Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 317

Since the opponent did not shoot him, it means that he is not within his target range.

Since I'm okay, let others trouble me!

Like big brother

Thinking of this, Kiraby passed the story of Kuraki back to Yunyin through Xinying.

However, the content was changed by magic.

Mysterious people who are good at time and space ninjutsu attacked, and the target was Chakra of Yao, who was repelled by me.

Please be careful that he stares at the two Yumu people.

After doing all this, Kirabi smiled again.

Strange accents and joyous sounds resounded through Yunlei Canyon.

On the other side, Cangji did not enter Yunyin Village directly.

He first forged the flesh and blood of the eight tails into a bull-ghost ring and put it on.

At this moment, there was no system prompt, and he felt the eight rings were attracting each other.

If the chakras of the eight rings are combined and used at the same time, it will definitely increase the total amount of the eight rings.

Although the tail beast is formed by the differentiation of ten-tailed chakras.

However, their chakras are not as simple as addition and subtraction, but multiplication and division that produce chemical reactions.

Kuroyoshi has a hunch, and the nine rings are upgraded with the things forged from the main body of the sacred tree.

The items forged will definitely be things beyond your imagination.

Therefore, he was full of expectations for the last tail beast ring.

However, he was hesitant about how to get the second-tailed Chakra.

According to the initial idea, use space ninjutsu to sneak into Yunyin, and then use the reincarnation eye to instantly control the wooden man, and take the second tail of Chakra.

In this way, people can be unconscious.

However, for the two-world link plan

Kuroyoshi is preparing to unify the entire Ninja World, Yun Yin will be a huge obstacle.

They have the strongest military forces in the five Ninja Villages, and their personnel from the top to the bottom are all armed forces, and their style of action is too strong.Even in the face of a powerful enemy, you have to unite with other Shinobu villages, and you have to take the lead.

This is contrary to Kurayoshi's idea.

He is going to let Nagato be the leader of the unified Ninja world.

After all, under his rule, Yuyin Village's life is getting better and better, free from the hardship during the war.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce Yunyin's military power and prestige in the Ninja world.

In that case

"Then through you, let the Ninja World know the Eye of the Moon in advance and the news that the Goddess of U will be born soon."

"Only by letting them know what kind of despair they are facing, so that after being rescued, they will be so grateful for a simpler and more peaceful unity."

Kuroyoshi sneered, opening a space channel in front of him, and then stepped into it with his true colors.

Yunyin Village.

Raikage's office.

The sturdy Raikage sat at the desk and looked at other information than just passed back

Young people who are good at time and space ninjutsu, who target the tail beast Chakra, are only repelled, not killed

Seeing this, Raikage's rough face couldn't help being severe

He knew Kirabi's strength, and he was definitely not worse than himself.

But with his strength, he could only repel rather than kill or capture, which was enough to prove the strength of that person.

Moreover, for the purpose of the tail beast Chakra, this dangerous element

"Master Raikage!"

A clear voice of dissatisfaction interrupted Lei Ying's thoughts.

He looked up and saw his little secretary, with shoulder-length white hair, and dark-skinned linen clothes staring at him dissatisfied.

"Although as a secretary, my duty is to help Master Raikage handle official affairs, but Master Raikage also handles some by himself, I am almost too busy."

Lei Ying's bull's eyes glared, and said angrily: "Am I doing official business?"

"Handling official business?"

Jabuyi seemed to hear something incredible, and his eyes widened.

"Master Raikage took Master Kiraby's intelligence and watched it for an hour. You call it an official business"

"Even if you want to be lazy, please find a better excuse, at least don't let my IQ feel insulted."


Raikage blew his beard and stared.

"The information from Kirabi is very important, so it needs to be carefully considered."

"Yes, yes, I see, Master Raikage, you are not lazy."

Mabuyi rolled his eyes and raised his hands to express surrender.

She didn't bother arguing anymore, anyway, she couldn't fight this unreasonable guy in the end.

"Just know!"

Lei Ying nodded with satisfaction.

At this time, the space in front of the desk was suddenly distorted, opening a dark passage.

"Master Raikage"

Linen looked at the space passage in front of him warily and gave a reminder