Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 303

Either he was killed by exposing a lie on the spot, or he was used by his tricks, even if he really rescued his mother, it would become a stepping stone for the other party.

After dozens of reincarnations, Heijue no longer dared to deceive, but sincerely took advantage of cooperation with Kuroyoshi.

Finally, he fulfilled his dream desire and rescued his mother.

Then, just as Heijue regained his madness and was about to resume the ancient rule with Kaguya Ji, Kuroyoshi killed the two again.

Reincarnation again.

Heijue realized that this might be a dream, not the ability his mother left him.

Because, if the mother has this kind of power, why doesn't she have reincarnation?

Before thinking of reincarnation, I was caught in the key special bird cage, and I immediately got a general understanding.

Probably, these are the trials of whether you can leave the cage!

Therefore, this time in the reincarnation, Heijue continued to choose to cooperate with Kuroyoshi, and when he rescued his mother, persuaded her mother to cooperate with Kuroyoshi.

Then, when he made a decision and halfway through his actions, the prison of fate released him.

This is the only destiny that can leave the cage among his countless destinies.

It's just that tens of thousands of reincarnations made him a little confused about the boundary between reality and virtuality.

He just came out, thought he was in reincarnation, so he had the scene before.

Kuroyoshi was a little confused.

Not much nonsense, he directly used the power of the human world to extract the soul of Heijue, and at the same time, he also learned about his tens of thousands of reincarnation experiences.

Suddenly couldn't laugh or cry.

"The so-called search for the fate of escape from the prison is like this."

After sighing, Cangji took the destiny cage back into the system space, and then put Heijue's body into the Vientiane fish basket.

In a battle with Kaguya Ji, he was not sure of victory.

Heijue's body can be used.

Then, Kuroyoshi put away the portable cabin again, and left the space pupil technique when using it.

Not to look for Dashewan, but to find the remains of Madara.

The trace of Dashemaru has not been discovered yet, but Madara's remnants have been understood through Heijue's memory.

Chapter 208 Reincarnation Spot

The country of grass, in a dark basement.

Kuroyoshi looked at the sarcophagus opened in front of him, and fell silent.

There was only one set of clothes in the sarcophagus, and no bodies.

This is a clothing mound.

"Even his ashes are raised, this is really a cruel person!"

Kuroyoshi sighed.

Even if he found such a secret tomb, he did not leave the body.

But this is also normal.

The ninja's body is also a secret treasure, and the secrets of the opponent can be obtained through secret techniques.

And Uchiha Madara's secrets are too many to say.

It's normal to do things that will thwart oneself after death.


"You never thought that the will Heijue that you split up is actually a second-to-five son!"

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, and Jieyin lifted his hands.

A stone pillar rises on the ground with a hidden grid hidden in the middle and a box inside.

Kuroyoshi took out the box and opened it, with a piece of flesh inside.

However, although it has been preserved, the time is still too long. It looks like there is only a thin piece of stain-like thing, and it also exudes an unpleasant medicine smell.

"This thing is too disgusting, and the fairy crystallization forged with this thing"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help his stomach tumbling when he thought of this.

"Let's use the dirty soil to reincarnate and absorb the chakra!"

About two hours.

Kuroyoshi caught a betrayer and returned to the basement.

Renren was controlled by the illusion, and stood aside dull.

On the other hand, Kurayoshi painted the technique of reincarnating from the dirty soil.

If the object of Dirty Reincarnation is summoned for the first time, it needs to draw the art pattern, and then blend the remnants of the object to be summoned with the living sacrifice.

After a while, Kuroyoshi drew the surgical pattern, and then controlled the rebel sacrifice to return.

Finally, he opened his belly and applied that piece of Uchiha spotted flesh to the wound

Blood flows out, flesh and blood blend.

Seeing that the time was right, Kuroyoshi began to seal the seal, "The technique of turning the dirty soil!"

Suddenly, the air in the secret room flowed, and a large cloud of dust was whirled and attached to the sacrifice.

Gradually, the appearance of the sacrifice was replaced by the appearance of another person.

Uchiha Madara.

However, unlike the young Madara who was summoned by Doudou, what Kurayoshi summoned was only a late old man.

He was rugged and skinny.

Under his pale hair, there was an old face with wrinkles piled up together. It seemed that even speaking was very laborious.