Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 298

Especially about the story of Kaguya Ji...

Not to mention history, even myths and legends are not recorded.

However, after hearing that the Six Dao Immortals discovered the mystery of Chakra, they established Ninja School and taught humans to refine Chakra. It is hoped that the world will feel each other’s hearts by connecting Chakra, so as to achieve mutual understanding, accept each other, and usher in true peace. At the time of the intention, the two fell silent.

For a while, Nagato said, "Sure enough, the understanding of people from Jilaiya teacher who said that people can understand each other is a lie."

There is a trace of darkness hidden in the tone.

Very concealed, but was still noticed by Kurayoshi.

Although Nagato cannot understand each other and needs to be suppressed by absolute force, he actually hopes that peace can be achieved through mutual understanding.

This is why, in the anime, he will finally be persuaded by Naruto's mouth.

Because Naruto has managed to give up hatred, try to understand and accept the enemy.

This gave Nagato a hope.

But now, he completely gave up this hope.

The failure of the Six Dao Immortals had already told him that this kind of scheme would not work.

"Then what you said has anything to do with these?"

After recovering from the ancient Xin Mi, Xiao Nan remembered the business.

"It doesn't matter."

Looking at the two people who were astonished, and then showed signs of anger, Kuraki quickly explained, "I said so much, just to let you know that it is impossible to usher in true peace with your methods."

"In other words, your method is also very outrageous, to the extent that we have nothing else to accept, right?

Nagato stared at Kurayoshi with piercing eyes, "Just tell me, although we have been dazzled by hatred over the years, it doesn't mean we are fools. We will judge for ourselves."

"Then I'll be straightforward."

Kuroyoshi nodded slightly and said, "There are two ways. The first is to release Kaguya Ji."

"Release Kaguya Ji!?"

Both of them stood up abruptly, their mouths opened for a long time, and they were speechless.

"Do you want to restore Kaguya Ji's rule in the ancient times?"

"If she doesn't use the world as fertilizer to nourish the sacred tree, that would be great, but..."

"Well, I know what you guys want to say, but it doesn't mean it."

Kuroyoshi waved his hand, motioned for the two to sit down and said.

Nagato Xiaonan looked at each other, but decided to listen to the words before speaking.

"I release Kaguya Ji, not to restore her ancient rule, but to..."

Chapter 204 The Way to Bring Peace (Part 2)

If Kaguya Ji is released, what will she do?

The answer is already given in this animation, that is, as it was done in ancient times, the earth is used as a field for cultivating the sacred tree, and human beings are used as fertilizer to cultivate new chakra fruits.

After thousands of years, humans have also learned to refine chakras.

For Kaguya Ji, this is an absolutely unbearable temptation.

"If Kaguya Ji is released, then she will definitely become a public enemy of the Ninja World, and her strength is not something a Ninja Village can deal with."

Speaking of this, Kurayoshi hesitated and continued: "No, even if the entire Ninja world is united, no one will be her opponent. When it falls, people will experience despair."

"Then you stand up at the time of human despair and re-seal Kaguya Ji and become a hero of the world, and use the power of sealing Kaguya Ji to unite the entire Ninja World, reduce the opposition of positions, and achieve the goal of relative peace."

After Nagato finished talking about Kuroyoshi, he took the initiative to say what he thought of.

However, his words were exchanged for Kurayoshi's idiotic eyes.

"Aren't you stupid?" Kuroyoshi said in a huff: "If I want to unify the entire Ninja world to achieve the goal of peace, then why should I release Kaguya Ji, can't I just use force?"

"You mean you can fight the entire Ninja World?" Xiao Nan sneered.

"Do not."

Kurayoshi gently shook his head in denial.

Xiao Nan couldn't help but sneered, "Since there is no corresponding power, what are you talking about?"

"I mean, the entire Shinobi world is twisted into one piece and it is garbage. Put it in a garbage bag and throw it away for disposal."


Xiao Nan and Nagato were dumbfounded.

They can feel the dismissiveness in Kuroyoshi's words.

Looking at the other person's indifferent expression, the two clearly understood that this was not what a grudge said, but a subconscious judgment of the brain.

In the eyes of this man, the so-called Ninja is just like garbage, which can be disposed of in a bag.

Xiao Nan wanted to refute.

But looking at Kuroyoshi's calm and natural expression, she felt a great deal of pressure.

It seems that what the other party said is the truth, and questioning him is an insult.

This is the change in mentality brought about by strength, and thus the aura formed.

Under the influence of the aura, Kurayoshi just sat as usual, giving her such an illusion

No, it's not an illusion.

The other party really has this ability.

Xiao Nan felt a little dry in his throat and couldn't help swallowing saliva.

At this time, Nagato asked, "Since you don't want to rule the world, what's the point of doing this? Do you expect people who have experienced despair together to let go of their previous hatred, understand each other, and achieve true peace?"

The voice is getting louder and louder, and from the thicker and thicker breath, the suppressed anger in the voice can be detected.

"Bring pain to the world, make people feel pain, and then grow in pain"