Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 316

After confirming that there was no dazzling mistake, he couldn't help sighing deeply, and said in a rap mouth: "Idiot, you bastard, you will break your good mood."

Mysterious space ninjutsu, a mysterious man with extraordinary temperament visits.

Kirabi would not naively think that the other party came to chat with him.

After all, he is a human pillar, and it is only natural that he will be targeted.

In the past, he had solved many guys who coveted the power of the tail beast.

"Don't say that, I'm not here to find something." Kuroyoshi said with a light smile.

"You fool, super fool."

"My identity information is confidential."

"To find here, you must have done an investigation."

The rhythmic body suddenly stopped, Kirabi looked at him sternly, and said solemnly: "I don't think anyone will make a lot of investigations, just come and chat with me!"

"of course not."

Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly, "I want a little eight-tailed chakra, can you give it to me?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't think you will give it to me." Kurayoshi smiled and said: "However, I am not going to take your things for nothing. This is in exchange."

After speaking, Kuroyoshi took out a basketball.

However, he did not directly touch the basketball, but hung from his hand with a chakra thread.

Kuraki's response made Kirabi stunned. He thought that the other party could not be obtained through conversation, so he would directly do it, but he did not expect to choose to take out something to exchange.

But he also quickly recovered, pointing to the basketball in his hand and asking: "What is this?"

"This is the king of dancers. As long as you hold it, you can dance the most handsome dance in the world. If you match your rap skills, the effect will be absolute."

"Is there such a magical thing?"

Kirabi looked at the basketball suspiciously.

"Try it!"

Kurayoshi threw the basketball to Kirabi.

Kirabi didn't catch it, he was worried about some strange ninjutsu or trap.

However, after observing for a while, I found that the basketball was not unusual, then walked over and carefully held it in his hand.

At the moment of contact with basketball, Kirabi’s eyes widened as if electrocuted, and then

oppa Gangnam stye Gangnam stye

A very warm and human woman during the day

Kirabi danced horseback riding while singing Jiangnan stye.

While dancing, I also beat basketball in a rhythmic combination of dancing, which is simply too hilarious.

Kurayoshi's eyes fluttered.

A middle-aged brawny man, dancing the chicken you are so beautiful combined with horse-riding dance, singing Jiangnan xtye, this is really magical.

It is simply environmental pollution.

Moreover, he especially wanted to complain.

This is obviously something forged by combining Kun Kun's stalks. Why is it that horseback riding dances out?

Look down on chicken, you're too beautiful?

Don't understand, don't understand.

Kuroyoshi shook his head for a while and threw out the cranky thoughts in his mind.

Kirabi danced and sang while playing basketball. He was so hilarious that he lost everything. It lasted for two hours and stopped until he felt tired.

He wiped his sweat and said with satisfaction: "This thing is not bad, it suits me well, if you really just want a little eight-tailed chakra, I can exchange it with you."

After speaking, he said with a stern face: "However, you can't talk about this to the outside world, especially my elder brother, absolutely can't talk to him."

"Don't worry, a little chakra doesn't matter at all."

"Then you can pick it up."

As the voice fell, a thick octopus tentacle grew behind Kirabi.

Then, he drew a knife, turned back and chopped it off, cutting off a small piece of flesh.

Putting the knife into the sheath, the octopus tentacles also retracted into the body.

Kirabi picked up this small piece of flesh and came to Kuryoshi, "Although you don’t know what you want the Chakra of Yao to do, just doing a little bit will not make much difference at all. If you want something It also needs the Chakra of the Tail Beast to achieve it. I advise you to give up early!"

Chapter 227 The fourth generation Raikage with violent temper

"You don't need to worry about this."

Kuroyoshi smiled and took Yao's skin and flesh, seemingly not dead yet, beating in his hand.

"It's up to you!"

Kiraby looked at him in silence for a while, a hippie smile appeared on his face again.I danced with my hands, rapped while dancing, immersed in my own world.

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, opened the space channel behind him, leaned back and fell into it.

Then, the space channel is closed.

Kirabi stopped moving, staring at the place where the space channel disappeared, and fell into thought.

He looks optimistic on the surface and doesn't care about anything.

In fact, it is thoughtful, far from being as casual as it appears.

He faintly noticed something from Kuroyoshi's behavior.

Don't pass

"What does it matter to me?"