Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 290


"The system will forge this thing, and the six immortals have indeed become a will-like existence on this planet!"

Kuroyoshi squeezed his chin and couldn't help thinking deeply.

Obviously as a dead soul, he can ignore the rules of life and death, appear in the world at will, and use the rules of pure land to attract the dead

Even if he is not the will of this planet, he is at least an administrator.

"Fortunately, I didn't fight him, otherwise, in my situation, maybe I will follow Kaguyaji's footsteps."

Kurayoshi once again rejoiced that he had no impulse before.

As an existence of the same level, one party can use the natural rules of the planet, and that advantage is great

At least Kurayoshi's existing props are invincible.

Moreover, he has just reached this level, and it is very difficult to even control his power.

Enter this stuff into the system space.

Kuroyoshi looked at the last item.

The jade of yin and yang.

If nothing happens, this item is derived from the ultimate sealing technique "Six Earth Blasting Stars".

There is nothing to test for that power, which is basically the same as the sealing technique.

As for the method of use

Just stick the jade pendant on the other person.

Throw the props into the system space and put them away.

Cangji came to the window and looked outside. The waning moon was still hanging in the middle.

"Midnight! Keep going!"

Kuroyoshi yawned, then went back to the bed and fell asleep.

This time, he didn't dream and slept very sweetly.

When I wake up, it's dawn.

Kuroyoshi put on the false mask again and turned into the image of the night fight, then ate a meal in the hotel and left the border town.

He was looking for a hidden place, ready to practice for a period of time, and completely master the power in his body.

As for why we should find a secret place to practice

Does this need to be asked?

The power in his body is too strong, just releasing Chakra will cause huge damage to the surrounding area.

Practicing in a crowded place will not only cause a lot of accidental injuries, but also attract the attention of many people.

Although it didn't do much harm to Kuroyoshi, it was very troublesome.

He hates trouble and doesn't want to do unnecessary things.

Therefore, find a place where people are sparsely smoked.

And this world has been sparsely populated due to long-term wars, and the most important thing is sparsely populated places.

Soon he found a forest near the foot of the mountain in Tanokuni.

There is a large lake and open space, there are tall cliffs, and there are no people in a radius of 100 miles, which is very suitable for cultivation.

In a nearby open space, Kurayoshi released a portable cabin.

After a day's time, the portable hut has been restored as before.

In this way, Kurayoshi began to practice.

The main purpose is to control the chakra in the body, and to get familiar with the newly acquired ability and the use of thinking ability.

These, for Kuroyoshi, who has reached the realm of all phenomena, should have been very simple things.

However, his power is too strong.

Even if it reaches the realm of all phenomena, it takes a long time to master it thoroughly.

It will take about two to three months.

In this regard, Kuroyoshi has no idea.

Just started a new practice silently.

There is no special effort during the practice, basically two or three hours a day, the training intensity is not high.

In my free time every day, I am not enjoying the luxurious life brought by the portable cabin and the tool man, or thinking about life.

The invincible power freed him of external pressure, and he can now consider living in accordance with his heart.

But my heart

Or what kind of life do you want?

In order to survive in this world, and work hard for long-term cultivation

He had long forgotten what he wanted to pursue.

Do you enjoy life with invincible power?

Or do you use this invincible power to do something meaningful?

For a while, Kuroyoshi was a little confused.

However, he didn't particularly care about it.

Before finding the next goal in life, just continue to grow stronger and enjoy the joy of growth.

Time passed slowly, and soon half a month passed.

In the past half month, Kurayoshi has been practicing cultivation, enjoying the luxurious life, and thinking about the leisurely life of life.

I thought that such days would continue for some time.