Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 309

The filthy reincarnation on their bodies has not been unraveled, and their consciousness is also in a state of obliteration.

The snake cave is just an ideal home for snakes. The space inside is not smaller than this planet, and it is not a cage that isolates everything.

Although it looked like a snake's cage in the eyes of Kuroyoshi, it did not invalidate the effect of the rebirth of the dirty soil.

However, not only did Kuroyoshi feel troubled, he smiled happily, "It just so happens that after becoming so strong, I haven't done much, so let's try the water with you!"

Perhaps it was because they felt Kuroyoshi's fighting spirit, or it was the frustration of the two attacks that made them feel that ordinary means could not deal with him, so they showed their true ability.

The first generation had a box with both hands, and then, black patterns appeared around the eyes.

"Xianfamu Escape Flower and Tree Realm is here!"

The huge rhizome broke through the soil, quickly filled the ground, and broke through the ceiling and continued to extend outward.

The people in the underground base ran away in a panic, but were soon overtaken by rhizomes and vines and crushed into meat.

On the surface, a bare cliff.

Suddenly, on the ground for a while, huge trees broke out from the middle, one after another

Soon, the bare cliffs were flooded by green forests, and even the surrounding wasteland for several kilometers was covered with towering trees.

There are countless huge flowers blooming in the green forest, and poisonous powder is constantly released outward.

Some people in the base who escaped by chance inhaled pollen, and soon fell down.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise.

A forest on the top of the mountain was leveled, and amidst the billowing smoke and dust, Kuraki flew out of it with a tin stick.

He turned his head and glanced at the dense vines that quickly regenerated and chased him, and the corners of his mouth twitched a few times.

"It's not a human column power, but it has a chakra of this magnitude and can manipulate such a huge natural energy. No matter how you look at it, it feels outrageous."

At this time, the first generation showed more chakras than nine tails, and counting the increase in the fairy mode, it was almost half of the nine tails.

This kind of guy is really the first person under the six realms!

No, even if it is at the level of six, it may not be able to beat him.

The battle of a ninja depends not only on hardware, but also on combat awareness and experience.

Cerebral palsy like Datong Mokpo style

Kuroyoshi thinks that the first generation can play ten.

Chapter 112: Immortal Law·Wooden Man


The thick vines tore the air like tentacles, whistling, and chasing after him.

Kuroyoshi suddenly stopped his figure, held the tin rod with a backhand wave, set off a huge wave of air, and instantly tore the vine into countless pieces.

Suddenly, the second-generation Hokage's figure appeared in a vine behind Kuroyoshi.

He put his right hand in his chest, and his cracked chest could see the body composed of countless pieces of paper, on which there was a pattern of flames spreading.

Kuroyoshi swept backhand and cut off the second generation.

Countless papers fluttered out of the fracture, each with a pattern of fire escape.

"Boom boom boom"

The violent roar continued and the sky was swallowed by explosive fireworks.

The ninjutsu, called the detonating talisman of mutual multiplication, can psychically generate trillions of detonating talisman through a single detonating talisman in an infinite loop, and cause an infinite continuous explosion.

As long as there are enough chakras, it can loop endlessly.

The power is amazing, as long as it is possessed by a detonating talisman, it cannot be shaken off.

And the body composed of the infinite chakra and the paper with the reincarnated body of the dirty earth can be multiplied by the Nth power on the basis of a single psychic.

In the anime, the second generation of Hokage once used this trick to deal with the soil of the ten-tailed man.

Although it was defended by the technique of yin and yang escape, the aftermath of its explosion can blow up the Myojin Gate, and the hurricane that it set off can blow away dozens of split bodies, which is enough to prove the power of this technique.

Although this time I couldn't put the detonating talisman on Cangji's body for psychic blasting, it was not bad at such close range.

However, in the flames of infinite explosion, a hurricane broke out.

The flame was blown away, and the detonating talisman that had not yet been detonated was flying all over the sky, illuminating flowers and fires.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his left hand and slammed the second generation Hokage's neck, and the Hungry Ghost Dao ability was activated.

A large amount of chakra was inhaled into the body.

Ding!Discover the special material "water"

"Not forged."

After waiting for the system's prompt sound to complete, Kuroyoshi resolutely denied it, and at the same time threw the second generation's body to the ground.

Then, with his left hand raised, several black metal rods flew out of his sleeve.

"Puff puff"

The second generation's body was pierced and nailed to a huge rock.

The metal gang continued to absorb the chakra that disturbed him, making it impossible to move.

Although the second generation of Naruto has mastered countless forbidden techniques, the basic speed and power skills are still within the scope of the shadow level, and even inferior to the old third generation of Naruto.

Although relying on the effect of the forbidden technique, it can have two moves with the sixth-level master, but it is only two moves.

There is no other person who can fly Thor to cooperate with him, and there is no other master to restrain him.

A single person is facing the six peaks who know his information

To put it harder, he couldn't even warm up Kuroyoshi.

Kuroyoshi wanted to test his own strength, and the one who wanted to fight was the first Naruto Senjujuma.

And not the ninjutsu inventor Senjumonama.

It's too late to say, then fast.