Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 289

Cangji now only has five kinds of chakras with tail beasts, so I don't need to think about the six immortals for the time being.

And the technique of yin and yang escape...

Kuroyoshi felt the chakra boiling in his body, and immediately dispelled his plan to study.

With his current situation, it is already very reluctant to maintain his strength without losing control, and it is even more difficult to master such a difficult technique.

At this moment, the system prompt sounded in my mind.

[Ding!The special material "Chakra of the ancestor of the ninja" is detected, and the special props "Defective Otsuki Crystal", "Defective Sacred Tree Crystal", "Wanhua Mirror", "Creation Crystal Ball", "End Sword", and "Detector" can be forged. "Jade of Yin and Yang", whether forged]


Forget about this.

Kuroyoshi patted his forehead and said silently in his mind, "Forge."

Suddenly, there were seven more items in his hand.

Naturally, the defective large paulownia wood crystals and sacred tree crystals don’t have to say much, they just contain the crystallization of the large paulownia wood bloodline and the power of the sacred tree, only the degree of content.

Wan Huajing is the reincarnation eye of the six immortals.

The remaining four items...

Each is a crystal ball the size of a sea bowl.

A dark spiral sword.

A ball of white light.

A piece of Tai Chi round jade in black and white.

"Creation Crystal Ball: A crystal ball with the power of creation, as long as you inject chakra into it, and then think about what you want to create in your mind, you can create it."

"The Sword of End: The sword of the heart that ends all things. The stronger the heart, the stronger the power, and it can even wipe out all things."

"Detector: This is the planetary will awakening device. Choose a planet, let it become the will of the planet and absorb it, you will become the will of this planet, you can control the world and the nature of the week anytime and anywhere, and you can also observe the planet. Any corner of the planet."

"Yin-Yang Jade: A jade pendant with the power of yin and yang, has a strong sealing power, and can seal powerful creatures in the jade pendant."

After reading the system's introduction to these items, Kuroyoshi fell into deep thought.

The source of forging the creation crystal ball is not known whether it is the yin and yang escape technique or the myth of the founding god of the six immortals.

If it is the former, then this window is a crystal ball, and it will not be any better than the technique of yin and yang escape.

If it is the latter, then this item may become a creation artifact.

So far, not counting repetitions, Kurayoshi has forged more than 100 items.

He also has a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the items forged by the system.

The materials that are easiest to forge powerful props are undoubtedly those from previous lives...

These stalks usually forge some unreasonable rules.

Even if he is weak, he can forge something against the sky.

Such as second-hand recycling bin...

It looks like a funny thing, but he can ignore the rules and replace everything into a basin.

Even Kaguya Ji, who is immortal in the legend, can only be sealed.

And such a prop was forged from Kankuro, a ninja who was only a ninja at the time.

Of course, it is also possible to forge items that don't have any eggs, such as the Heart of Salted Fish.

It is a forging material with a very high upper limit and a very low off-line.

The next point is from my own experience and legend.

It is the same as the smooth stalk of the previous life, not limited to the strength of the source of the material, but only forged corresponding props based on his experience and legendary content.

The degree of defying nature is no worse than something forged by stems.

However, experiences and legends are difficult to judge as materials.

Therefore, it is defined as the next-level material by Kurayoshi.

The next level is their potential or learned secret skills forbidden.

The strength of the forging props will not exceed the material itself, it is only equivalent to it, and it is the most inferior forging material.

Because Kurayoshi hasn't mastered the technique of yin and yang escape, it is difficult to conduct experiments for comparison.

Therefore, after only a brief look, he threw it into the system space, planning to try again after learning how to escape from Yin and Yang.

And the sword of end...

I also don’t know if it came from the Heavenly Marsh Spear, or the myth of the six immortals destroying the world...

Although the power depends on determination, this is the setting of the Heavenly Marsh Spear...

But who knows how the legend of the six immortals destroying the world is going on!

He wanted to give it a try, but he was worried that the power would be too strong, and he split the planet with a sword.

Even if the planet was not split, this hotel would definitely be gone.

Chapter 198 Invitation from Xiao Organization

Kuroyoshi wanted to take a good night's rest, so he wouldn't do such a foolish thing.

Then the tester

How do you say this thing!

It is very powerful and can make an ordinary person a god-like existence.

But it is limited to this planet.

If it is not bound to the planet after use, it becomes a two-in-one existence, then this is undoubtedly an artifact.


There is a system, and the upper limit of Kuroyoshi is far more than that of a planet. He has no need to give up watermelon for a sesame.