Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 295

However, Kurayoshi was also repelled.

At this time, Xiao Nan's body regained his senses, the divine paper man's art was activated again, and the wide angel wings spread out behind him.

Xiao Nan followed Nagato and slowly fell to the ground.

"If one doesn't work, just two together?"

Kuroyoshi also stabilized his figure, laughed loudly, and dived towards the two of them.

"let me do it!"

Nagato stood up, and a black metal rod was drawn from his broad sleeves.

"No, just leave it to me."

Xiao Nan shook his head lightly, and immediately printed on both hands.

I saw the paper flying all over the sky, as if under control, one after another posted to Kuroyoshi.

Naturally, Kurayoshi would not fail to notice such a big movement.

However, there are almost tens of thousands of paper flying in the air, densely packed, with no dead ends up and down, and even if you see it, you can't avoid it.


"This kind of thing is useless to me."

Kuroyoshi smiled contemptuously, ignoring the flying paper and continued to swoop down.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of the fuse burning.

With a stunned look, the original plain paper was full of detonating charms.

The art of the paper of the gods can be disguised as anything, even the kaleidoscope writing wheel cannot see through.

Although Kurayoshi was strong, he didn't use his full strength with the mentality of play, let alone any pupil technique.

At this moment, surrounded by these tens of thousands of detonating runes, even if he flew at full strength, the detonating runes would follow him like a shadow.

It is too late to escape now.

"Are you going to join our organization?" Xiao Nan threatened: "In the face of a powerful expert like you, I can't keep my hand. If you refuse, I can't guarantee whether you will survive."

Kuroyoshi hovered in the air and smiled contemptuously at her.

"Who are you looking down on!"

"Really sorry!"

Xiao Nan took a deep breath, and his hands holding the Jieyin posture changed. Tens of thousands of detonating symbols exploded one after another.

"Boom boom boom..."

Along with the continuous roar, sparks continue to rise, even in the daytime, people hundreds of kilometers away can see the gorgeous fireworks.

The explosion time is resolved in one minute.

When the roar stopped, the sky was obscured by black smoke.

Xiao Nan stared closely at the sky, wanting to know the result at the first time.

Nagato frowned, and the metal black rod that had been retracted before slipped into his hand again.

"Xiao Nan, that fellow is not something you can handle."

Nagato stepped forward, blocking Xiao Nan behind him.

Xiao Nan looked astonished, and when he was about to ask why, a gust of wind blew and took away the black smoke.

In the air, where is a pitch-black sphere two meters in diameter suspended.

At this time, the front of the ball opened, revealing the people inside.

Hidden in the black ball, he was unscathed and recovered Kuroyoshi, whose body had grown to about 25 years old.

"That person is...!?"

Xiao Nan was a little confused, "Is this person Ye Dou?"

"Kurayoshi is correct."

Nagato's face was solemn.

The combination of kaleidoscope writing round eyes and wood escape can condense the six powers that only samsara eyes can have.

This point, Nagato inferred from the belt soil.

Although the power of the Six Paths in his body is weak, it actually exists.

And the person in front of him has the power of the Six Dao stronger than him.

And, although I don't know why.

But that mature face clearly still has traces of Kuroyoshi.

The so-called Night Fight was probably disguised by what he wanted to do that would cause trouble to his identity.

Chapter 202 The World of Contradictory Spiral


Xiao Nan was stunned, and then carefully looked at the person in the black ball, there was indeed a bit of Kuroyoshi's shadow.

However, if it is him, why should he be merciful to his men?

That's a guy who Nagato and Madara are not opponents together, Xiao Nan doesn't think that he can hold back with that kind of existence.

Could it be...

Xiao Nan seemed to have thought of something, his cheeks flushed slightly, and then he shook his head gently, throwing the messy thoughts out of his mind.

This kind of thing is impossible...

She also thought of one of these when she was guessing all the possibilities.

"Why forge your identity?" Nagato strode forward and asked solemnly: "Why have you been merciful before?"

Whether it's the kaleidoscope writing round eyes displayed on the sea, or the jade he is using now...