

The six immortals seemed to have noticed this too, smiled, and raised his hand to release a ball of light.

"As a sincere apology, I will give this to you!"

After speaking, suddenly disappeared into the room.

It's as if it never appeared before.

This hand shook Kuroyoshi.

Because he didn't feel the fluctuation of Chakra.

It's like the money in the hand disappeared out of thin air without any reason.

But think about it

This should be the Pure Land leading the dead back to the Pure Land!

Only the laws of nature can do this silently.

At this moment, he felt that he hadn't had the impulse to shoot before, which was too wise.

Reach out and touch the light group.

Kuroyoshi felt two pieces of information.

Six Ways of Immortality and Yin-Yang Escape.

I want to popularize science here.

The Six Ways of Immortals are only one of the fairy modes, but they are secret methods that belong exclusively to the Six Ways of Immortals.

The Yin-Yang Evacuation Technique is not a Yin-Yang shield, nor is it equal to the power of Yin-Yang.

Yin and Yang escape is a type of ninjutsu developed by the Six Dao Immortals. It is full of the power of Yin and Yang and the five elements, and is the trap of the blood.

Ninjutsu of the same level as Kaguya Ji's Huangquan Hirasaka, not a category.

Yin-yang escape refers to the escape technique that possesses the yin and yang attribute Chakra performance, which is similar to escape techniques such as fire escape and wind escape.

For example, shadow imitation is yin escape, and doubling is yang escape.

The power of yin and yang refers to spiritual power and life power, and also refers to the two attributes of Chakra.

Chapter 197 The Creation and the End

Yin Yang Dun can create a form invisibly with the spiritual power representing "Yin", and inject life into it with the physical power representing "Yang".

If we assign other attributes according to the nature of the object, we can create everything from nothing and give it a real creation technique.

The six immortals used ten-tailed chakras to create nine-tailed beasts, and Naruto created an eye for Kakashi, using the technique of yin and yang escape.

In addition, ninjutsu based on the technique of yin and yang escape can ignore all ninjutsu.

Such as seeking Taoist jade.

However, although the jade of seeking Taoism contains the power of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, it is not the technique of Yin and Yang shield.

It can only be presumed to be an extension from it.

The Six Ways of Immortality is a technique or ability created by the Six Ways of Immortals, which can bless the user in all aspects, and only a few abilities such as the Eye of Reincarnation or the Snare of Blood can match it.

However, although the Six Ways of Immortality is powerful, its use conditions are also extremely harsh.

It is necessary to possess the chakra and natural energy abilities of all the tail beasts at the same time to fully master and use it.

When he brought the soil into the ten-tailed human column force, he automatically mastered the Six Ways of Immortality, but because he had not learned the Immortal Technique, he could not control the natural energy.

Therefore, even though he has mastered the Six Ways of Immortality, he cannot use it.

And once you have fully mastered the Six Paths of Immortality, you will have a realm of supernatural powers that can control all phenomena of the world at a glance.

This state...

The ability to assist yin and yang to create all things is extremely abnormal, like an omnipotent god.

Of course, it just looks like a god.

Using yin and yang to create objects consumes chakras, and the more complex and powerful things are, the greater the consumption.

In the anime, Naruto, Daito, Madara...

After their Taoist jade is consumed, it is not recreated.

Because it was a stupid decision to consume a large amount of chakras to recreate the jade of seeking Taoism that could not decide the outcome.

It is even more difficult to create a life with independent consciousness.

The nine tails created by the six immortals were also created on the basis of ten chakras.

In addition, the tail beast just created is extremely weak.

It took a long time to gradually grow to where it is today.

If you want to be able to create everything at will, at least you have to be more than ten thousand times stronger on the basis of the level of the six immortals!

In addition, judging from the performance in the anime, the Six Ways of Immortality seems to be extremely restrained from the strength of the ten-tailed man.

Once you attack the Ten-tailed human column force with the Six Ways of Immortality, it will cause the tail beasts in the opponent's body to resonate, causing chaos inside, causing huge damage.

This thing is probably a thing specially developed by the Six Dao Immortals to prevent the mother from continuing to harm the world after her mother is resurrected.

He passed the Six Ways of Immortality to Cangji, and it might be possible for him to prevent Kaguyaji from resurrecting.