Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 291

Never thought that the arrival of two uninvited guests broke this tranquility.

A man and a woman, all wearing red cloud robes with black background.

The man has red hair and circles eyes.

The female has light blue and purple hair, and her pupils are light orange, and she has no strange shape.

Their faces were calm and composed, and they looked around 30.

It was the Nagato of Akatsuki, Xiaonan.

What surprised Kuroyoshi was that Nagato came from the main body, not the Heavenly Way Penn made by manipulating Yahiko's corpse.

Moreover, his body is not as skinny as in the anime, but has a ruddy complexion and is more vigorous than the average middle-aged person.

"So, what can you do with me?"

Kuroyoshi sat on the steps in front of the portable hut, resting his left knee on his knees, holding his fists on his cheeks, with a casual smile on his face.

It's just that the long knife with a cold light told them that the seemingly random guy in front of them was not as easy to get along with as imagined.

In fact it is the same.

For these two people

If it was before, he would definitely kill him without hesitation.

Because the two sides are in a hostile relationship, no matter how good they are in the previous life, they will not be merciful when facing them.

What's more, Nagato also assassinated him and captured the three tails who helped him.

But it's different now.

He has reached the top power of the six realms, even if he can't use it as an arm, but it won't take any effort to kill the two in front of him.

Therefore, he wanted to see what the two of them were looking for.

"I want to create the world." Nagato said lightly: "Therefore, you need your strength, Night Fight, to join my organization."

Hearing this seemed like an order and an invitation like a request, Kuroyoshi was surprised and laughed.

He didn't expect that the identity he disguised to avoid trouble would be noticed by Akatsuki and invited.

This dramatic development made Kuroyoshi a little bit ridiculous.

"What is your organization? What is the purpose? What can I gain by joining you? What will I lose?"

Kuroyoshi didn't rush to refuse.

He didn't expect what he would do in the future, and wanted to see what this dramatic plot would develop into in the end.

Chapter 199: Be My Woman

"My organization is Akatsuki, established to create a peaceful world of permanent peace"

Nagato stared at Kurayoshi indifferently, and continued: "Of course this kind of goal cannot be achieved smoothly. There will be many dangers on the way, and there is the possibility of losing your life."

"Then what can I get?"

"Then what do you want?"

This sentence was asked by Xiao Nan in a very plain tone.

But whether it is Xiaonan or Nagato, they are actually a little depressed.

They want to find what Kuroyoshi likes, hoping to do what they like.

However, even though they tried their best to investigate, they couldn't find out the little data before the battle between the Water Country and the Mist Hidden Darkness, as if they had emerged out of thin air.

Want to follow up and investigate, but this person has strong perception

Although he won’t perceive anything and everything, his intuition is also extremely keen, and he stays a little closer, even if he disguises himself with transformation

If you approach with a certain purpose, you will also be discovered.

Although this person is not a grumpy guy, he will not act casually just because of his own discovery or doubt, but he will definitely stay away from the inquiring person.

Especially recently

I don't know if he was deliberately avoiding investigations, or he didn't like to be in contact with people, so he directly found a hidden place to live.

It seems that the leisurely life attitude of salted fish cultivation makes people have to doubt that this guy will live in seclusion for a lifetime.

In this case, Xiaonan and Nagato could not investigate at all.

You can only come in contact with it in person.

Fortunately, although the past and preferences of "Night Fight" have not been investigated, they have some understanding of this person's character.

This is a free and easy man.

Dismiss some of the rules of the world, and will not care about observing them, but they will not stand up and break them.

Such a person has the potential to become a member of Akatsuki.

After all, all they had to do was to overthrow the old world. If he had a sticky character, it would be impossible to join Akatsuki no matter how strong he was.

"What do I want"

This question from Xiao Nan stopped Kuroyoshi.

In the past, he just wanted to be strong enough that no one in this world can threaten him

Now that this goal has been achieved, he can't find what he wants next.

"Don't know what you want?"

Nagato said lightly, with a hint of pity in his tone.

Alive without a purpose, unconsciously, no different from the walking dead

Although such a person is still alive, they are already dead.

"Will you come to my organization?" Nagato stretched out his right hand to Kuroyoshi. "In my organization, I act for the purpose of achieving permanent peace. In this process, you may be able to find your life goal."

Kuroyoshi was silent and seemed to be considering Nagato's proposal.

No, not at all.