Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 297

The so-called free gift of nuclear weapons to all countries in order to achieve nuclear deterrence is simply a joke.

Didn’t you see that the five ninja villages with Renzhuli were also snatched by Akatsuki?

If an organization similar to Akatsuki emerges in the future to snatch nuclear weapons from various countries in order to win the world.

Should those Shinobu village use nuclear weapons?

Where should it be used?

"How could this be……"

Nagato was like a frustrated balloon, sitting on the ground feebly, his face full of hesitation.

Having inherited Yahiko's will, and after a lot of experience, he came up with a way to make the world permanent peace. It turned out that it was just the moon in the well and the flowers in the water.

Chapter 203 The Way to Bring Peace (Part 1)

Nagato had never thought about peace before.

However, he owned a family twice and was taken away by the war both times.

He deeply felt the harm that war brought to people, so he hoped that the war would end.

During the period, Jiraiya's teaching gave him hope.

Because he, Yahiko and Xiaonan were originally people who did not know each other, but they could understand each other and become companions...

"Since there are examples like ours, then other people in the world will understand and accept each other like we do! Peace will come one day."


Yahiko's death slapped him severely.

People can never understand each other, even if a few can understand, it does not mean they agree.

Hatred will go to the head, profit will blind your eyes...

Different positions and different contradictions make that peace between people can only be obtained by absolute force suppression.

At the moment Yahiko died, Nagato couldn't suppress the hatred in his heart and chose to avenge the Sanshoyu Hanzo.

If you can't understand each other, how can you expect others?

So, after long-term thinking, Nagato decided to become a god.

Because only God can end this contradictory spiral world.

But after all, he is not a god, just a mortal who claims to be a god.

His plan is not perfect, even rude...

But this was the best way Nagato could think of.

What Kuroyoshi said, he didn't think about it...

However, as I said before, he is just a mortal who claims to be a god. He can't solve those problems at all. He can only not think deeply, hoping that what he has done can really achieve his goal.

And now, Kuryoshi's words have exposed his self-deception lie.

"You are too ugly like this."

Kuroyoshi slowly came to Nagato and looked down at him condescendingly, "Since I have said that I want to bring peace to the world, naturally there is a solution."


Nagato raised his head, looking at Kurayoshi hopefully, "Is there really a way to make the world peaceful forever?"

"The so-called eternity is only relative. If my guess is realized, the world will at least usher in tens of thousands of years of peace. As for the future..." Kuroyoshi laughed at himself, "Who knows tens of thousands of years? What will the future world become?"

Nagato knows such things naturally.

Even before him, he never thought about the world's permanent peace.

The times are advancing. Even if he succeeds in developing nuclear weapons and distributing them to all countries, he will one day be researched to suppress things.

He just wants to bring a relatively permanent peace to the world, and he doesn't even dare to be so bold as to think that it will last ten thousand years...

For a thousand years, he must die happy.

And Kurayoshi opened his mouth for tens of thousands of years, which made him wonder if he was bragging.

But what if it is true?

After all, this guy has the power of the Six Paths stronger than himself and the bottomless potential, maybe he really has a way he can't think of.

After thinking for a moment, Nagato asked, "...what is the way?"


Kuroyoshi tapped his temple lightly with his index finger, seemingly distressed.

"What's the matter?" Xiaonan asked: "Is there anything unspeakable?"

"It's not something unspeakable!" Kuroyoshi sighed: "My method is a bit weird. If you don't explain the reason and just talk about the method, you will definitely think that this is a fantasy, so I am thinking where to say it. Up."

"It's good to start from the beginning, we don't feel time."

"Then go to the house and speak slowly!"

After speaking, Kuroyoshi turned and walked into the portable cabin.

Nagato Xiaonan glanced at each other, nodded, and followed in.


In the reception room.

The two sides sat opposite each other on a low table with the tea just served by the tool man.

However, Nagato and Xiaonan were not in the mood to drink.

After pouring Cangji, after taking a sip of tea slowly, he said slowly: "This matter has to start with Pangu...cough cough, it's a crossword, this matter has to start with the six gods and his mother Hui Yeji. ..."

Kuroyoshi recounted the entire history of Ninja world from beginning to end.

Although it was just a key explanation, Nagato and Xiaonan were amazed.

These ancient histories have long been forgotten, and the few remaining are regarded as myths and legends.