Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 308

Therefore, Oshemaru erased the consciousness of the two of them, which really saved Kuroyoshi a lot of trouble.

This is why he said that Dashewan is very caring.

However, Dashemaru didn't think so much.

He just felt underestimated.

The flexible tongue licked around the mouth, a dangerous smile appeared on his face, "You can be rampant at this time."

As the voice fell, the first and second generations moved.

At first, he walked forward like an old man, shaking his body, and stopped when he reached the experimental platform.

Then, disappear.

It is not disappearing, but so fast that it is invisible.

The surging of air current can be felt in the air.

The first and second generations used the instantaneous technique, attacking with the left and right pincers, and the middle

Da She Wan raised his head and opened his mouth, the Kusanaru sword's blade popped out, swiftly and quickly, and the latter came first, which struck one step faster than the first and second generations.

"Ha ha"

Cangji stood there and didn't move, but he chuckled, sounding extremely harsh in the ears of Da Shewan, as if he was laughing.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

When the sword attacked, Kurayoshi opened a stand in front of him, blocking the sharp blade firmly.

Slightly stalemate, the first and second generations struck.

One person opened his right arm, turned into a pointed wooden stake the size of a bowl, and shot out.

A person strokes the air with his right hand, driving the moisture in the air, and pulling at the speed of running, forming a sharp water blade.

The two brothers have a tacit understanding, and even if their consciousness is erased, the attacking rhythm will take care of each other.

Actually fell on the field of repulsion together.

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, and the eyes of the ripple pattern showed the look of the world.

In the next second, the repulsive wave erupted, and the three of them rolled and flew out at the same time, until they hit seven or eight walls before stopping.

The huge roar attracted the attention of the rest of the base.

Prisoners, guards, assistants treated as experimental questions

Everyone looked in the direction where the sound was made with different expressions.

Among them, there are many people with strange minds quietly touching here.

The smoke is gone.

Oshemaru lay down in the ruins, looking at Kuraki incredulously, and asked in a trembling voice: "This is the eye of reincarnation, why do you have such a legendary eye?"

Kuroyoshi came slowly, looked down at him condescendingly, and said proudly, "Is it weird that I have such eyes?"

Oshe Maru was taken aback, but he didn't expect Kuraki to be so arrogant.

It seems that the eyes of reincarnation are just ordinary things to him.

Immediately, smiled.

"That's it, I look down on you too much."

As the voice fell, two afterimages rushed from left and right.

It is the first and second generation of Hokage.

They are reincarnated from the dirty soil, even if their bodies are destroyed and turned into scum, they will quickly recover.

The shock just smashed the bodies of the two of them, and they quickly recovered.

"If you lose your consciousness, don't you know how to learn a lesson?"

Kuroyoshi sneered, and the repulsive wave burst out of his body again.

The first and second generations of Naruto flew back faster than they came.

"Just wait for you to use this trick!"

Oshemaru pressed both hands on the broken wall behind him, and the whole person swam out like a snake. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to Kuraki's body, opened his right hand, and grabbed his eyes.

"Hand over the reincarnation eye!"

Looking at the eyes that were close at hand, the greed in Da She Wan's eyes became more and more serious, and his saliva was about to fall.

But Kurayoshi just did it gently, and several black metal rods were thrown out of his sleeves.

"Puff puff"

The metal black rod was inserted into Oshemaru's body and limbs, and it flew back with the body like a tattered one.

"It turned out to be the power of the six realms"

Oshemaru's face was shocked, and then his mouth opened wide, and another Oshemaru came out of his mouth and rushed towards Cangji again, dragging his snake-tailed lower body.

"This is a snake, right?"

Kuroyoshi hesitated a little, but the action was not slow, and with a backhand stroke, he took out the snake cave.

Immediately, an extremely fierce suction was produced.

Dashewan was inhaled before he could react.

"Really good!"

Kuroyoshi was shocked.

He just tried it with the mentality of trying, but he didn't expect to really take the big snake pill in.

Is that guy really not human?

Without waiting for Kuroyoshi to think about it, there was movement again from the left and right.

The first generation of Hokage and the second generation of Hokage slowly walked out.