Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 312

"I thought it was what it was, it turned out to be this sentence, Madara is still as hypocritical as ever! Ahahaha..."

Looking at the cheerful man in front of him, Kurayoshi shook his head, but did not comment on it, but bid farewell to the two.

"I have conveyed the words for him, then, if it's okay, let's say goodbye here!"

"Goodbye, young man."

The two nodded to Kuroyoshi, and immediately Kieyin unlocked their ninjutsu.

The dust on their bodies fell from the sacrifices, and their souls returned to the pure land.

Glancing at the two Baijue sacrifices, Kuroyoshi opened the space channel and left.

Not long after he left, intelligence agents from various countries in Ninja Village came to the scene one after another.

They saw this extra forest, the half-kneeling wooden man who seemed to be photographing something, and the wooden dragon wrapped around it...

He also noticed the destruction in the dense forest, and one by one couldn't help but open his mouth.

"This used to be a wasteland, how come it has become a forest?"

"What's the matter with that wooden man? Why is it so big?"

"There is also that wooden dragon, which hangs on the wooden man like a belt."

"Is this really the movement made by the ninja?"

"If it is really made by a ninja, then... quickly pass the information back."

For a time, various messenger animals returned with their own means.

For these, Kurayoshi did not know.

He teleported to an extremely secret place to forge this harvest.

[Ding!Found the special material "Chakra of Crystal Flame", you can forge special props "Crystal Flame", "Ocean Contract", "Great Inventor", and "Deep Sea Orb". Whether or not forging]

Chapter 224 Killing God Soldiers

"Crystal Flame"

Seeing the system prompt, the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched.

Although the second generation of Hokage has many slogans and nicknames, the most widely advertised is the P picture of Tieba Forum Water Experience.

However, I did not expect that the reputation would be so big that the system will be named after it.

"It all sounds like props derived from stems. I hope there is something that makes my eyes shine!"


Kuroyoshi said silently in his head.

Immediately, there were 4 more items on hand.

A transparent crystal ball the size of a sea bowl; a piece of parchment paper with the surgical pattern; a brainwave helmet; a fist-sized dark blue orb.

"Crystal Flame: Holding the crystal ball, implanting the skills you want to practice into the ball through your mind, you will automatically get the practice experience of the corresponding skills. Note: You can only get the practice experience of one skill at a time."

"The sea contract: This is the contract paper of the sea. After signing the name on it, the contract can be concluded with the sea. Note: Those who sign the contract with the sea will never be able to leave the sea; and, before signing the contract, please Choose the sea where the contract is made."

"The Great Inventor: This is a helmet that can make the brain active. After wearing it, you can think about it."

"Deep Sea Orb: An orb with deep sea power can greatly increase the power of water escape ninjutsu and give it deep sea power. It can also be embedded in items and props to have the same effect."

After reading the introduction of the system, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

Except for the effect of the great inventor is not clear, the other three props can be called artifacts.

Needless to say, Crystal Flame, with this thing

Unless you don't have the learning conditions, you can't learn without any skills.

And, can learn quickly.

However, although this thing is powerful, it is a bit tasteless for Cangji, who has reached the realm of all phenomena.

After all, people who reach the realm of all phenomena can see through the reality of the world.

Learn any skill very fast.

However, if this thing is used to teach apprentices, or train masters, build influence

Kuroyoshi couldn't imagine what a scene that would be.

The sea contract

This thing should be a weakened version of the observer, which allows an ordinary person to immediately gain strong power, but also limits his growth limit.

If it is impossible to surpass the potential of the power given by the contract for a lifetime, then signing a contract with the sea is also very cost-effective.

However, Kuroyoshi has a system with immeasurable potential, and naturally he will not limit his future to a sea.

As for the inventor

"If you meet the right person in the future, let him use it again!"

Kuroyoshi himself is not a person who loves to learn, let alone let him invent and create

This is simply killing him.

The last item, the Deep Sea Orb

This is the prop of the Orb series, and there is nothing to talk about.

Kuroyoshi originally planned to go to the country of craftsman to forge a thunder-attribute knife.

But this plan gave up after he reached the level of six.

At the level of six levels, unless it is a particularly powerful weapon and props, it is almost of no use to him.

If you need a weapon, just use the technique of Yin and Yang to forge Qiu Dao Jade.

The props forged from the second-generation Hokage were allowed to enter the system space, and Kuroyoshi flipped through the historical records prompted by the system.

Ding!Discover the special material "Gundam Driver's Chakra", which can forge special props "Defective Immortal Crystal", "Defective Sacred Tree Crystal", "Natural Stone", "Humble Heart", "Ninja God", and "Skilled Soldiers", Whether forging

Ding!Friendly reminder, the height of Killing God Soldier is 100 meters, please choose an open area when forging by the host