Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 305

I read a silent sentence in my mind, and suddenly, there are four more props in my hand.

A basketball, a red and green fluorescence intersect each other, a thumb-sized crystal, a green crystal, a fist-sized, like a burning orb.

"Dance King: Once you pick up the basketball, you will automatically become proficient in singing, dancing, and rap, and you will become the world dance king. Note: Hello everyone, I am the king of dancing for decades. I can sing, dance, and rap. And can play basketball"

"Perfect fairy crystal: it contains majestic vitality and spiritual power. After taking it, the body will be transformed by the crystallized power to obtain the fairy human body and the fairy eyes."

"Weak sacred tree crystal: contains the crystal of the sacred tree power, after taking it, you will gain the power of the sacred tree."

"Yangyan Orb: It has a powerful searing power, which can greatly amplify fire ninjutsu, and make it possess the power of nature, and it can also be embedded in items and props to make it have the same effect. Note: Sunyan When the orb is placed, it will absorb the heat energy from the sun to supplement the energy in the orb"

Cangji didn't have time to think about it, so he put the basketball into the system space.

With this thing, he can't help but sing, jump, rap, and play basketball.

But when he thought of the handsome posture of playing basketball that was popular on the Internet in his previous life, he couldn't help but shudder.

Fortunately, after putting the basketball into the system space, the urge to sing, jump, rap, and play basketball disappeared.

"so close!"

Kuroyoshi wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead, and then focused his attention on the remaining three props.

Needless to say, the sacred tree crystallized from the power that Madara took from the pillars.

The Sunfire Orb and Thunder Orb are a series, but they are fire attributes.

In the future, there may be opportunities and the remaining three kinds of orbs.

And the perfect fairy crystallization

To be honest, the fairy crystals forged on Lord Ban can obtain both the human body and the eyes of the fairy, which Cangji did not expect.

Although it is not a perfect fairy body, it is also awesome.

The fairy human body between the pillars is probably of that level.

Regarding Madara who was still immersed in the game, Kuroyoshi held the fairy crystal and the god tree crystal and absorbed them directly.

At this level, he doesn't need to swallow it anymore.

Two huge forces poured into his body, silently transforming his body.

It's just that compared to the strength of Kuroyoshi's body, these are too small. Not only can he not change the cell structure of his body, but they are absorbed as nutrients.

The absorption process is very fast, and it is completely over in about five minutes.

Kuroyoshi felt the change.

Both vitality and spiritual power became stronger again, which made Chakra and pupil power also stronger.

However, it has not become much stronger.

Kuroyoshi's current physical hardware has reached the pinnacle of the six levels, comparable to the strength of the ten-tailed human column.

The only one who can surpass him is Kaguya Ji who has eaten the Chakra fruit and becomes the real body of the sacred tree.

It’s just that it has the immortal human body and the reincarnation eye, and the spot that doesn’t even know the immortality has not reached the level of six.

The crystallization he forged like this is not great for him.

However, this so-called smallness is only relative.

If these two crystals were given to others, a super shadow level master would be cultivated very quickly.

At this time, Uchiha Madara took off the helmet, and Hitomi looked at Kuroyoshi with a slight trembling.

"What are you showing me?"

Hearing that, Kuraki looked up at him, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and a chuckle was outlined, "It's the future."

After speaking, he added: "It's the original future."

"Original Future"

Uchiha Madara chewed for a moment, his eyes flashed, and asked, "Are you from the future?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned, then couldn't help laughing.

"If you want to think so, just think so!"

"However, after reading these, don't you feel anything?"

In the game of False Life, Kurayoshi reproduced all the plots of Uchiha Madara in the Fourth Ninja War.

From being reincarnated in the dirty soil, to when he released Infinite Moon Reading, he looked back and drew it out, allowing Kaguyaji to snatch her body, and it all appeared completely.

In other words, Madara knew his future.

Madara was silent.

He suspected that everything he saw was a lie that Kuroyoshi deliberately weaved.

However, the self in the game is so much like him.

Combining many scenes, he was asking himself.

What would you do if you were in that situation?

The answer is exactly the same as you in the game.

If all these are lies deliberately woven by the other party to deceive him, then he knows himself too well, even some small habits and behavior patterns are clear.

But asking him to admit that his decades-long plan is just a pawn in the hands of others, which makes him more uncomfortable than killing him.

Shura, who was once a master, has stronger self-esteem than anyone else.

Unwilling, humiliated, imitation, regret

All kinds of emotions intertwined in his chest, making him mixed with different tastes, and in the end it just turned into a long sigh.


"I have been using others as pawns, but I didn't expect myself to become pawns in other people's hands. This is really ironic!"

After saying this, Madara's breath faded.

Although in the state of rebirth in the dirty soil, the changes in the body will be restored to the original, but the changes in the mind cannot interfere.