Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 300

There are still many problems to be solved in actual implementation.

If you really connect the two worlds and intend to form an employment relationship with the other's world

First of all, the opinions of the world must be unified.

Otherwise, everyone wants to fight for more benefits for their country and village, and I am afraid they will fight each other for more mission resources before cooperating with other worlds.

"Therefore, before truly connecting with other worlds, you must unify the Shinobi world and integrate all the forces." Kuroyoshi said lightly.

After being silent for a while, Xiao Nan took the lead in asking the question, "Let's not talk about whether your pupil power can be upgraded to two levels. Didn't you say that you don't want to unify the world?"

As the voice fell, Nagato stared at Kurayoshi, waiting for his explanation.

"Ah, I don't want to at all." Kuraki said frankly: "It's tired and boring, and it can't bring real peace to the world. It can't make me feel meaningful. Who would do this kind of thing!"

"But you are now"

"It's different now." Kuroyoshi chuckled lightly: "I am united for peace, not for being a ruler.

Moreover, I am only an executor, and will not be the supreme ruler. I can hardly imagine the boring and tiring life."

"However, the five big nations will not easily agree to it!" Nagato said lightly: "Even if there are resources from another world as a temptation, they will think of themselves as the leader."

"So the final battle for unification is inevitable."

"Sure enough, if you want to usher in true peace, you still have to sacrifice!" Nagato sighed.

"But you are from Konoha!" Xiaonan hesitated: "You have a lot of friends in your hometown. Will you be an enemy of them then?"

"How could I do such a stupid thing?" Kuroyoshi smiled softly, "It must be Kaguyaji to come out and take care of it!"


Xiao Nan and Nagato were speechless at the same time.

The first plan you started talking about is actually only part of the second plan.


"One more question." Nagato said, "How can you confirm that the world on the other side needs a ninja?"

"If, I mean, if, if the opposite world has strong power and ambition, after the world is connected, it will not attract cooperation, but aggression and war."

"Ha ha"

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, took a sip from his teacup, and said, "Before I truly connect to the world, I will definitely go to the other party's world to observe for a while. Only when there is a need for the world, I will open the connection."

"Moreover, I will only build a crossing gate, and build a ninja and trade city with this gate as the core, which is dedicated to cooperation with foreign trade and employment, and is also an avant-garde fortress to defend against foreign invasions."

"If the other world doesn't need the power of a ninja, or if the power levels of the two sides are too different, then I will not establish a crossing gate, but continue to search for the next world."

Kuroyoshi’s ideal world of collaboration is one-punch man, pitch black bullet, and the academy’s inspiration

Most of these worlds need to face enemies other than humans, and there is no room for invasion.

Worlds like One Piece are also fine.

Although there are many careerists and saboteurs in this type of world, the power of ninjas is enough to resist them.

The existence of the gate also restricted the advance of large-scale troops and weapons.

Connecting to such a world, there will never be a world-class war.

And like Dragon Ball, Tianyuan Breakthrough, it is a typical example of never establishing links.

Facing that kind of world, the ninja world has no resistance at all.

Even if the gate of crossing will limit the number of people crossing on a large scale, but if someone comes to a better point, you can destroy your whole family.

Maybe even the gate of crossing has been thoroughly studied by others, and in turn established the dimensional empire.

There are still many troublesome problems caused by connecting the two worlds, and Kuroyoshi has only a general idea, which many places have not thought of.

Therefore, the three people discussed with each other and considered the possible problems of connecting the world.

I don't know how long we talked, Kuroyoshi yawned.

He looked up and looked out the door, it was completely dark.

He stood up, stretched his waist, and said, "There are too many issues to be considered. With the three of us alone, even if we discuss next year, we will not be able to consider every issue. We should wait for the unification of the Ninja Realm and gather a large number of issues. Let's meet the professionals!"

"That's right."

Xiao Nan nodded in agreement, "All these plans are based on the premise that you can unify the Shinobi world and establish a door to another world. If you can't achieve the above two points, everything is empty talk."

"So, now what should we do next?" Nagato asked.

"Gather the core members of the Akatsuki organization and kill them first. Those guys are real terrorists."

However, having said that, Kuroyoshi still intends to give people outside the flying segment a chance to choose.

Although they are all S-rank rebels and have done all kinds of heinous acts, except for Fei Duan to kill people for that evil god belief, the others are not unreasonably killed indiscriminately.

If they can make a choice and use their abilities and interests on the right way, then Kuroyoshi doesn't mind giving them a way to survive.

If they refuse, then they can be sent to see the Six Dao Immortals.

Chapter 206 Nagato and Xiaonan's props


After hearing of Kuroyoshi's arrangement, Nagato was stunned, and then asked about the time of action, without any guilt or hesitation about betraying his companion.

This is also normal.

The current Akatsuki members are all S-rank rebels, and not many of them are Madara.

The organization that Yahiko once established to bring peace to the world has been stolen by Madara.

Although Nagato and Xiaonan are cooperating with Madara, they have always been on guard against him in their hearts, and naturally they will not regard those lawless guys as companions.

Kuroyoshi thought for a moment, and said in a deep thought, "Don't worry, my strength is not stable now, and I still need two months of cultivation to become familiar."

"During this time, you will ask the Akatsuki members to inquire about the whereabouts of the second, fourth, fifth, and eight-tailed people. If you want to defeat Kaguyaji, you can't gather all the power of the tail beasts."

After speaking, it seemed that something had come to mind. Kuroyoshi smiled lightly at Nagato and Xiaonan, "Don’t worry, I just need a little tail beast chakra. I don’t need a whole tail beast, so you don’t have to worry. I will finally take away the three tails from you, but"

Kuroyoshi turned around and stared at Nagato, "If you can, I still hope you can let Mitsuo free. Mitsuo has helped me, and I won't sit back and watch it be bound to freedom."