Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 304

Reincarnation of Dirty Earth can only summon the state of the born before death, and the pharmacist's pocket is a body specially created to restore Madara's peak combat power.

Kuroyoshi just wanted to absorb the opponent's Chakra forging props, and never thought of fighting against Madara at the peak.

Therefore, there is no time wasting to research how to create a reincarnation body that can maintain the peak in front of you.

However, even an old man stepping into the coffin, Madara's body exudes a relaxed temperament.

His only remaining eye opened, revealing the vicissitudes of life and confusion.

"Hello, Madara, I've been admired for a long time."

Hearing a slightly brisk voice, Madara looked at the young man in front of him, her eyes condensed.

"who are you?"

The voice is old and powerful, not at all like this kind of old guy who is fast into the ground can make

Kuroyoshi chuckled, "My name is Kuroyoshi, Konoha's ninja."

"Konoha's Ninja"

Banyan whispered to himself twice, and the light from the corner of his eyes swept the formation lines under him.

"The forbidden reincarnation invented by the second generation of Naruto, it seems that you are indeed Konoha's ninja."

"But, what do you want to call the old man out?"

"This decayed body cannot fight for you even if it is turned around by the dirt."

"I didn't want you to fight for me, I just wanted to get a little of your chakra."

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, her dark eyes turned into purple eyes with ripples.

Seeing these eyes, the spotted pupils shrank for a while, and could no longer maintain the calmness before.

"These eyes"

"Why do you have these eyes!?"

While questioning, Madan kept wondering what happened in the Ninja World after his death.

Why is the reincarnation eye in the hands of this Konoha ninja?

Where is Nagato?

Bring soil?

Is the plan bankrupt, or something?

Madara tried to calm herself down, but the panic expression couldn't escape Kuroyoshi's eyes.

As if seeing what he was thinking, Kurayoshi smiled and said, "Relax, these are my own reincarnation eyes, not the pair you put in Nagato."

Madara calmed down.

Although Kurayoshi's words reveal more bad news, Madara, who has experienced countless winds and waves, knows that the worse it is, the less he can panic.

Once panicked, the situation that could have moved back may also be missed.

The situation has reached such a point that he can't do anything a dead person.

I can only further inquire about the news and analyze the situation.

He looked at Kurayoshi calmly and asked, "Are you me or the next reincarnation of the column?"

After each generation of Asura and Indra become powerful, they can perceive the Chakra consciousness that resides in their body.

Madara captured the cells between the pillars, obtained the Chakra of Asura, and guided the power of the Six Paths. He was very clear about the relationship between Indra and Asura.

Kuroyoshi said that his eyes belonged to him, and Madara immediately understood that the other party was similar to himself.

"No." Kuroyoshi shook his head lightly. "My existence is special and it is troublesome to explain, so I won't introduce it."

It is really troublesome to introduce tmd, so I won't introduce it.

Madara wanted to explode in his heart.

"I have long admired the name of the Ninja Dance King, that's why I said so much to you."

"But you are too boring, you have been probing this and that, if you want to know everything, this is for you to play with."

Kuroyoshi took out the game helmet of "False Life".

"I have set all the causes and consequences in it, you can see everything as long as you follow the plot, but"

Kurayoshi reached out and put a hand on Madara's shoulder, "When you play the game, let me borrow your chakra first!"

As the voice fell, the power of Hungry Ghost Dao was activated.

Uchiha's Chakra was drawn along his arm.

However, there are not many chakras in the body that has half his foot on the coffin board, not even the students of the Ninja School.

If it weren't for the state of turning around in the dirt, this chakra would not be enough for life to continue.

Fortunately, Chakra is infinite in the state of reincarnating from the dirty earth.

The slender Chakra was sucked away, and immediately returned.

After inhaling for a while, the system prompt sounded in Kuroyoshi's mind.

Ding!The special material "Dance King’s Chakra" is detected, and the special props "Dance King", "Perfect Immortal Crystal", "Weak Divine Tree Crystal", and "Sun Flame Orb" can be forged.

Chapter 209 Relieved Uchiha Madara

Hearing the system prompt, Kurayoshi retracted his hand on Madara and threw the fake life helmet to him.

"This thing is worn on your head and you can use it at the push of a button. There is novice guide inside, so don't worry about not knowing how to do it."

Madara hesitated, and put it on his head as Kurayoshi said.

Anyway, it’s a dead person who was reborn from the dirty soil

Even if the person wanted to harm himself, he couldn't resist.

After seeing Uchiha Madara immersed in the game, Kuroyoshi returned his gaze to the system prompt.