Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 296

This power can kill Xiao Nan in one strike.

With such power, if he suddenly broke out, he would never have time to rescue him.

Nagato didn't understand. It was an opportunity to easily reduce the enemy's combat power. Why did he let it go so easily?

Or is it true that his obvious ridicule before is actually from the sincerity?

No, this is impossible.

Kuroyoshi is only 13 years old, while Xiao Nan is 32 years old. The two have never met before, and it is impossible for that situation to happen.

Qiu Daoyu disperses completely, and the black ball that has changed back to the size of a fist is suspended behind the eight newly-appearing black balls.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his right hand for a grip, and a dark long stick stretched out from the palm of his hand to both ends, finally forming a tin stick.

He slowly fell to the ground and looked at the two indifferently, "It's just because of boredom."


The two looked at Kurayoshi calmly, without speaking, but their fists were silently clenched.

This feeling of being underestimated, even ignored...

feeling bad.

But there is no way to refute it.

Xiao Nan didn't talk about it for the time being, although I don't know how powerful Kuroyoshi is now.

But the level that Uchihaban and Nagato couldn't beat together was enough to make her look up.

And Nagato possesses the power of six ways, he knows more clearly what it means to be able to use the jade for seeking the way, that is the existence that can't be broken by ninjutsu...

Means invincible.

Originally became a three-tailed man, his body recovered and he was confident that he could defeat Kuroyoshi, who showed his strength on the ocean at the time.

but now……

He can only smile wryly.

At the beginning, they agreed that Kurayoshi's growth rate was too fast, and if it was not eradicated as early as possible, it would definitely hinder their plans in the future.

But now...

Where is this amazing growth rate?

This is obviously a hormone!

"If everything can be done easily, then you will lose the sense of accomplishment if you do anything, making it particularly boring..."

Kuroyoshi looked at the two with a light smile, "I am a young man after all, but I can't calm down and enjoy life like an old man."

"However, the arrival of the two of you made me realize that I can also do something very meaningful."

After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Nan asked: "...what is it?"

Kuroyoshi opened his hands and looked up at the sky, as if embracing the world, "world peace."

"World Peace!"

The two were stunned.

Nagato remembered that Kuroyoshi had said that he agreed with his own ideas before, and took the lead to react, his body trembling slightly, and asked: "You are..."

"Don't get me wrong, Nagato..."

Kuroyoshi squinted at him and said calmly: "Although I agree with your ideas, your actions are useless and will only further aggravate the severity of the war."

"How can this be!?"

Nagato couldn't believe it, and some hysterical retorts: "As long as all countries have weapons capable of destroying a country, under this kind of deterrence, no one dares to start a war!"

"In theory, it is true."

"Theoretically..." Nagato was startled, and immediately asked: "Then what is the actual situation?"

"In fact, the weapons you make will only become props for some people's carnival."

Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly, "Although your idea is good, you don't understand the nature of war and people."

"With a few exceptions, I don't think anyone would expect a war to break out!"

"However, this is the world of ninjas, and ninjas rely on fighting for their livelihood. While they hope for peace in the world, they worry that the world is truly peaceful, and they will lose the meaning of existence, so they continue to provoke secretly, leading to the entire ninja world. The war continues one after another."

"War will bring pain to people, but it will also make the meaning of ninja existence more extraordinary..."

"They lost painfully in the war, while gaining happiness in the war..."

"In this spiral of contradictory war vortex, wanting to make people feel pain and relying on deterrence to maintain peace will not solve any problems at all."

"Because, the greater the scale of the war, the more painful the loss, the more benefits can be reaped. Human greed will further expand the scale of the war. The nuclear weapons you provide will only turn the already devastated world into wasteland. ."

Nagato's expression changed for a while, thought deeply, solemnly, distressed...

In the end, the expression freezes on the distortion.

"It can't be like this, all this is your guess."

Nagato's hysterical voice echoed in the open area in front of the courtyard.

"The world has become a wasteland, and it is not good for anyone. No one dares to jump into war under such deterrence."

"That's why I said you don't understand the nature of human beings at all!"

Kuroyoshi sighed long, and said: "Benefits will blind people's eyes. As long as the benefits are sufficient, some people dare to destroy the world."

"Moreover, the so-called nuclear deterrence is nothing more than your delusion."

"No matter how powerful a weapon is, it is always a weapon. It needs to be in human hands to use it. A powerful ninja wants to sneak into a small country to steal such a weapon is too simple."

Speaking of this, Kuroyoshi remembered the story of the spider family in the anime.

The soil spider clan mastered nuclear weapons-like forbidden techniques, and was infiltrated and seized by a team of Langren.

If Yu Gao happened to be there, I'm afraid he would have snatched it before the Naruto team arrived.

To deal with the weak, a team of renunciation can still succeed, not to mention the gap between those big and small countries.