Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 301


Before Nagato said anything, Xiao Nan wanted to say something first.

But just as she said two words, she was interrupted by Nagato.

"Yes, when things have progressed to the point where I see hope, I will release three tails."


Xiao Nan looked over worriedly.

Both of them knew that Renzhuli would die if he lost his tail.

Nagato said that he had already exchanged his own life.

However, in the face of Xiao Nan's worried gaze, Nagato turned a blind eye.

Kuroyoshi looked at the expressions of the two and smiled lightly, "Don't be so pessimistic, I didn't plan to kill Nagato."

Xiao Nan turned his head and glared at him, "You have to take away the three tails, no!"

"The eye of reincarnation has the pupil power to control life and death!"

Looking at the surprised two, Kuroyoshi smiled, "Don't be so surprised, I am not a guy who sacrifices myself for others. The reason for mentioning this is to tell you that even if you die, I can still resurrect. And there is no cost."

Xiao Nan was shocked immediately.

Resurrection without cost

How can this be?

Nagato also has reincarnation eyes, but he also needs to pay the price of his life to resurrect other people.

Compared to Xiao Nan's shock, Nagato was much more calm.

There was not even a trace of mood swings on his indifferent expression.

"It doesn't matter, as long as Yahiko's long-cherished wish can be fulfilled, his life is not worth mentioning."

After speaking, Nagato got up and walked outside. When he reached the door, he paused and looked sideways at Xiao Nan, "Xiao Nan, give him the ring, and we will go back and wait for the good news."

After speaking, Nagato left the house directly.

Xiao Nan stood up and looked at Nagato's back, her sexy lips opened, and he stopped talking.

Finally, after hesitating for a moment, he took off the ring marked "white" on his hand.

"This is the status symbol of the Akatsuki organization. At the same time, you can also use this to communicate with members of the organization remotely. You who have the eyes of reincarnation, shouldn't need me to teach you how to use it!"


"In that case, I'll give it to you, goodbye."

After Xiao Nan threw the ring to Kuroyoshi, he chased Nagato's figure and left.

Kurayoshi didn't care about the other party's rudeness.

Holding the ring for a while, he put on his right ring finger.

There are six rings in his hand, and four tail beast rings just fit his hands.

Kuroyoshi thought of the Mandarin in Marvel, the powerful villain also wore ten rings.

"I don't know who is stronger than that guy now."

Such a thought flashed through Kuroyoshi's mind, and then he threw it out of his mind with a smile.

It's too early to think about those things, let's get the things in front of you!

Kuroyoshi took out a bunch of light blue-purple and red hair.

This is the hair of Xiao Nan and Nagato, acquired during the battle.

Ding!Special material "rich woman's hair" is detected, special props "Hug Me", "Paper Man Wife" "Bridge" can be forged, whether forging

Ding!The special material "painful hair" is detected, and the special props "Peaceful Heart", "Defective Immortal Crystal", "Wanhua Mirror", "Rice of Disaster", and "Plate of Reincarnation" can be forged.


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and suddenly there were eight props on the low table in front of him.

Two paper men; a mini rainbow bridge; one exuding a soft light; one transparent and the other solid, a love-like love heart; a thumb-sized, green fluorescent crystal all over the body; a pair of contact lenses, a bag of 10 Kilogram-loaded rice; a roulette with a center hollow and divided into six areas.

Kuroyoshi quickly checked the item information.

"Hug me: write the name of a rich woman on a paper man, thinking of the person's appearance in your mind, burn it to ashes and mix it with wine and drink it, and you will be taken care of by the rich woman. Note: Auntie, I don't want to tried"

"Paperman wife: think of someone in your mind, write her name on the paperman, and it will perfectly recreate the person in your impression. Note: Your wife is awesome"

"Bridge: The miracle caused by the determination to support your companions silently behind the back is realized. This is a bridge that can be erected and supported for your passage anywhere."

"Heart of Peace: The miracle caused by the strong desire for peace can revive the dead. Note: Only the deceased who loves peace and keeps the body intact can absorb it, only one person"

"Defective fairy crystal: a crystal with majestic vitality. After taking it, the body will gradually be transformed into a fairy body by the crystallized vitality."

"Wan Hua Jing: This is the contact lens of the fairy eye. The wearer can use all the abilities of the reincarnation eye."

"Disaster rice: rice bred in disasters, after eating, you can feel the pain caused by disasters, and then realize the preciousness of peace and stability. Note: After use, it will regenerate every year."

"The disc of reincarnation: the grinding disc that controls the cycle of life and death, has the power to absorb the soul and make it reincarnate. Note: Only within a range of five meters, the other party can only absorb a pure soul state, and can only absorb one soul at a time. It takes eighteen years of energy supplement"

After reading the system introduction of all the props, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

Among the eight props are full of slots, as well as heaven-defying artifacts.

What kind of paper man wife, hug me, misfortune rice and the like, full of sense of sight and groove.

And the last disk of reincarnation made Kuroyoshi scream in his heart.

This thing can not only reverse life and death, but is also the only magic weapon to deal with soul-like creatures.

If the Six Dao Immortals had this artifact when they appeared in front of him, Cangji would not listen to him verbally, but would just take away his soul.

Chapter 207 The Black Jue Escaped from Reincarnation

Kuroyoshi looked at the pair of Wanhua mirrors in Nagato, and it was indeed Uchiha Madara's reincarnation eyes.

However, I don't know why I couldn't forge the crystal that can get the fairy eyes.