Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 314

If so, it is indeed very humble

Throw things into the system space, and Kuroyoshi will focus on the last item

"The God of Ninja: The strongest ninja to end troubled times and usher in peace. Wearing it, you will be so respected by the world."

The Ninja God is a certificate, and the same effect is similar to the legend that is forged without cutting the body.

However, the gold content of the Ninja God is obviously higher

Throwing things into the system space, Kuroyoshi was a little disappointed.

Except for the Gundam, there was no special gain this time.

However, with his current level of strength, general items are useless to him, let alone something special.

"Forget it, let's find the tail beast!"

Nagato has found out the positions of the four-tailed man Zhuli and the five-tailed man Zhuli. Now he is going to harvest the two-tailed chakra

Kuroyoshi opened the space channel and disappeared in this place

Misty village

Water Shadow Office

Terumi Ming is doing business at her desk

Suddenly, a member of the secret department appeared in the office and passed a piece of information up.

"this is?"

Looking at the urgent code on the intelligence scroll, Terumi Ming's expression was a bit solemn.

"The information from the country of flowers!"

After speaking, the Anbe disappeared directly into the office.

Terumi Ming opened the scroll and took a closer look.

For a moment, he put down the paper, his expression became a little tired"

"Several kilometers of forest and huge destruction, as well as the wooden giant who wrapped the ten-meter-long wooden dragon as a belt"

Terumi Mei sighed deeply, "Is that the kid Konoha again?"

The incident of Oshemaru's attack on Konoha in conjunction with Shayin and Otonin has spread throughout the large Shinnin villages.

Terumi had also heard of the kid who quelled the war by himself.

However, she deeply doubted this matter.

After all, it is too exaggerated to quell the war by one person in an instant.

She believes that this is just a war hero that Konoha pushed out to condense the hearts and minds of the people.

In previous battles in the Ninja World, various villages often used this method.

However, far away in the country of flowers, where it has nothing to do with Konoha, there are signs of using a wide range of wood escape, which makes people have to doubt.

After all, seeing is believing.

The situation in Konoha Village cannot be investigated, but the country of Hana can be verified with his own eyes when he goes to the wild.

"This is really troublesome!"

Terumi Mei sighed again, frowning.

The transforming Wuyin Village is in troubled autumn

But recently many things have emerged one after another.

The powerful night fight that focuses on the six-tailed man Zhuli, Konoha's new generation Kurayoshi

Either one of these two made her a headache.

Needless to say, Ye Dou had already had friction with Wuyin Village, and it was an opposite existence.

And after Konoha appeared such a strong, it is hard to guarantee that they would not have ideas about other villages.

Not only Terumi Ming, but other villages also have headaches about this matter.

Their original thoughts were the same as Terumi Mei, they felt that the thing that Kuryoshi had to settle the war in an instant was only the war hero Konoha speculated.

But now, after their own intelligence officers confirmed the situation with their own eyes, everyone became uneasy.

Especially the three generations of Tuying.

Being born in that era, and personally fought Uchiha Madara

He knows best how powerful the original Hokage can suppress Uchiha Madara.

It really was an existence that could be the enemy of the entire Ninja World on its own.

Konoha gave birth to such a strong man, can they really maintain the original peace policy?

As the shadow of a village, Onoki never believed in the kindness of national military forces.

Compared with Onoki Terumimei’s worries, Shayin Village is gritted with hatred.

Although the alliance with Konoha was restored, Kurayoshi was the one who killed the four generations of Fukage.

Hatred will not disappear with the change of position

However, even though the teeth of hate are itchy, there is no alternative

Their invasion of Konoha was prevented by this man

He seems to be stronger now, and they are even less opponents.

Moreover, although it is now an alliance.

But the so-called alliance is nothing more than a tacit agreement maintained by the two sides when they do not want to fight, which can be torn at any time.

They don't believe that Konoha will maintain this kind of peace when the power is not equal.

In Yunyin Village, the fourth generation of Raikage is not so worried

Although he also attaches great importance to this matter, he has never experienced that kind of power firsthand