Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 292

Xiao Nan noticed that the expression on Kuryoshi's drooping head was a bit weird. It seemed that Nagato's remarks were funny.

Xiao Nan frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable inside, and asked, "What are you laughing at? Is there anything funny about it?"

"I didn't stop pomp"

Kuroyoshi raised his head, stared at them, waved his hand to explain, but the smile in his heart finally couldn't hold back, and he chuckled.

Then, it seemed that he opened the gate of the reservoir and laughed so hard that he couldn't straighten up.

Xiao Nan was a little frustrated, even Nagato frowned.

But he didn't say anything, but quietly waited for the other party's follow-up explanation.

For a long time, Kuroyoshi laughed enough.

He raised his body to face the two again, but his expression still had a residual smile, "Sorry, sorry, I can't help it."

"Is there anything funny about my words?" Nagato asked lightly.

"It's nothing funny." Kurayoshi explained: "It's just a bit funny for me, because I don't find life goals at all, but what ordinary people want to pursue all their lives, but I can easily get them. ."

Yes, the reason Kurayoshi will be confused in the future life is not because he can't find a life goal, but because he can think of it and can easily obtain it.

Wealth, status, power, prestige, women

His level of power, as long as it is slightly exposed

Even if they don't take the initiative to fight, there are countless people who offer it to him.

Such an easy goal

Without experiencing the joy of gaining after hard work, without a sense of accomplishment, it cannot be regarded as a life goal at all.

Although this is a bit pretending.

But you can ask yourself.

Do you regard it as your life goal to cook a meal that you could not cook before?

No, it's just an episode in life at best.

Nagato Xiaonan glanced at each other, and understood each other's meaning.

Xiao Nan walked forward slowly.

On the way, her body changed little by little, her face suddenly cracked and rolled out, but sheets of paper, and other parts of the body also appeared in many places.

For a while, in front of the door of the portable cabin, a palm-sized paper rain drifted.

"It seems that ordinary means cannot invite you, so you can only use unconventional means." Xiaonan stopped at a distance of five or six meters from Cangji, and said calmly: "If I defeat you, you will join us. "

"Oh, that's not good, just use force?" Kuroyoshi sneered: "Aren't you trying to build a world of permanent peace? This behavior is not in line with your ideals!"

Nagato responded faintly: "Humans cannot understand each other, and peace can only be established under absolute force."

"Unexpectedly, you have such an understanding!" Kuroyoshi looked at him with an unexpected expression. "At first, I heard what you said about eternal peace. I thought it was a naive and ignorant guy. It seems that you are serious."

This is of course pretended.

Kuroyoshi was just bored, acting and intoxicated.

"So, do you want to join us?"

Xiao Nan invited again.

The two of them have been indifferent since they appeared, and they have never changed.

"I actually quite agree with your idea, but I don't do anything that is not good. I am not the kind of guy who selflessly contributes to the world."

Kuroyoshi shook his head and refused, his expression a bit regretful.

Just when Xiao Nan was about to do it, Kuraki suddenly remembered something, his eyes lit up, and he looked up at Xiao Nan.

"Why don't you, you be my woman, and I will join you."


The biting wind blew across this clearing, shaking the corners of the three people's clothes.

Nagato and Xiaonan's expressions are still indifferent, but their eyes have a layer of frost.

The atmosphere froze suddenly.

But Kurayoshi seemed to be dull, as if he didn't realize it, he jokingly asked: "How is it? Is my proposal good to consider? Or, you are his woman?"

Of course, all this is also a bad idea.

He just wanted to know what kind of relationship is between Xiaonan and Nagato.

Chapter 200 Fighting against Xiaonan

Everyone has the heart of gossip.

Xiao Nan has a calm and steady personality, gentle and considerate, and a great beauty.

Although he doesn't have the "magnificent" wish like Yahiko, nor does Nagato have the determination to fulfill his dream for a close friend no matter what.

I can’t even understand the ideals of my companions

But as long as it is the choice of her companions, she has always trusted and silently supported it, regardless of whether their choice was right or wrong.

Such a woman

Even if he appears as a villain in anime, its popularity is very explosive.

The relationship between her and Yahiko and Nagato is even more curious.

After all, from the experience as a child, it seems that she and Yahiko had a relationship.

But Yahiko died early

After that, Xiaonan has been following Nagato, taking care of him with inconvenient legs and feet, and silently supporting his actions.

This inseparable bond is also curious and curious.

Is their relationship just as pure friendship as it used to be, or has other affection been born during the long years of being together?

On this point, Kuroyoshi was also curious, so he made such a request and extended the following question.