Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 293

However, facing this problem

"Mr. Ye Dou" Nagato said indifferently: "I know you are more free and easy, making some jokes, I won't take it seriously. But the misfortune comes out of the mouth, and if the jokes are too many, it will lead to killing. "

The tone changed from indifferent to indifferent, and I could feel the anger in the tone.

Cangji was a little surprised, turned his head to look at Xiao Nan in surprise, the other side also looked indifferent, even a little cold.

Obviously, both of them were angry at what he said, but there was no further emotion.

"Well" Kuroyoshi squeezed his chin in thought, "What's the situation with this reaction?"

"Nagato, let's do it directly!"

A calm and calm voice came into his ears, and Kurayoshi, who was thinking, raised his head.

Nagato nodded slightly, "Pay attention to proportion."

As the voice fell, the paper flying all over the sky was pulled by the chakra, folded automatically, turned into a shuriken, and then spun rapidly, shooting like rain.

up down left right

Except for the portable cabin at the back, there are no dead ends in the attack of the paper shuriken.

As for Kuroyoshi, he didn't seem to react and sat there stupidly.

"Boom boom boom"

The paper shuriken fell down, causing a huge roar, and the dust and smoke obstructed the scene in front of the courtyard.

Nagato frowned.

He asked Xiao Nan to pay attention, but he didn't expect to kill him as soon as he came up. It seems that he was still affected by what he said just now.

However, he didn't care.

If it is so simple to be killed, then he is not worth personal invitation.

In a moment, the dust and smoke dispersed.

The unharmed figure of Kuraji came into Nagato's eyes.

Both their pupils shrank and their expressions became serious.

If it's just evading or resisting the attack of the lower paper shuriken, it's fine, but Kuroyoshi's figure is still sitting on the front steps, the knife is still inserted to the side, and it seems that it doesn't move.

This is a bit scary.

"Be careful, this guy should also have some special abilities." Nagato passed a message to Xiao Nan in his heart.

Xiao Nan nodded, indicating that he knew.

Immediately with one stroke of both hands, countless papers spun over, and the top of the head condensed into a continuously rotating and cutting ring.

Just when she was about to throw the paper ring out, Kuroyoshi clapped her palms suddenly and suddenly realized, "That's it."


Xiao Nan was stunned, and the paper ring he was about to throw also stayed in his hand.

What's the situation?

She looked back at Nagato, and Nagato happened to look at him. Both of them saw the shock in each other's eyes.

"You both have a very important position in each other's hearts, but it is not a lover relationship." Kurayoshi said: "If it is a lover relationship, your anger should not be so calm, but a flood of anger."

"You actually thought about this kind of thing during the battle!" Xiao Nan bowed his head in silence for a while, then suddenly raised his head to look at Kuraki, "How much do you look down on me!"

When the words fell, Xiao Nan no longer kept his hands.

A large amount of paper gathered behind, forming angel-like wings.

Then, the wings swept forward, shooting out countless pieces of paper, extremely fast, each with the same sharpness as a blade.

Under such intensive attacks, it is difficult to avoid, and once hit, there is no possibility of survival.

Only using defensive ninjutsu is the best choice.

But this is still a continuous output ninjutsu, as long as the output of Chakra is not stopped, the paper will always be shot.

Even if you use defensive ninjutsu, you will be blown up.

Xiao Nan is testing Kuroyoshi.

He seemed to have avoided all the weird scenes of paper shurikens without moving, which made her vigilant.

If it breaks out in an instant, you can avoid it without moving.

What about this continuous output?

Even if she was still avoided, she would use this attack to see the opponent's ability clearly.

come on!

Show your unknown ability before my eyes.

Xiao Nan, and Nagato who was watching the battle were staring at Kuroyoshi, who was the target of the attack, trying to see his abilities.

It's too late to say, then fast.

Seeing the sky full of paper, shooting like a hidden weapon, Kurayoshi smiled lightly, holding the handle of the knife inserted aside with his right hand, pulling it out, and cutting it forward.


Just listen to the blade trembling slightly and trembling.

The invisible sword energy cut through the torrent of paper and flew towards Xiaonan.


Sword Qi came out through the body, flew more than a hundred meters from behind Xiaolan, cutting off countless big trees all the way to dissipate invisible.

And Xiao Nan's body was slowly divided into two parts.

However, a drop of blood did not flow out.

Xiao Nan's wings spread out behind him, and he took the upper half of his body and flew high into the sky, while the lower half of his body turned into countless pieces of paper and scattered in the sky.

Looking up from below