Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 313

"Damn, one hundred meters high!"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but swear, and immediately opened the space channel, came to a deserted area, and then chose forging.

Suddenly, there were 5 more things in Kuroyoshi's hand, but in front of him stood a huge steel weapon.

The huge figure obscured the sunlight, so that it was not real.

Kurayoshi opened the eyes of Samsara to see its full picture.

This is a humanoid figure with a height of at least 100 meters, white and blue, and two white long swords crossed under the wings on the back. The arms and legs are embedded with weapons such as firearms, and it looks tall and majestic. Fierce and full of momentum.

"The Killing of the Gods: A driving robot with the power of killing the Gods. Note: There are energy converters in the body of the Killing of Gods, which can use any energy as a power source. But the killing of Gods is huge, and only people with strong energy can drive."

The introduction is concise, but very domineering.

Power of Killing God

A guy who thinks he can't be more awesome just by hearing his name.

Kuroyoshi wanted to sit on it and try it.

But after looking at the harmonious surroundings, I temporarily suppressed this idea.

This thing, at first glance, comes from the use of the Thousand-Handed Buddha between the pillars to open up the stem.

The weapon forged from this kind of stem is definitely not less powerful than the Thousand-Handed Buddha.

If you experiment with power here, even if you control it consciously, it will probably destroy more than one-tenth of the continent.

"Try again when you have a chance!"

Cangji stroked the metal thigh of the Killing God Soldier for a while, and then reluctantly took it into the system space.

After that, he put his eyes on the remaining props.

Needless to say, the missing fairy crystal and the missing sacred tree crystal.

One can get a fairy human body, and the other can get wooden escape and huge life energy.

For these two things, Kurayoshi considered whether to keep them for Ino.

However, after thinking about it again and again, he absorbed it.

Leaving this thing for Ino will cause her a lot of trouble.

Although she is not afraid, it will definitely cause a lot of results that she doesn't want to see.

Moreover, with herself, she doesn't need much power.

If you face longevity problems in the future, just give her Chakra fruit or pill at that time.

After absorbing these two crystals, Kuroyoshi's strength has improved a lot.

Mainly the crystallization of the sacred tree.

The one forged from Madara's body is completely incomparable with the one forged from Zhujian.

However, it's a bit close to improving pupil power to a level.

It is estimated that another sacred tree crystal will be enough.

Otherwise, you can only improve your own practice a little bit.

It just so happened that there was another outgoing golem.

That thing must be able to forge an unprecedented, powerful sacred tree crystal.

Gathering his mind, Kurayoshi focused his attention on the remaining three items.

Needless to say, the natural stone has been forged from both Jiraiya and Kyuubi, and it can automatically absorb natural energy.

This natural stone is also the size of a basketball, similar to the one forged on Kyuubi.

And the system prompt sounded again.

Chapter 225 Responses from Villages

Ding!It is found that the “Natural Stone” and the “Cloth of Heaven and Earth” of the same origin can be upgraded by integration.

Knew it!

Kuroyoshi looked unsurprisingly.

The natural stone forged from the body of Ji Lai Ye and Nine Tails merged with the fairy feather garment to become the garment of heaven and earth.

The natural stone forged on the original Hokage is no exception.


The clothes of heaven and earth stored in the system space automatically fly out and interact with the natural stone to form new clothes.

After how to upgrade, Kuroyoshi checked.

There are more green bamboo patterns on the clothes, adding a touch of green to the original landscape ink painting.

In terms of function, this is only an enhanced effect, and there are no other functions.

Not surprisingly, Kuroyoshi threw the clothes back into the system space.

Although this thing is powerful, but he has learned the six speed limits, he no longer needs this thing.

Wearing such a fancy dress would only make him feel ashamed.

Keep your eyes on the remaining two items

"The heart of modesty: the love with magical power will make people extremely humble after use"

Well, this is a love series that changes personality


"Why not tease heart"

Kuroyoshi is a little curious

With the character of the first generation of Hokage, it should be funny!

Is it because of the phrase "Kyuubi you are too strong, I want to seal you" when one hand is holding Kyuubi