Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 307

Found out, immediately went to the next base.

Finally, when searching the third base, Kuroyoshi sensed the familiar Chakra.

Cold and weird, it feels like a snake.

This kind of chakra breath, no one else has it except for the big snake pill.

"Finally found you!"

Kurayoshi showed a rewarding smile.

In the underground base, in the dark and humid laboratory, Da She Wan was operating on the test bench.

Suddenly, the air flow in the laboratory became confused.

O She Maru squinted her eyes, killing intent on her body.

He slowly turned around, but saw the space revealing a dark and twisted passage, and immediately made an expression of surprise.

Immediately afterwards, with a guarded look, he supported the experiment table, and a backflip opened a distance from the space channel.

Kuroyoshi slowly walked out of the space channel.

Looking at the slightly nervous and alert Oshe Maru, Kuroyoshi smiled lightly.

"Oh, Oshemaru, long time no see."

Hearing these words, Oshe Maru was first confused, then contemplated, and then surprised.

"You, you are Kuroyoshi!?"

"I haven't seen me for half a year. You don't know me so soon?"

Know you ghost!

He grew up from a 12-year-old boy to a young man in his 20s for more than half a year, growing up on hormones?

Osha Marumoto is a rigorous person.

But at this moment, seeing Kuroyoshi's appearance and hearing his words, he couldn't help but complain.

However, I thought of the strength of Kuroyoshi.

Da She Wan felt tight, and then patted with both hands, "Psychic."


With a tremor on the ground, two sentences of the coffin emerged from the inside. The words "one" and "two" were written on the coffin board.

Then, the coffin automatically fell, exposing the people inside.

They are all 30-year-old uncles, wearing red and blue armor, one with long black hair and the other with a silver hedgehog head.

They both closed their eyes and cracked their faces.

Obviously he was summoned by the technique of reincarnating from the unclean soil, and his consciousness has not yet awakened.

The two people who were summoned were the first generation Naruto Senjuma and the second generation Naruto Senjuma.

Seeing that they were successfully channeled out, Da She Wan breathed a sigh of relief, and the expression on his face became more relaxed.

He is preparing to show off to Kurayoshi.

But I saw a smile on Kuroyoshi's face.

"You can take the initiative to summon these two, but it saves me a lot of effort."

Kuroyoshi's reaction made Oshemaru frowned.

Why are you not surprised at all?

Why are you not nervous at all?

Only half a year ago, have you already had the confidence to face the first and second generations of Naruto and one of the legendary three ninjas at the same time?

How can this be!

O Shemaru admitted that Kuroyoshi's talent is the strongest he has ever seen, and his strength is also very powerful.

But no matter how genius is, it is impossible to grow to the point where they can surpass the trio in more than half a year.

In other words

"Is it inflated?"

Da She Wan smiled lightly.

The biggest weakness of genius is expansion.

Because of the rapid progress and smooth experience, everything makes them blind and arrogant.

There are many geniuses in this world who are lost in this way.

Maybe I still have a chance to get this guy's body.

Da She Maru stared at Kurayoshi greedily, with her long tongue sticking out, licking around her mouth.

With hands knotting, the consciousness of the first and second generations is awakened.

But before they could understand the situation, Dashewan deprived them of consciousness.

These two people were Bai Jue's body he had caught three months ago, and the clones cultivated through research were summoned as sacrifices, and their strength was close to the front.

Dashemaru was not sure whether he could control the two of them, so he directly erased their consciousness.

And Kuroyoshi smiled happily.

"Oshemaru, you are so caring, if these two consciousnesses are awakened, I would be a little embarrassed."

Chapter 211 Cangji VS Pillar, Feijian

After all, they are people from Konoha. If they capture Chakra when they are conscious, they may be aware of something.

Although it doesn't matter what the two dead people realize.

But in case, the two people will be reincarnated by other people in the dirty soil in the future, or if there is a need for the help of the two of them in the future Linkage Project, they will be brought back to life.

Wouldn't it be difficult to handle many things?